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  1. Hi everyone I am due to sit my ceremony next week. I’m aware I need to vote in elections and use an Australian passport to enter / exit Australia, but is there any other administration I have to carry out once I change from PR to citizen? Ie any authorities I need to inform (Medicare etc) or the bank? Thank you
  2. Hi everyone Here is my visa history: I first arrived in Australia from the UK as a PR (and toddler) in the 90s. I thereafter had over 20 years outside of the country and my travel facility expired. I returned to Australia as a temporary resident in 2017 - here is the history from the point: Arrive in Australia on a 457: Aug 2017 Obtain a RRV and a one year travel facility - this 'reactivates' the 1994 PR and gives me a year's travel facility: 2019 My one year travel facility expires: 2020 Obtain a further one year RRV: 2020 My one year travel facility expires: 2021 Apply for citizenship: Aug 2021 Letter inviting me for interview on 19 April 2022 received: 11 Mar 2022 Rearrange test and pass: 16 Mar 2022 No more progress on citizenship application I haven't been back to the UK in over four years and would like to go back this year - I also haven't been outside of Australia since being PR. It is likely my citizenship won't be in place this year. I therefore will need travel facility to travel overseas and return to Australia. Is the DoHA likely to entertain me enquiring whether I can have relief on obtaining a further RRV based on: DoHA chose to give me two one year RRVs only as opposed to a five year RRV. I have already had to pay for two RRVs and missed my opportunity to fly home due to border restrictions. I am awaiting obtaining an Australian passport. It appears slightly unfair that I need to pay for a further RRV based on timescales out of my control. If anyone has done anything similar I'd be very interested..
  3. Hi everyone, I have a specific question on the citizenship form. Where it asks for the Permanent residence visa grant date, would this mean the first permanent residence visa grant date? For background, I obtained PR in 1990, then left Australia for about 20 years. I came back on a 457 visa and then 'reactivated' PR by way of an RRV in 2019. Thank you
  4. Hi guys, I’ve now received a 1 year extension to my RRV meaning, in theory, I could leave Australia today and return in early April 2021 with no problems. This is obviously good news because my RRV was originally due to expire in July 2020. The only issue I now have is that if I was going to leave and not return before at least December 2020, I’d scupper my citizenship residency requirement. It may be that the economy doesn’t pick up in Australia until say March next year, so I’d like the option to be able to leave Australia until such times as the situation has improved, without jeopardising citizenship. Is there any signal from DoH that they’ll allow you exemptions on economic grounds for going past the 90 days in the PR qualifying year?
  5. Thanks , just to confirm I do have travel facility over and beyond my trip but not a huge buffer should I need to overstay in UK.
  6. Hi everyone, I booked flights to see my parents in June/July in the UK. My 1 year RRV expires one week after I return in July. There is a risk that if I do go on this trip I might be delayed going home. I applied for my RRV earlier this week but if I don’t have this in place for whatever reason and am stranded in the UK, what are my options for returning to Australia? Also, I’m concerned that if I need to go home to look after my parents / lose my job I would jeopardise my chances of hitting citizenship residency requirement by August next year. Is there any sign from the government that they might be lenient on the residency requirement?
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    Guys FYI, https://community.ato.gov.au/t5/Departing-Australia-Super/Claiming-DASP-as-former-permanent-resident/td-p/19004 the ATO appears to be saying that if you let your PR expire then you can access it early. That’s my reading of the posts.
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    By letting PR expire and getting a sponsored job
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    If someone were to change from PR to temporary resident would it be possible to take super out of Australia early?
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    Hi guys, can I just clarify that the conclusion of this chat is the following? PR can expire; If you have PR and then the PR expires, you can't obtain super until retirement age.
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    If your PR expires then would you be able to claim super?
  12. Hi, I was just wondering, if a candidate for PR who is currently on a 482 temporary visa which is say only 2 months in receives PR, when is the 482 visa taken to have expired? Thank you
  13. Okay, I won't do that. Is it possible to have this thread deleted accordingly as I don't want to have issues with immigration?