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  1. rtritudr

    Transfers to UK-based foreign currency account

    Ask HSBC for how they can assist you with opening an account with HSBC Australia. If you're not Premier there may be a fee to do this but at least it's an option.
  2. rtritudr

    exemption to leave Qld

    Right you can't transit directly, but there is nothing stopping you from flying to NZ and then booking another ticket to go overseas: https://www.traveller.com.au/new-zealand-travel-bubble-loophole-means-australians-can-travel-to-other-countries-via-nz-h1uzn7 A spokesperson for Australia's Border Force confirmed the agreement would not see New Zealand authorities preventing Australians from travelling on to other countries. "Currently, New Zealand does not prevent Australian citizens leaving New Zealand and travelling onwards overseas, however anyone arriving into Australia or New Zealand from any other country must enter into quarantine or mandatory isolation as directed by the relevant government departments and health authorities," the spokesperson said. The spokesperson said an exemption would still be required if Australians were transiting through New Zealand to another country, but would not say how the government would define "transit".
  3. rtritudr

    To renew or not!

    There is now a backdoor out of Australia, through NZ.
  4. rtritudr

    exemption to leave Qld

    There is now a new way to get out of Australia without applying for an exemption. Simply fly to NZ and then travel abroad from there. To be safe you should book your ex-NZ flight on a different airline, because it's up to the ex-Australian airline to enforce the outbound exemption and if they see your onward travel plans they could theoretically alert the ABF.
  5. rtritudr

    New Zealand travel bubble

    I think all nationalities can travel, here is what Timatic says for a UK passport: Journey status : Conditional to board. Based on information last updated on Apr 08 2021 12:00 am GMT Sydney (NS) Kingsford Smith Airport Australia Auckland International Airport| April 19, 2021 New Zealand Please check the messages below to see if travel is permitted. Visa is not required for New Zealand. Maximum stay of 6 months. Passengers must obtain an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) prior to travel. An ETA is valid for 2 years and can be used for multiple entries. This does not apply to passengers who hold a valid visa issued by New Zealand. Passengers not holding onward/return tickets or other acceptable evidence of onward/return travel may be refused entry. Additional Information COVID-19 TRAVEL ALERTS Passengers are not permitted to enter New Zealand due to the outbreak of Covid-19. This includes holders of temporary entry visas and visa-waiver passengers, and passengers who have been issued a residence visa offshore and have not yet travelled to New Zealand on this visa, unless they have previously held a residence visa. This does not apply to: citizens and permanent residents of New Zealand, and those who are their immediate family and their visa is based on this relationship (including partner, dependent children or legal guardian); citizens and permanent residents of Australia whose primary place of residence is New Zealand; diplomats who hold a post in New Zealand; passengers flying directly from the Cook Islands or Niue who have been in either country for the last 14 days and hold the relevant visa or NZeTA; or passengers with approval issued by Immigration New Zealand. Passengers travelling to New Zealand are required to register for a Managed Isolation Allocation Voucher prior to departure at https://allocation.miq.govt.nz/portal/, due to the outbreak of Covid-19. Passengers must quarantine for 14 days on arrival in New Zealand and will be tested for Covid-19 at least 3 times, within 24 hours of arrival, on day 3 and on day 12. This does not apply to passengers arriving directly from Australia, the Cook Islands, or Niue who have not been outside of Australia, the Cook Islands, Niue, or New Zealand in the past 14 days.
  6. rtritudr

    exemption to leave Qld

    The outbound exemption process has been made stricter recently. It's no longer sufficient to just say that you are going out for more than three months. Now you also need to have a compelling reason and make a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration.
  7. rtritudr

    Are we mad... lol

    If you test positive you may be moved to a different hotel (so-called hot hotel for positive cases) or into a hospital if you're in Queensland. The extended stay is free for the time being.
  8. rtritudr

    Flights to UK now

    Australia certainly does: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/business-innovation-and-investment-188/significant-investor-stream#:~:text=visa (subclass 188)-,Significant Investor stream,maintain investment activity in Australia. All you need is 5 million Australian dollars invested in something as safe as Australian government bonds for four years and you'll be on your way to a PR visa.
  9. rtritudr

    Flights to UK now

    Well they already do Covid tests in the bum so why not vaccines too. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-china-anal-factbox/factbox-chinas-anal-tests-for-coronavirus-upset-visitors-idUSKBN2AV0Y4
  10. rtritudr

    Singapore Airlines

    Perhaps an unintended consequence of the upcoming NZ/Australian travel bubble.
  11. rtritudr

    Is YEAR 6 same as GRADE 6 in Australia?

    The cut-offs are state-dependent. In NSW the cut-off is 31 July.
  12. rtritudr

    Getting OUT of England

    You have to book your MIQ spot before boarding your flight. As it stands there aren't any available spots for the next three months. The effective cap on arrivals in NZ is about the same as Australia, which is high when you consider the smaller population of NZ.
  13. rtritudr

    Getting OUT of England

    You don't need shipping containers for iron ore.
  14. I think the key to all this is will the vaccine be able to bring the pandemic under control in the UK, the US and even Israel? The jury is still out on this one and until we know for sure hotel quarantine is going to stay around for the time being.