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  1. Hi, in the same boat, need to enter by jan 2021. Called them today and explained it was impossible to quarantine in a room with a two year old for 2 weeks. I was advised that l can only apply for an extension after it has lapsed! No way am l doing that! He said l could enter myself, but get this, l then have to apply for permission to leave!!! I don’t get it, l don’t want to travel without my family, they don’t want me there so why not give a blanket extension?
  2. Hi all, Got my grant today! 309/100 elated! Exactly 10 months from submission. Didn't use an agent and no RFI required :) Good luck to you all. Cheers. D
  3. Hi been watching this thread for a few months now. Similar to Joe applied 17th March no contact as yet, status still at received. Looks like they have hit March so hopefully soon. cheers D.