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  1. Hey, yeah, I had to wait the three months before my bridging visa kicked in. It's frustrating and hard on the bank account but it gave me all the free time I needed to submit a really detailed and thorough application!
  2. I'm from the UK too! Hopefully yours will be along soon!
  3. Hey guys, I really struggled to find timelines for the 820/801 on shore Visa applications as a reference to how long mine might take. I got my permanent residence email through today! So after lots of tears and celebrations I just thought I'd share my timeline for others currently still waiting on their own visas! It's so hard having absolutely no hint or indication from immi and the current wait times are exploding which can be depressing! So! I flew back to Australia in March 2018 on a tourist visa. I did not use an agent, I submitted my fully loaded (all police checks, medical done straight away, all forms and evidence completed etc) on April 27th 2018. Current Visa wait time when I applied was 17-24 months. Yuck. We had been living together for over three years when we applied so I included a letter asking to be considered for immediate processing of my 801 with my 820 Visa (Long term partnership). After hearing nothing for months we recieved an email in October 2018 asking for a UK police check for my partner as he had lived with me in the UK for a year. I had already planned ahead and applied for this already so I uploaded it straight away (I had actually forgotten to add it once it arrived!). After this we heard nothing for ages. I applied for "change of address" and for a Bridging visa B in order to visit home during this time all of which was processed smoothly. Some of my friends seemed to think these updates kept your profile more "active" keeping it at the top of the pile but I don't know how accurate this is, I doubt it to be honest! Then I received an automated message on April 27th 2019 (exactly one year after applying) giving me a generic notice that my Visa WAS in a queue and being processed. I didn't know what to make of this. If it was just automatically sent after one year or really meant a CO had picked up our case and was moving it along... (I still don't know...). Then today, May 1st 2019 I received my 820 and 801 Visa grant notifications simultaneously by email! I'd also like to mention that every three or four months I would "top up" my evidence with more info on our joint accounts, rent payments, holidays, family events etc. I wanted to show our relationship to be strong and continuing. So all in all my application only took one year!! Much shorter than the current advertised processing time of 21-28 months! Which is JUST for the temporary part technically. So don't lose hope guys! Keep updating your info. Give them EVERYTHING they could possibly need. Don't wait to be asked for police checks or medical info just in case they might "go out of date". Get it ALL in and make your case as easy to process as possible! Good luck! I'm off to drink more champagne!
  4. Hey, it's been a year to the day that I submitted my application and I received this email: We are writing to inform you that your application for a Partner visa is in progress. Your application takes time to process as we complete a number of thorough checks. Is this purely an automated message or is it something I should be excited about?? Anyone received this and then got their 820 not long after? Thanks! Hannah
  5. Hey all, Was just looking for some recent timeline info for applications submitted this year. I submitted my 820/801 April 27th 2018. Front loaded with police checks included. Was asked for medical straight away and completed 1st May 2018. Heard nothing until 12th October 2018 when asked for Aus partner's UK police check which I had coincidentally applied for just in case they wanted that too so I uploaded straight away along with new evidence over the last six months (holidays, lease, bank account statements). I just wondered if anyone has had experience of how long after they ask for more info that you tend to be granted the 820? I've heard rumblings that they're currently processing a lot of WA visas just now, a few of my friends visas in WA have came through, but I'm trying to not get too excited! Any time line comparisons would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  6. Hanbanan

    URGENT Advise for Partner Visa

    Hey, I was in a similar situation, did the WHV and met my partner. He came back with me to the UK after two years and then we decided to move back to Aus. I just came back on a tourist visa, compiled my 820/801 application during my three months of not being able to work and then the minute i uploaded my application I was put on to a bridging Visa which allows me to work as soon as the visitor Visa ran out. All partner bridging visas automatically allow you to work. It states this on the home affairs website I just don't think everyone is aware of this fact. Now I'm living and working away while my Visa processes. No dramas. Hope this helps!
  7. Hi there, Obviously the immi website states that long term relationships such as my own (de facto for 3+ years at time of application submission) may be processed faster at the discretion of your CO. However I just wondered if anyone who has recently lodged their 820/801 application has actually experienced this?? In theory when my 820 goes through my 801 could go through too but I'm just wondering how likely this actually is... Cheers!
  8. Hey, yeah that's generally what I've read, however a few visa migration agent sites have stated that they have started fast tracking "ready to go" applications in an attempt to get through the massive amount of applications. Also being in a 3+ year relationship means in theory the 801 could be put through with the 820 according to the home affairs website? I'm being super optimistic/hopeful/naive haha but was generaly just wondering about times for being assigned a CO and if they email you to let you know when yo have a CO or if it all just goes on behind the scenes? Because my application asked me to go for a medical and attach police clearance info right after I submitted my application?
  9. Hey, just wondered where you guys are at in terms of being assigned a case officer? I decided to go full on optimistic and front load everything onto my 820/801 on the off chance it might get fast tracked as we're in a 3+ year relationship etc. Can't seem to find any real information about case officer assignment times, just the current (horrendous) 17 - 24 month current processing times... Cheers