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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, We applied in April and I have uploaded all the supporting docs I feel are necessary, and my partner has done and passed his medical, which was requested as soon as we paid the application fee. I am now unsure if we need to do the police checks - my partner lived in Australia with me for 12 months in 2008/2009 - or do I wait for them to request this? And do we both need police checks for the UK where we have lived for 10 years (he is British / I am Australian) And lastly - once (or if !!) the visa is approved does my partner need to travel to Australia to activate the visa?
  2. Burnsie

    Police Checks?

    Hi all As a teacher I uploaded my DBS (CRB) as police check document. Is this all that is required? Ive just had my medical last week and so all documents are now submitted but just thought if the DBS is not the correct police check document I could be getting on with obtaining the correct one whilst waiting... Thanks for any advice...
  3. Hey Poms! First post. Just wanted to share my application situation for anyone going through a similar experience. Sorry it's long! I was originally in Aus on a year working/holiday visa, that turned to two after I realised a year just wasn't long enough! I met my now partner in the first few months of my first year when I was working with him for his family, we started dating seriously after another few months and I fell pregnant at the end of my first year here. My second year was spent saving up for upcoming arrival of bub and the expense of a partner visa (ouch!), while still having and enjoying amazing experiences in FNQ. I applied for de facto visa in December 2017. I had at this point only uploaded the basics, form 80, my passport and birth certificate, photographs of us together, proof that we had been living together for over a year, our son's birth certificate (born september 2017), proof of joint bank account and joint ownership of a car. I received confirmation of them receiving the application and was approved a bridging visa within a couple of weeks. I was sent a Request for More Information on 26 Feb 2018, a lot sooner than I was expecting! Immigration wanted; AFP checks for both of us, I applied online and received these fairly quickly; UK police check for myself, I applied online and have as of yet not received it in the post; Partner's/Sponsor's Birth Certificate, He didn't have one but again, applied online and received and uploaded quickly; Form 888(witness statement), I had one of these and was waiting for the other, Uploaded on signed by JP and haven't been asked for another?!; Form 40sp, printed and had partner fill it out (reluctantly, he hates paperwork); Immigration Health Assesment (Medical, chest Xray, HIV test) I slowly worked through and uploaded most of these, on 07 Feb 2018 I received another Request for More Information asking for the rest of what I hadn't gotten around to yet. I was pretty impressed to be honest as I wasn't expecting this much correspondence, especially this early into the application. I was quoted 17-24 months process time, they seem to be working quite fast. I am now just waiting on my UK police check and my medical, which is tomorrow! I am currently 4 months pregnant with bub no.2 so was advised by Bupa to choose not to have chest X-ray until after the new tiny human is born. They even suggested that 9/10 times they will not even ask me to go ahead with the X-ray after, which is going to save me a few dollars. Fingers crossed. That's me and my situation. I will update as soon as I hear back from them after my medical and have uploaded UK police check. I'm looking forward to finding out whether they'll keep processing at the rate of knots they are, or, once I've given them everything they need, they spend the next 19 months ignoring me and leaving me in limbo! Good luck with all your endeavours!
  4. Luke&Nicole

    Front loading Medicals and PC???

    Hi all, So we have submitted our application for a 190 visa to SA on the 2/2/18, we are yet to hear anything back but we are looking to be moving as soon as possible!! We have just accepted an offer on our house and will be moving in to a rental accommodation (worst case we don't get a visa and we need a bigger house in the uk anyway (hope it doesn't come to that)). We are seriously considering front loading our medicals, police checks and form 80 to speed up the process but our agent is being very cautious. We know that you have 12 months from the date that you do the medicals and PC but if we front load them May/June we will have already had our application submitted 4-5 months out of the 9-12 month wait time and since we will have already sold the house is there much worry in submitting these before they ask us for them?
  5. I'm struggling to see the answer to this question (though sure it will have been posted). We are looking to apply for the 186 visa (transition route) in August 2017 (when my husband completes 2 years on his 457 visa). We need UK and Oz police checks as I understand it but think they're only valid for 6 months. I've heard you should apply with your applications 'decision ready' but am unclear whether we should be applying of our checks now (they'll be valid at time of application but if we are granted the visa don't suppose they will be valid then). Can anyone advise. I'm also trying to decide whether to get medicals done now, in advance of applying. We are a family of 5 and there may be some issues on the medical that need further info (unsure at this stage). Maybe it's not actually true that applying decision ready helps? Many thanks (have also posted on 186 timeline in case this is more relevant there)
  6. goldcoastwestie

    Citizenship Question

    Good Afternoon All Hope you are well. It has been a while since I have been on here. Living life to the full on the sunny Gold Coast, QLD. We have been here coming up 5 years in August (time flies when you are having fun!). We are on a PR Visa, which expired in 2013. We have had no need to obtain an RRV, so sat tight. We want to get Citizenship, but am a bit confused.... We got our PR in Nov 2008. We validated our Visa in Feb 2009 with a quick validation trip to QLD for 3 weeks. After which, we returned to good old England, to sell our property, which took time time, so didn't infact move to QLD until August 2010; where we have been since (an love it!!). So I was looking at documentation for Citizenship and it states that you need new police clearances if, since your initial arrival in Australia on the PR visa you have spent x amount of time in another country - well yes we have as we returned to the UK after validation. So this is silly do we need to get new police checks? Anyone else been in this situation? Thanks
  7. macca10

    Historical Police Checks?

    Despite the fact that we have resided in the UK since September 2004 our CO has asked my wife and I for police checks from the time we lived in Japan. Has as anyone else been asked for anything similar? I sent a query as on the application forms it states that we have to provide evidence from all countries lived in for the past ten years. Before anyone one says anything, no we don't have anything to hide(!), and I sent our CO old Japanese police checks covering the pertinent time scales. Any experiences shared would be great.
  8. richardmanning68

    Police Checks

    My girlfriend and I are from the UK and have spent over 12 months travelling around Australia. We are having our 457 visa and de facto visa submitted by our employer. We we need to submit Police checks but are unsure if we need Australian police check or one from the UK. Can someone help please. Thanks
  9. Hi Guys, I have another query for you all. I have not yet placed an EOI as I am waiting for AITSL's assessment letter. However, am anticipating this to be positive and I am keen to find out how to complete the next steps. I am a UK citizen but have been teaching/living in Thailand for the last 18 months. If/When I am asked for a PCC, in which country will they ask for this, or both? If it is Thailand, has anyone on here had to go through the process of obtaining a PCC in Thailand? Thanks for all your help thus far people....
  10. Hello, (quietly pooing myself here ) I've been sitting waiting for my Employer Nominated Sponsorship to go through - I'm moving from the 457 visa to PR - both of which are Employer Sponsored. I'd uploaded all the documents that were flagged as "Required" and a few of the "Recommended" and then, out of the blue yesterday, a correspondence from IMMI asking my wife and I to provide Police checks for all countries we've lived in for over 1 year. These are quite involved I'm looking for tips for the 5 we have to now get. Me, from UK, need to get UK Police checks. Mrs, from Thailand, needs to get Thai Police Checks. Me, worked in Thailand for 18 months, need to get Thai Police checks. Both of us, lived and worked in Aus for a few years, need to get Australian Police checks. Thailand for Mrs, seems OK, for myself looks like I have to supply verified ink fingerprints - any tips? Australia looks quite involved but at least is electronic mostly - any tips? UK looks like a hell of a process - any tips? ~ Also, when it comes to having things verified, what's the easiest method? Cheers!!
  11. Just need to vent - after all the hassle of filling in police clearance , getting photos signed and writing checks - it now seems to have gotten lost in the post so we have to start all over again!!! Note to anyone else submitting these, get them couriered!!! Sorry for the vent...
  12. I currently recieved my 801 visa application , to be honest its a about a month late. They sent it to a sorting office near my house but the opening times did not suit as worked early hours. I then got in transfered and it took about 7 days, so eventually its here. I have emailed them explaining I have like 30 days to get the police check and forms filled in A little background I am from the UK been in Perth for nearly 4 years now on WHV and 820, girfriend aussie citizin of course. On the checklist it says Police check for Applicant , Dependent and Sponsor I have no children but was wondering does my girlfriend need a police check as last time we didnt need one for her ??? Also on the form it says a certified copy of personal details page , what does this mean ? Is it a copy of your passport with your address and signature on it ... as there is no forms for personal details. Help would be much appreciated. Thanks All James
  13. Hi I applied for GSM 175 (Priority 4?) on august 25th, 2011. What do you guys reckon is a good time to start the process for police checks and medicals? Suppose I do it by September first week, and I get my visa pre-granted by July/ August next year, will I have to enter the country before my police/ medicals expire, whichever was done EARLIER? Also, in the immigration site, the status of processing category 4 (175 skilled independent) sits somewhere mid September 2010. However some people who applied in October last year claim to have got it in June 2011. So that means it should have reached somewhere around December/ January at least, by now, right? Will anyone else be able to throw some light on this?
  14. Guest


    Hi me again! Im getting my partner app ready and Im wondering whether to front load my medical and police checks - can you do that when applying in OZ or is It just when in UK? Also, planning to submit app in 3 weeks - going to uk for a 3 week holiday in august and read on the app that I have to be in aus when the temporary part is accepted, but I obviously wont know when that is! Am I able to add a note in the application to say Ill be away or do you think it would be best to submit the app when I get back and enter aus on a tourist visa to submit the app? Thanks in advance!
  15. I am a newbie. I am British, my wife is Australian, we have been together for 8 years, married for 4 years and now have two children (both have Australian citizenship by descent and Australian passports). We live in the UK. We are emigrating to Oz next year (2011), assuming I get a spouse visa. I am currently researching the 47SP form and don't think I need an agent to assist as our situation is straight-forward. But I do have a few questions which I would appreciate some assistance with: Q9 on 47SP asks if I or any dependents (whether migrating with me or not) have previously visited Australia and if so to provide travel visa details. I can put in the details for myself, however, my children have visited Australia but because they have citizenship by descent and Oz passports they have not needed visas - do I need to declare these trips for my children, if so do I just leave the travel visa boxes blank? Q27 on 47SP asks for address for 2nd stage (permanent) visa process. What is best address to give? I could give my parents-in-law's address in Queensland and then change it once we have emigrated to Oz and have our own house. Would that make sense, or just leave it blank? Q38 on 47SP asks about my children. One of the points asks "[Are your children] migrating with you?" and then asks for their passport details if they are migrating. How do I answer this - yes or no? My children are emigrating with my wife and I but because they are already Australian citizens they do not need residents visas and hence do not need to be considered on my visa application form. Should I tick "yes" and supply passport details which will identify them as Australian passport holders? This is a tricky one. Finally - what UK police checks can I/should I request and how do I do that - do I just go into my local UK police station and ask? Also where on the 47SP do they request that police checks are carried out? Is this something that is requested once my application is received? Is this also the case for medical checks? I know there are a few questions here but any assistance & experience of the above would be really appreciated. regards, Tristan
  16. we've been asked by our case officer to get medicals and police checks done for a second time. we did the first set when we applied for our 886 visa two years ago, following the advice of someone on the DIAC phoneline. they expired whilst we were waiting to be processed. it was really exciting to get this phone call, as i had almost given up hope of them ever processing any of the 886 (onshore state sponsored) visas. but we are pretty pissed off to have to shell out another $500 (for a couple), through no fault of our own. can anyone suggest if there's any potential of complaining about this and who to complain to? i guess i should keep my mouth shut until if and when the residence appears!! but i imagine a lot of people are gonna be in this same position...