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  1. Burnsie

    189 invitation round

    NSW. 75 points
  2. Burnsie

    189 invitation round

    I put EOI in late Oct 2018, invited Nov and submitted Dec. Had medicals late Jan 2019 and still sitting tight waiting, according to immitracker theres 266 applications in front of me still (it seems to be dropping 7 a day on average!) On the plus side I'm holidaying in Aus now and the weathers lush
  3. Hi I am.awiting my 189 Visa (lodged in December 2018) and am currently on holiday in Aus for 3 weeks... applied for my holiday Visa (sorry cant remember the code) and received it within 48hrs
  4. Burnsie

    Secondary Teacher 189/190 NSW

    Yes 19th December it went in with medicals taken end of January! Thanks
  5. Burnsie

    Secondary Teacher 189/190 NSW

    Hi I submitted my EOI in October 2018 and was invited to apply in November 2018 so yes there are some invites (or at least were) going out... the waits painful isn't it?
  6. Burnsie

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    Bit of a random question but... I'm currently waiting for my 189 to be (hopefully) granted and am off to Australia on Friday for a holiday. If I was lucky enough to be granted whilst there would I need to leave Australia and reenter to validate the Visa? Thanks in advance for any replies
  7. Burnsie

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    Hi, fellow teacher here awaiting 189 Visa... I did IELTS and got 20 points (1st time miraculously!)
  8. Burnsie

    189 visa, secondary school teacher

    Ok thank you. Hopefully hear something before 12th April then as were all off there on our jollies
  9. Burnsie

    Payslips as evidence - VETASSESS

    Hi there, I've had a similar scenario where I worked for a teaching agency and had a 4 month placement at a particular school. In my Visa app I mentioned the agency as they were the ones I had the contract with and the ones paying me - I haven't had any contact from CO yet so cant comment whether this is right or wrong but to me it seemed the correct decision Good luck
  10. Burnsie

    what are you doing right now?

    Checking my immi account again... just in case!
  11. Burnsie

    Expression of interest

    Good luck
  12. Burnsie

    NSW 190 Secondary school teacher

    Hope it doesn't affect those visas already submitted
  13. Burnsie

    Expression of interest

    I took the ielts test as needed the 20 points. Not sure if it's compulsory but I'd have got nowhere near the 70 points without it!
  14. Burnsie

    Expression of interest

    I was told this too by my uni as it had been 20 years. The immigration team told me a copy of the course booklet would suffice along with a letter from the uni stating that the transcript is no longer available but that the course covered... Hope that helps, good luck
  15. Burnsie

    Police Checks?

    Hi, both but got invite for 189 so ran with that one. Fingers crossed NSW - how about you, what's your story bluebird?