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  1. cglcb1

    Visa fraud clogs courts

    Well, even ex-premier of NSW joined in the visa fraud boat so who knows how many scams got through. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-10-14/daryl-maguire-admits-string-of-corruption-allegations-at-icac/12765284
  2. cglcb1

    Student visa - transferring school

    Yes, his parents live in another country. He is on student visa and staying in homestay.
  3. cglcb1

    Regarding 491invitation and process timing

    @Amanpreet92try this one? https://au.indeed.com/viewjob?cmp=Bridgeview-CARE-Pty-Ltd&t=Registered+Nurse+Western+Australia&jk=e7bf6ae9491f0b78&q=Registered+Nurse+Sponsorship,+186&vjs=3
  4. cglcb1

    Regarding 491invitation and process timing

    I work at Esperance Age Care Facility, they do sponsorship.
  5. cglcb1

    Regarding 491invitation and process timing

    I see, then put in your EOI now, and hope that you get invite during November invite round (normally occur on 11-15 of the month). From August stat, you might have a chance: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/working-in-australia/skillselect/invitation-rounds
  6. cglcb1

    Regarding 491invitation and process timing

    Oh, your current workplace does not want to sponsor you? Because I'm also RN in WA and got my PR from employer sponsor pathway.
  7. cglcb1

    Regarding 491invitation and process timing

    Just realised I posted the wrong link, here the right one: https://migration.wa.gov.au/services/skilled-migration-western-australia/occupation lists But yea, pretty hard to get invite in WA for RN and with 85 points. Have you considered employer sponsor pathway?
  8. cglcb1

    Regarding 491invitation and process timing

    What type of RN you belong to (mental health, emergency, aged care, etc)? WA is currently reviewing RN on their occupation list so it is pretty tough to get state nomination from WA for RN. Migration list for WA Unless you are applying for family sponsor instead of state nomination.
  9. My nephew is currently a year 9 international student with valid student visa studying in Melbourne but he and his parents wish to transfer to a secondary school in Perth next year. Just wondering what's the process as I have searched on the WA official website (WA TIWA) but there is no mention of transferring, only new application. Also emailed them but they only give standard answer of please look through website. I assume that he will put in application for spot in available schools, then receive letter of offer, pay fees and etc and let the department home affair know he changed school? Or does he need to go through the visa process again? @paulhand
  10. 1) What is the cost difference between a partner visa and working visa? for just visa: partner around 8k and work around 4k, not including paperwork, assessments, english, police clearance, health check, etc 2) Everyone says you need legal advice (and fees) for a work sponsorship visa to ensure your application is perfect. Does a partner visa also require legal fees, or is it quite easy to complete? best to get advise from migrating agent for both type of visas 3) What is the total processing time for PR through work sponsorship vs through partner visa? 186 process time 6-9months average, can be longer, can be shorter partner about 23-27 month for the temporary (first part) then another 11-22 months for actual PR 4) I believe if my partner applies for PR through his work sponsorship, then he won't be able to swap jobs/companies. Is this true? Can he swap jobs/companies if he's on a partner visa? if it is 186, the answer is he can change job after visa is granted, but not advised to and on partner, he can also change job 5) I read that while the work sponsorship visa is being processed (bridging visa), my partner won't be able to leave the country even for a holiday unless he gets an exemption. Is this correct? Does this also apply on the partner visa? it depends, if his current visa still valid, then bridging visa will not come into effect, and he can travel, if his bridging visa A is active, he can apply for bridging B to travel. bridging visa is automatically generated for most visa applications 6) My partner mentioned even if he does apply for permanent residency through his work sponsorship, he's still not guaranteed to obtain PR as they don't approve everyone. Is this the case for a partner visa too? there are always chances the department will reject any application that they deem unsatisfactory working or partner 7) If we register our relationship, we become de facto. What are the legal/financial ramifications if one of us dies/gets ill/receives inheritance etc. have to ask lawyer for that @Brad1549 Best to talk to migrating agent to see the best pathway.
  11. cglcb1

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    It doesn't compromise anything. I imported mine without agent knowing, and got my grant. As long as you don't upload or change any information yourself, using it to monitor status is fine.
  12. cglcb1

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Good luck to everyone else waiting. Visa : 186 DE Nomination and Visa Applied - 27 Aug 2020 Onshore : Yes No. of applicants : 2 Role : Registered Nurse s56 form requested and complied - 8 Sep 2020 Medical completed - 14 Sep 2020 Visa Status - Further Assessment as of 15 Sep 2020 Granted: 7 Oct 2020