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  1. Coco M

    citizenship - online application error

    So they have replied and there is a 'permanent glitch in my profile that cannot be fixed'. They told me to do a paper application. Is that going to take a lot longer? I have already a form 1195 for myself and the kids so can I attach that or do I need to do it all over again in form 1300? Also do I get certified copies at the post office? Cheers.
  2. Coco M

    citizenship - online application error

    No - same passport.
  3. Coco M

    citizenship - online application error

    Hi Paul, thanks I can't find the email address...do you have it on hand please? Cheers Coco
  4. Happy new year everyone, We are applying for citizenship. I have gone through the questionnaire for my husband online without issue. For myself, I have opened a new immi account and started the application and I get the following error message on page 4 (after passport and visa details). One of the following issues is preventing this application from continuing: The applicant does not hold an appropriate visa. The applicant cannot be identified. The applicant will not be able to continue. The applicant should review the eligibility information on our website. I have put the correct passport details etc, the correct Permanent visa grant number and I am definetely eligible because my dates and visa details are the same as hubby. Help appreciated! Coco
  5. Coco M

    Citizenship - Proof of entry

    Ok thank you
  6. Coco M

    Citizenship - Proof of entry

    Yes I agree. Since (at least since they have been scanning passports at entry) they have the info, what ask again. I will get the form 1359 done and show them the email if they ask. Thanks
  7. Coco M

    Citizenship - Proof of entry

    Ok thank you
  8. Coco M

    Citizenship - Proof of entry

    Actually I have 3 out of 4 passports, and there are no arrival stamps in them!!!
  9. Coco M

    Citizenship - Proof of entry

    Hi poms and non-poms, We are applying for citizenship after arriving on a 457 followed by PR on 186. Do we need to provide proof of entry? Surely they know that from VEVO? We don't have the passports with the stamp anymore. Thanks for your help. Coco
  10. Coco M

    Citizenship - details of parents

    Thank you!
  11. Hi, After waiting so long for PR, I can now wait even longer for citizenship! Anyway, I want to check a couple of things: - For parents/siblings NOT applying, do we need copies of birth certificate, passports, death certificates or anything else (to show at the interview)? I think not but some posts elsewhere are confusing me. - For PR, I had my birth certificate translated (via email/scan). Do I need to do it again in order to obtain an original paper version? Grateful for your help! Coco
  12. Coco M

    Foreign income - Part year PR

    Thank you Alan. I will send you a PM.
  13. Hi everyone, We were previously on a 457 and became Permanent Resident (186) in January 2019. For the tax return (Oz) for 18/19, do we need to declare foreign income (UK property, interest income) from July 18 or from the data we got PR visa (January 19)? We have an accountant but he did not seem very confident with this question! Cheers Coco
  14. Coco M

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    YAY Golden email for us today! No questions asked - AFP were current but UK police check expired for 1 month and Medicals expired 27/12. Company used MA for nomination but we did the application ourselves. See signature for timeline. All the best for those who are still waiting..no doubt we will meet again on the citizenship timeline!