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  1. Jojobluesox2

    RRV Plans effected by COVID 19

    Hello Plumboz, Did you get a response from immigration?
  2. Jojobluesox2

    Partner Visa first entry date

    Hello Aussiebird, I have read all your posts as about to start an application ... for the initial part the sponsor part - is that a seperate fee from the 7.7k one? And what do they want to know? Thanks in advance
  3. Jojobluesox2

    RRV Plans effected by COVID 19

    Yes you’re right Paul.. the call centre said ‘it shouldn’t be a problem you being out of the country for your citizen application as long as you’re eligible when you apply’. 2 years later I was refused so wasted my money, luckily was only about $350!
  4. Jojobluesox2

    RRV Plans effected by COVID 19

    Plumboz could you let us know what they say.. I am in the same situation but for December this year. Many thanks
  5. Jojobluesox2

    Residency requirements and maintaining PR during covid

    Ok thank you, would it be more likely I get 1 yr or 5 yr? I am trying to decide if to apply now (so would extend me to April 2021 if with 1 yr, or to leave it couple months as mine expires Dec 2020 (so to maximise the length to get back to Aus with this mess going on).
  6. Jojobluesox2

    Residency requirements and maintaining PR during covid

    Mine also runs out this December too Lori and I am panicking! Paul you replied to my post (thank you), if you have met the residence days, do they question about compelling reasons for being away if you have been away more than 3 months? (I read this somewhere).
  7. Hello all, My PR travel facility expires 30/12/2020. I was planning on going back to Australia before this, this year, however of course now I am unsure if I will make that date due to the uncertainty. I have been offshore since Dec 2017 but still meet the residence criteria having been 1021 days in Australia back 5 years. i don't have Australian links (as my citizenship was refused in January this year and they deemed them not good enough), but It seems if you have correct number of days, they don't look at links? .Does anyone know/had experience of:- - if I applied for RRV now - if given, would it start from say April (now) rather than on 30/12/2020? - if offshore, do they tend to give 1 year or 5 year extension? Does it depend on links? Many thanks in advance...
  8. Jojobluesox2

    Keeping UK Bank account

    I had a uk bank ac still open with not much in and when I retirened 5 years later I’m glad I left it open as it really matter in mortgage application as it left a trace of me still!
  9. I am on this situation too, my PR runs out Dec 2020 and I’ve been living in uk in same town but not living together with English man for 18 months. I also have taken my citizenship test Jan this year but probably won’t be approved whilst I am out. Any advice is it PMV or partner visa? What happens if I have to go back to Aus before visa granted (so my PR doesn’t run out).
  10. I am in a similar situation...I have PR but have been back in the UK 18 months and we have been together 18 months..he's English no PR. We haven't lived together yet but about to and doing ivf so are committed. My PR runs out dec 2020 so we definitely want to get back before...I have a citizenship application in from dec 2017 but they haven't approved probably as im not there. Would we apply for a offshore partner or prospective marriage Visa? And is it still ok to be the sponsor if I've been out 18mo? And what happens if it takes longer than dec 2020 if we apply now?