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Found 42 results

  1. Hi All, I'm new here.:wubclub: I just need some help regarding my ACS assessment. I have both bachelors and masters in IT and planing to get myself assessed as ICT Business Analyst - 261111. I have five years experience in Telco domain, but there's a bit of a problem with my designation, it goes as Product Development Executive but my day today job tasks involve the tasks as explained in both ABS and ACS sites. My queries; I can get a letter from my employer but my designation will be Product Development Executive will it be a problem for ACS? When I write this letter do I have to mention about the individual project I have carried out like most programmers and software engineers does? Problem is when it comes to programmers they can say that they used different technologies & programming languages for each and every project, but I don't really undrstand how to go to that minute level & is it really necessary for this BA ANZSCO? Highly appreciate your feedback & hoping this thread would be useful for future applicants going to take a similar route :wubclub:
  2. Hey guys, I really struggled to find timelines for the 820/801 on shore Visa applications as a reference to how long mine might take. I got my permanent residence email through today! So after lots of tears and celebrations I just thought I'd share my timeline for others currently still waiting on their own visas! It's so hard having absolutely no hint or indication from immi and the current wait times are exploding which can be depressing! So! I flew back to Australia in March 2018 on a tourist visa. I did not use an agent, I submitted my fully loaded (all police checks, medical done straight away, all forms and evidence completed etc) on April 27th 2018. Current Visa wait time when I applied was 17-24 months. Yuck. We had been living together for over three years when we applied so I included a letter asking to be considered for immediate processing of my 801 with my 820 Visa (Long term partnership). After hearing nothing for months we recieved an email in October 2018 asking for a UK police check for my partner as he had lived with me in the UK for a year. I had already planned ahead and applied for this already so I uploaded it straight away (I had actually forgotten to add it once it arrived!). After this we heard nothing for ages. I applied for "change of address" and for a Bridging visa B in order to visit home during this time all of which was processed smoothly. Some of my friends seemed to think these updates kept your profile more "active" keeping it at the top of the pile but I don't know how accurate this is, I doubt it to be honest! Then I received an automated message on April 27th 2019 (exactly one year after applying) giving me a generic notice that my Visa WAS in a queue and being processed. I didn't know what to make of this. If it was just automatically sent after one year or really meant a CO had picked up our case and was moving it along... (I still don't know...). Then today, May 1st 2019 I received my 820 and 801 Visa grant notifications simultaneously by email! I'd also like to mention that every three or four months I would "top up" my evidence with more info on our joint accounts, rent payments, holidays, family events etc. I wanted to show our relationship to be strong and continuing. So all in all my application only took one year!! Much shorter than the current advertised processing time of 21-28 months! Which is JUST for the temporary part technically. So don't lose hope guys! Keep updating your info. Give them EVERYTHING they could possibly need. Don't wait to be asked for police checks or medical info just in case they might "go out of date". Get it ALL in and make your case as easy to process as possible! Good luck! I'm off to drink more champagne!
  3. 5starp

    Training Visa 407

    Hi There, has anyone lodged an application for the training visa 407? my company will be lodging one soon but I haven’t met or come across anyone who has applied for it. any advice or tips most welcome
  4. Hi I am new to the forum. I am a special needs teacher with 12 years experience and MA degree plus other Post grad sen quals and have put everything together for skills assess. However i cannot illustrate 45 days of supervised teaching experience for MA...don't think that exists in UK. So was wondering if there are any other SEN teachers who have got through (or not ) the skills assessment? Hoping to get the paperwork to my agent by the end of the week. He told me to put together what I had and send it but don't want to spend any more money on IELTs tests etc if I am going to fail the assessment :unsure:
  5. Hey, I'm interested to migrate to Australia from Egypt where my current job (teaching Math.) if fine with me in Egypt but is very complicated for me to carry it over to Australia but I do have a strong IT background (Troubleshooting PCs and networking fundamentals) which I'm planning to make use of by taking it to new higher levels by studying this 2 year course @ MIT (master of networking): http://www.mit.edu.au/courses/86/ My ultimate goal is to become a system administrator for servers running Windows Server OS or something similar to this role. My question is: What else do I need to do in order to have a successful chance of getting a successful pre-assessement skills application by ACS (Australian Computer Society)?. I'm trying to figure out an approximate figure for the associated cost and time for this journey. I'm pretty excited about starting it if it's within my budget and tolerance level. Regards
  6. Hey, I'm a Mathematics teacher from Egypt for the middle/upper students and I was thinking about applying for a GSM visa through AISTL. Since the initial teacher qualification thing which is required from me gonna cost me an arm and a leg (not to mention the amount of effort involved), I want to anticipate a little bit and peek into the future and ask a couple of questions. Quoted from the “AISTL Application Assessment Guide” document: “Successful applicants will receive their original Skills Assessment Certificate by mail. The certificate is valid for two (2) years from the date of issue” My questions are: 1) What's after a successful outcome? will I take this original certificate and go to the embassy and get the GSM right away or what? Also my general grade from the Faculty of Science is "Pass" which really has nothing to do with my current skill level as my Math. skills and experience are much stronger than school level Math. but 2) Will this affect my outcome negatively in the assessment or later on when I apply for a teacher registration?. Also after having the successful outcome and the GSM visa, 3) How difficult it is to get a teacher registration in order to teach there in Australia? I'm really sorry for all these questions but I'm trying to sort things out from the beginning before I get myself involved in extra enormous studies that will cost me a lot of effort and $$$ (initial teacher certification + pursuing the IELTS with a min. band score of 7 for each section which gonna take me several attempts before getting this 7 :mad: - I already took it twice so far but still no 7 in ALL of them as required which is frustrating as my real English is very good). Will appreciate all your input guys really. I need to settle this idea and continue with it or stop thinking about it for ever. It's a pain in the neck just thinking about it.
  7. Did anyone get a successful assessment from ACS for "SOFTWARE TESTER" recently?
  8. We have been in Melbourne for just over five weeks now and have looked at some terrible houses for rent. The rents are inflated and a lot of the properties are owned by landlords who do not care about the condition of the property. They do what is legally expected and that is it. It is a case of, if you don't want it, there are plent others that do. I have just looked at some house from outside and haven't wanted to go in and some that I did view, I wish I hadn't because it is so depressing. Anyway, I looked at a property from the outside on Tuesday evening and really liked the land, and from what I could see through the windows it looked really excellent inside. I didn't go to the agent until Thursday to enquire about it, and was told that they were no longer doing open inspections on it as they had two applications for the property. I asked nicely if I could put an application in there and then. I gave them the resume for my family, my dog, references, copy of my credit rating, copy of bank statements, and offered to pay a few extra months rent up front. I also offered to sign a pet contract in addtion to the normal contract. I asked if they required anything else and the receptionist said, no I don't think so, your application is quite "intense". I left the office walked to the car and as we were backing out of the parking space,my mobile rang and it was the agent telling me my application was successful!!!! Ten minutes it had taken, is that a record! I couldn't believe it. Apparently, they were impressed with my application and phoned the landlord immediately. I went in to the office today and signed the contract. They did not ask me to pay any extra months up front, and neither did they ask me to sign a pet contract. The offer had been sufficient for them. He gave me the key for an hour so I could look inside properly and I was over the moon. The house is really big and spacious and has ducted heating and split system air conditioning. It has a really big entertaining deck out back overlooking the very big garden (Rosie will love it). I came away with a big smile on my face and feeling very enthusiastic about my move in to rental property. This house was $100+ cheaper per month than disgusting hovels I had seen. So, if you are experiencing the same house hunting as we did, keep on in there, because there is a little gem out there, you just have to keep looking. :jiggy:
  9. Hi there, I m looking for an easier approach to get state sponsored. As far as I know, working experience is one of the criteria. Any one have the idea whether it is needed to show the employment letter or the reference letter to proof having one year working experience?
  10. Hi, Has anyone received a successful outcome for a free re-assessment lately from ACS because of the new coding? Especially interested in computing professionals who have asked for a completely new code for eg. systems Analyst to get onto the new SOL? We applied about 3 weeks ago so just wondering how long they take. cheers
  11. Guest

    Tra successful!!

    Yeah!!!!!! Tra horse trainer - successful!! 37 working days. Good luck to those waiting.
  12. gaz n family

    Wey Hey TRA Successful

    After a very hard day in our new home (had to move home three weeks ago, long story so wont bore you with the details, this is why i couldn't get on here :cry:) But after checking my emails tonight i saw an email from the TRA telling me my application has been completed. It seemed to take an age opening the pages to see the result and i had major butterflies. Thankfully it said successful WAY HAY time to party, nearly punched the wife in her face she was so close looking over my shoulder when I jumped off the sofa. OK step two next (when they open the application process) I hope everyone else who has been waiting has had good news.
  13. My boyfriend and I are moving back to the UK after being here on WHVisas for just under a year. We have both filed tax returns and were under the impression that backpackers get all of their tax back, but have since heard that this is not the case...so we're rather worried as we were relying on that money! Does anyone have any advice to give, or better yet, has anyone actually received a tax rebate from Aus? (after doing their own tax return!)
  14. Just need some advice to what to send after successful ANMC (which has all the relevant docs). Do i just need my fee 252 dollars, declaration with witness and my already sent IELTS:biggrin:
  15. Guest

    TRA Successful !

    After 8 weeks and 3 days, i got on the TRA online tracker, to find out that my assessment was a Successful , whaaaoooooooo :tongue: Having done all the paperwork myself, im well chuffed, it was a bit of a nightmare getting it all together, but it has been worth it. And the assessment is probably the hardest part of the whole process, now its just the Visa app, Meds and Police reports and a final decision on my Vic SS pending my TRA outcome. Goodluck to those who are still waiting , and hopefully you will be successful too.
  16. mipi

    TRA - Successful

    Woo hoo. We have just received a successful TRA in Floor finishing. Its taken nine weeks. Soooooooo pleased. Now really excited and can't wait to complete the next lot of forms. lol Good luck to anyone waiting for their TRA results. Michelle
  17. alofbrighton

    Tra successful - now what!?

    Hi All, I learnt today that my TRA application for General Gardener has been successful....should be elated but with the new SOL list I feel somewhat subdued as I am pretty sure my occupation has been removed. So I am wondering, can anyone confirm to me... 1) When does the new SOL list definitely come into force? 2) I am (was) intending on applying for a 176 relative sponsored visa. Will this still hold weight if it is submitted before the new SOL list comes into place? Any help would be much appreciated Cheers, Al.
  18. We are trying to shortlist? Thanks
  19. Yesterday we were informed that we had passed the ACS skills assessment. However, I have been given a different ASCO code. My IT work experience is 2 years being a Technical Support Consultant and 7 years as a Software tester (Test Analyst). I have 2x industry standard test qualifications. Therefore, I thought that I would be assessed under ASCO 2231-79 ICT Professionals (nec) as Computing Tester is listed under that category. However the ACS letter states that I have been successful under ASCO 2231-19 (Systems Programmer). Under the PIM subsection for this category it states 'Writes, maintains and updates programs which control the overall functioning of computers'. My skills assessment shows nothing in relation to these skills. The project reports I did comprised of testbed configuration and testing techniques used during certain projects. Could it be a simple typo? I was wondering if anyone knew if this dubious ASCO code could adversely affect any visa (PR175), or future state sponsorship applications? I am happy to use it, it is just that my CV bears no relation to the code they have assessed me under. Any advice\information would be appreciated. Regards, Mark
  20. Hi all, Would like to hear from anyone who may have successfully completed a UK Bankruptcy petition whilst living in Australia. I am looking at starting this process soon but would love to understand any implications or issues i should expect. Regards
  21. Does anyone know of any successful family sponsored 475 visas applications (non CSL) occurring in this year? And if there are any, should the recipients be subject to Stephen Fry's new tv series 'Last Chance to See'? It seems successful 475 applicants are becoming an endangered species and should be protected at all costs! Bit frustrating really! Cheers
  22. Hi all POI's Just wanted to share the news. Received a call from our Agent in the week to say that my Wifes TRA application was successful and our WA SSP was being lodged yesterday. All gets exciting from here
  23. jimroo2

    TRA Successful !!

    :jiggy:Hi all on PIO. I just had great news that I have been successful in my TRA application for Painting and Decorating. I am as happy as a cat in a Whiskas factory. The stress and hair pulling out that was required to put the application together was a nightmare, but for anyone out there doing this, just keep going and get as much info together as you can. Be positive. I am off to the pub to meet Arthur Guiness and his happy medicine! Workplace assessment 14/04/09, AQFIII 22/04/09, TRA submitted 25/06/09, TRA passed 09/07/09. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana!