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    Rules for NZ to WA

    If you arrive in one of the travel bubble states, stay for 14 days and then travel to WA you will be treated the same as anyone else from that state. If you travel to WA within 14 days you will be considered as an international arrival.
  2. rtritudr

    Emirates suspends all flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

    What about the Talbot Islands? It's only 4km from PNG.
  3. rtritudr

    Stamp Duty NSW

    When are you planning on purchasing in NSW? NSW is considering offering the option of paying ongoing property tax instead of a one-off stamp duty.
  4. rtritudr

    Emirates suspends all flights to Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne

    Only if the Navy catches you!
  5. rtritudr

    Citizenship by descent_ infant

    A child can always pass on their Australian citizenship if the grandchild would otherwise be stateless. For example, if two Australian citizens by descent who have never set foot in Australia had a child overseas and the child is not entitled to any other citizenship then they would be eligible for Australian citizenship by descent.
  6. rtritudr

    Moving back to oz

    At this point it's only a press release. Until the minister releases the details you shouldn't bet your house on it.
  7. rtritudr

    Moving back to oz

    The child should be able to travel on a 600 or similar short-stay visa with an entry exemption as the direct family member of a PR or citizen. Once onshore they can then apply for PR. But of course this will mean paying for the 101 visa twice. Update: Given that Home Affairs has announced that 101 visa applicants may be able to obtain the visa onshore, they may not have to pay for it twice: https://minister.homeaffairs.gov.au/alantudge/Pages/Further-changes-to-support-Family-visa-applicants-.aspx
  8. rtritudr

    Life in quarantine (Melbourne)

    https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-08-31/coronavirus-hotel-quarantine-rules-breach-earns-six-months-jail/12612130 Perth man receives six-month jail term over coronavirus hotel quarantine breach Over the next three days, he repeatedly snuck out the window of his room onto the roof of the hotel, from where he managed to get down into a laneway, to be met by an accomplice who drove him away.
  9. rtritudr

    Flights & International Cap Levels

    At this point it's just a press release and details on implementation are still scant. I suggest that you contact your airline on how they plan to implement this. https://www.health.gov.au/news/australian-health-protection-principal-committee-ahppc-statement-on-safe-air-travel-enhancing-end-to-end-mitigations-international Regarding hotel quarantine you don't have to book it like New Zealand, everything will be arranged for you after you arrive in Australia. You don't even have to pay for it until you receive the bill in the mail after you check out.
  10. rtritudr

    Flights & International Cap Levels

    The international cap levels have just been halved until 15 February. You must also produce a negative COVID-19 test before boarding.
  11. rtritudr

    Stranded Australians

    Actually flu has been pretty much eradicated in NSW. If you look at the NSW Health weekly stats, PCR-diagnosed cases of flu have been hovering around zero since March. The last confirmed death was also in March. Flu seems to be a lot less transmissible than Covid-19.
  12. rtritudr

    Stranded Australians

    Because they are Australians (citizen, PR or family), and the US happens to be the most important strategic partner of Australia.
  13. rtritudr

    Stranded Australians

    Prior to the Melbourne outbreak, there were no quarantine caps at all anywhere in Australia. Per-state caps were only introduced in July when Melbourne stopped taking inbound passengers due to its outbreak. The overall quota has since increased marginally. In that sense, it would probably be correct to say that every state reduced their intake of international passengers drastically (by a factor of 10, e.g., a jet with a capacity of 300 passengers is now only allowed to carry 30) when Melbourne stopped taking inbound flights.
  14. rtritudr

    Stranded Australians

    The optics of that would be bad for the government. In any case, money is not the issue here. Even if you add more money you can't safely increase quarantine capacity.
  15. rtritudr

    Stranded Australians

    Social distancing is most certainly not the reason why they're doing it as everyone goes into quarantine at the end of the flight anyway. In fact on many of these flights first/business is usually near full and everybody there is as close to each other as they were before. The main reason is because all the states were petrified that what happened in Melbourne could happen to them too.
  16. rtritudr

    Is Bulk Billing dying a death?

    I don't know where she is. But over here in Sydney my local clinic bills for $85 per short visit and it's not even an expensive area in terms of house prices/rent.
  17. rtritudr

    Stranded Australians

    The cap of 525 was put in place in response to the Melbourne outbreak. Prior to that there was no cap and flights could come in full. After the caps were put in place each flight was limited to 30-50 passengers:
  18. rtritudr

    Stranded Australians

    I don't think there is an airline capacity issue. Any perceived capacity issue is simply a result of a lack of quarantine capacity. Each state maintains a quota for quarantine capacity based on what they can safely deliver. You definitely don't want to flood any state with more passengers than they can safely accommodate.
  19. rtritudr

    Stranded Australians

    Because if someone needs an ICU on the island it would be a disaster. Have a look around the world, all the countries that are operating successful quarantine programs are doing it in their biggest cities.
  20. rtritudr

    Stranded Australians

    Every new approved PR holder becomes one of those stranded Aussies.
  21. rtritudr

    143 parent visa. Help!! Needing to leave oz.

    Singapore allows those who have only been in Australia for the past 14 days to enter. You will need to apply for the ATP and a visa. It is probably the closest country with a low Covid-19 prevalence that allows Australians to enter.
  22. rtritudr

    Bank Account

    Yes, the big banks (or at least their main retail brands) are usually rip-offs. It pays to shop around.
  23. rtritudr

    Relocating to Perth

    If you're moving to Australia, one of the most isolated countries on Earth, then being in an "isolated" city like Perth is going to be the least of your worries.
  24. This is not a federal benefit, it comes from the state education system. For example, NSW has this: https://www.deinternational.nsw.edu.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0011/17759/17759-Application-for-Fee-Exemption-Based-on-Low-Income.pdf
  25. rtritudr

    Flying out of Australia on PR visa

    You need an exemption to leave. However, one valid reason for leaving is travelling overseas for more than three months.