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  1. Devonuk

    'Relationship Details' section and evidence

    I am at the same stage as yourself. I am cross referencing my info written under those 4 sections with the evidence. For eg. We share a joint bank account(see evidence Financial A). I think from reading the forums that the personal statement of the relationship is an addition you need to upload as evidence at the end. We have each done our own which reads as a timeline and story of our relationship from beginning to now, I’ve included as much detail about the key dates and events of our relationship. It does duplicate some of the info in the application where it asks about nature of household, financial, social and development. In the actual application where it gives you a box for 2000 characters for those 4 areas I’ve just bullet pointed the main facts, and then underneath written (further information in evidence Financial statement). I’ve then written separate statements for each 4 areas to upload in additional info at the end of application. These separate statements have a lot more information that I couldn’t fit in to the 2000 characters. Hope that makes sense, I found it all very confusing but this is the best way I could get all the info across I want the CO to know. We’ve been together 17 years and married 10 so have a lot of evidence.
  2. Devonuk

    Forms and abbreviations

    also can anyone tell me with your personal statement about your relationship, is it meant to be more factual or fluffy?? do they want to know more dates and facts or feelings and what your thoughts on each other are??
  3. I’m finding myself getting very confused! Can anyone tell me what these are: form 888 - is this the witness declarations (statutory declarations) that need to be signed and certified. If so, I’m getting 5 done by friends and my mum. All Aussies except for 1 who is dual citizen with uk. As they are in oz I will get them signed by justice of peace, is this correct? Form 80- what is this? 40sp- what is this? I’ve seen a few people mention it in the posts but can’t work it out. ACRO?? AFP??? Is this the Australian police check? Is it worth me front loading this with both the applicant and sponsor?
  4. Devonuk

    Police Checks?

    Is the ACRO the Australian police check?? And how do you go bout getting the UK police check?
  5. Is it possible to do the sponsor application using the same immi account as the main applicant? Or do most people get sponsor to set up their own immi account?
  6. Devonuk

    Spousal visa application

    That’s great thank you
  7. Devonuk

    Spousal visa application

    Bit more advice needed please about some questions in the application. Migrating members of the family unit? As myself, 1 child already has citizenship and son in middle of getting citizenship do I still add the 3 of us as part of the migrating unit? non- migrating members of the family unit? Is the family unit just husband, wife, and kids? Or do I have to input here every member of my husbands family not moving? As in his parents, brothers etc? It asks for the applicant and sponsors immediate family info and citizenship status. Does this include brother/sister in law, step parents? Thank you, I’m sure as I go thru more I’ll have more questions. But these ones threw me a bit!
  8. Devonuk

    British child

    I’m in the middle of the application now, when I fill in his child details it asks for his Australian residency type. I’ve put my son as other but it doesn’t give me a chance to say that his citizenship application is ongoing. Will there be somewhere later for this to be input? Also I am having to apply for British citizenship to ensure I can get back into the uk if needed in the future as my ILR visa will have been revoked. I’ve not applied for it yet and have put down that I am citizen of no other country and hold no other passports, once I get the citizenship for UK will I need to then go back and update my application to answer yes to these questions?
  9. Devonuk

    British child

    Thanks so much for your advice everyone, this forum is a god send!
  10. Devonuk

    British child

    Thanks, it’s so difficult to know what is best and going to give you the best chance!
  11. Devonuk

    British child

    How do you all put a foot note under all your posts? I can’t work it out!
  12. Devonuk

    British child

    Thank you for your advice, my thoughts were the same. Only issue I see is I want to get the spousal app in ASAP as it takes so long and we aim to be there June/July 2020. The citizenship by descent takes about 4 months ( or so the website says), do you think if I put in the spousal visa app that the citizenship has been lodged it would still be ok?
  13. Devonuk

    British child

    More advice needed please! I am about to begin applying for my British husbands spousal visa 309/100. I am Australian and have 2 kids. 1 already has their Australian citizenship and passport and 1 hasn’t. Is it best that I get the other child’s citizenship sorted before applying for my husbands visa or will it be ok to do it at the same time? I’m just thinking will it look better on his visa that both of his kids already have citizenship? We have been together 17 years, married for 10 years. Thank you. It’s so daunting and I just don’t want to get it wrong!
  14. Devonuk

    Spousal visa application

    Great thanks for the advice!
  15. Does anyone know if once you start filling in application online can you save what you’ve written so far and continue the next day? I just don’t want to start writing it up to find I need to do all of it in one go. Thanks x