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  1. I hold a Skilled Nominated (Permanent) (class SN) Subclass 190 (VIC) - travel facility until 21 November 2018 Child_1 holds a Class AH CHILD (Subclass 101) - travel facility until 24 July 2020 I am currently applying for child_2's 101 visa We cannot migrate until after my PR 190 visa travel facility ends due to my husband's illness - so me, my husband and child_1 will apply for RRV (155) (based on compelling and compassionate reason for being outside Australia) QUESTIONS Q: My travel facilty ends 21 November 2018 - when should I apply for RRV? I assume the RRV assessment may be slow as we are applying on compassionate grounds Q: Does child1's visa become invalid once my travel facility has ended? Her travel facility is until 24 July 2020 Q: Can child2's visa (based on my current active PR 190) be granted if I am also applying for RRV? Q: Trying to speed up th child2's application I'm doing his Health Declaration on Immi account - but what subclass visa is a Child 101 under? Independent 189? Q: ANYONE applied successfully for a RRV without having been living in Aus for 2 years before?? Help ? Arghh!
  2. Hi all - with the application pack ready (ish) to send to the London branch of Australian High Commission (that's what the website says anyway ...) here are some final questions about my Child 101 visa forms. If you have any advice I would dearly like to hear it so I can send this off asap! I have looked in the forms and the booklet and online so don't come to you for help without research ... Form 47CH: 1. Question 28. Do I write no to health medical if we’re going to do it once we hear from a case office – so post-submission? 2. What evidence that sponsors are Australia permanent residents? Form 40CH: 1. Question 6. If the parents with PR have not yet migrated, what date should be used in this section? Should the expected date (estimated) of arrival be used instead? 2. Question 18. What is “Nature of legal right” for other parent? 3. Part K. About your home. If applicant and applicant parents are not in Australia does this question still need to be answered? Form 1229: 1. TRN – if I have completed an immiaccount to confirm what health assessments are needed for the child, should I write this TRN on this form? General: 1. Can I lodge this Child 101 visa application online? 2. Can the application use the same proof of Australian PR for both 47CH and 40CH forms? 3. When should I organize the medical and the PCs – after submission/lodgement of all forms? THAAAAANKS!
  3. Hi All I need to complete my Child 101 visa application as soon as possible as we are hoping to migrate in Nov 2015. I've already been told this can take more than 8 months so I know I need to work fast! My husband and I have PR190s already and have validated them. Has anyone completed the Child 101 visa from the UK recently? A few questions: - The child needs a medical (my baby is 5 months)? - The parents both need a new police certificate each? - How do I complete forms online - is it like the EOI forms you add to an application? If so how do I start the application or do I have to go down the paper application route? - Are ALL these forms needed BELOW for CHILD application subclass 101: 1) FORM 47CH - Application for migration to Australia for a child: http://www.immi.gov.au/forms/Documents/47ch.pdf Filled in by me and my husband for child Evidence: - Form 1229 from me - Form 1229 from husband - Form 40CH Sponsorship for a child to migrate to Australia that has been filled in and signed by the child’s sponsor - Child passport certified copy - 4 recent passport sized photographs (45mm x 35mm) of the child - Evidence that the child’s sponsor is an Australian permanent resident (certified copy of birth certificate, foreign passport) - A certified copy of the child’s birth registration showing both parent’s names - Payment - Any other? 2) FORM 40CH - Sponsorship for a child to migrate to Australia: http://www.immi.gov.au/forms/Documents/40ch.pdf Filled in by me and signed by my husband for child - Any evidence required? 3) FORM 1229 - Mother - Parental responsibility form - for parent 1 (me): http://www.immi.gov.au/forms/Documents/1229.pdf Evidence: - Certified copy of passport or driver's licence - Any other? 4) FORM 1229 - Father - Parental responsibility form - for parent 2 (my husband): http://www.immi.gov.au/forms/Documents/1229.pdf Evidence: certified copy of passport or driver's licence Evidence: - Certified copy of passport or driver's licence - Any other? 5) Medical exam for the baby - eMedical – this is done by the eMedical system is it? No forms to fill in? WHEN should I get the medical done? Do both my husband and I need new police checks - for which form? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE I have NO time to do this with a not-napping-baby and no sleep! SO THANKS FOR ANY/ALL HELP! :eek:
  4. My husband and I got our Australia 190 perm visas granted and want to migrate to Melbourne in August 2015. We had a baby 9 weeks ago in the UK which means we have to apply for her visa before we can bring her across ... I want to check the Child visa (subclass 101) *IS* the right visa for a UK baby to get migration/perm visa! I can't just extend our visa by one newborn can I?! Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi All We have just received our PRs (clapping) and move to Melbourne August 2015. I set up a limited company in the UK to contract as a digital IT Project Manager. I will work as this in Melbourne as well but don't know what I need to do in advance. If anyone can tell me what I need to do to work as the Australian equivalent of a small ltd company, I'll get on it immediately! Thanks! Lou
  6. So... I'm a bit lost at this stage: I have VIC state sponsorship (today) and just received the associated invite to apply from SkillSelect for our online 190 (today) - so all good BUT 1) Do I need to try to submit the online 190 form asap? 2) If so do I submit it now without the PCCs and health forms/check info? 3) Once you submit an online 190 form what happens then, do we get a CO? Or are we on our own to have to update the online application with PCCs and health forms/check info when they come in? Any info much appreciated. Very excited but want to get it right! :wub: Thanks
  7. Thanks Rupert. I wonder if ANY one knows how big the queue is and - based on ANY information about how fast applications are being assigned COs (and how often Cat 5s are being looked at - could estimate how long it might take now applications have been stopped...
  8. Yes we've asked our visa company (they submitted the visa for us) about any latest information and we receive the DIAC update emails (saying it'll be ages yet) ... all with no specific information or help. Very frustrating. How long do we wait in limbo with our lives in case it comes through! Argh.
  9. My husband and I submitted our application for GSM175 in September 2009 and have heard nothing since. :sad: We are applying with my job (1224-11 Information Technology Manager) which is on SOL schedule 2 (not Schedule 1) so we are in priority group 5. As far as I can see, all priority group 5 applications will only commence any form of approval process when ALL other visa applications for Australia are completed. Reading between the lines, does this mean that ALL other application for a visa to Australia from how ever many number of years ago until now will be processed before ours is even picked up? We have been waiting now 35 months (3 years) and have not heard anything. I am more frustrated to not be able to find ANY yard stick for exactly HOW long we might be waiting – it would be great to know something! Anything! Anyone else apply for a General Skilled Migration visa (175) in 2009 with a profession NOT on the main SOL?