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Found 162 results

  1. Hi Does anyone know the email address for second stage partner visa 801 in Melbourne please (for permanent residency)? I have seen a previous thread that has the following email address but I think it is just for the ACT: act.ssp.processing@immi.gov.au I'm in Melbourne so the Melbourne office would be processing it. I haven't been assigned a CO as yet so thought I would see if I could get an update on if I was anywhere near to being assigned one. Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  2. Hey, it's been a year to the day that I submitted my application and I received this email: We are writing to inform you that your application for a Partner visa is in progress. Your application takes time to process as we complete a number of thorough checks. Is this purely an automated message or is it something I should be excited about?? Anyone received this and then got their 820 not long after? Thanks! Hannah
  3. I emailed DIAC asking if for non-licensed occupations, if they'll consider pre qualification experience for points. Here is their response: PRE-GRADUATION WORK EXPERIENCE If you have undertaken part-time skilled employment work while completing a course of study, you may count this towards any General Skilled Migration skilled employment requirements as long as you were employed on a paid basis for at least 20 hours per week at the skilled level. Generally, pre-graduation skilled employment experience would be at the 'semi-skilled' rather than the 'skilled' level and therefore not be acceptable. ...... My situation is that it was the other way around: I have undertaken part time schooling while working full time in my current profession. So in my case, I can safely assume that I can count the experience while in school, since my job was full time and schooling was part time?
  4. ali

    Email & MSN

    Please can I suggest to our younger memebers that you don't put your email or msn address on the open forum. Instead you can send (or get your mum or dad to send) a personal message to someone with that information. In the interest of trying to keep our younger members safe and aware of internet safety please ask them not to post email/msn addresses on the open forum Ali
  5. Hi were abit confused!!can anyone tell us how to send the finished documents we have ready for vetassess please??tried sending them by email but no luck??does anyone have the correct email address or do we have to send them by post all set and ready to go!thanx,hywel.
  6. Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of looking for jobs, searching for companies etc... It's all still very early days but I'm wondering if anyone has any advice re: contacting the companies? What is the best way to word the emails? I don't think I can just say, "Hi I'm Lucy, I want to live and work in your beautiful country, give us a job!" I'm on Linkedin so I can contact some people through that too. Looking to fly out to Perth next year around August/September time so would be able to meet with employers too. I thought I would ask some of you people in the know first... any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance, Lucy :smile:
  7. Hi all i have had to get a new email address as my old one stopped me loggin on a week ago and the help line really werent very helpful so have also had to redo everything else lol, i normally am on here as Nadjez, am currently here in oz on temp spouse visa after being on a prospective marriage visa would like to know the best way to inform immi is it the form to do with notice of change or something and also where do i send to? i loddged that one from perth in 2010 . i also have to inform that that i have had a baby 6 months ago although she is ozzie born in ozzie and her dad is Australian : ) any ideas be great thanks : )
  8. Hi All My old Sony laptop is getting a bit "creaky" so am about buying a new one here in the UK before we fly out late November. Is there anything I need to know regarding compatibility etc before going ahead? Secondly, what is the best way to get a temporary email address in Aus before we settle down. We shall be moving around WA quite a lot. Thanks
  9. Guest

    PMV 'Due to be Granted' Email

    Hi All, My British fiance received a lovely surprise email from our CO today! Made our year :biggrin: Here is the first line.. I would like to confirm that all required documents have been received and assessed and your visa is due to be granted around mid-February 2012. We have flights booked to Brisbane for 17th Feb 2012 - as we are surprising my Mum (missing us) by arriving on her birthday 18th Feb! All of this was explained in our original application, so our CO is aware of our plans. My question is - do you think this means that the application has been approved? I take it to mean that it has been, and we are now just waiting for official confirmation - which will be given in mid-february. I'm so relieved and surprised at the short wait before getting good news - so I'm worried I'm reading too much into the email! Have I jumped the gun? I'm curious to hear what other applicants' experiences with these emails have been! Was the expected grant date given accurate? Or was your visa granted before or after the estimated grant date the CO provided? I am concerned that we are cutting it fine with our flights on 17th if the visa will be granted 'around mid-Februay'. A bit vague! I assume 17th is mid-Feb but I hate assuming things when it comes to DIAC! I plan to email our CO to again explain our plans and check if we should look into an ETA & quick trip to NZ/Bali to make sure we are offshore for the grant date. Would definately prefer not to have to do this, but that's the risk we took by booking our flights in advance. Our CO is S.V. and has been very helpful and speedy with communication so far I guess I'm hoping that if they know we plan to arrive on the 18th, they will grant the visa before then, rather than us having to arrive on an ETA then leave/return again so soon after for the PMV. Thanks very much for your advice and assistance! This forum and it's members have been absolutely invaluable! I put our quick turnaround down to the advice and information I found in these threads Hayley Partner's Nationality: British (Applied offshore to Australia House) Application Sent: 15th September 2011 CO Assigned: 21st September 2011 Medicals: Taken 12th October 2011 Police Check: UK sent with original application, AFP requested and sent late October. PMV due to be granted around mid-February 2012
  10. I'd like to email an enquiry to the DIAC before I start my application for a 176 - Does anyone have a general enquiries address for them?
  11. Moved to Migration Issues
  12. lebourvellec

    Got our visas but no email??

    Just logged on to the IMMI site and our 176 visa has been approved 6 weeks after lodging! But no email yet??
  13. Hi Has anyone got the email address where you got the confirmation of the additional baggage allowance for one way travel, I have looked on their website but cannot find it. Thanks
  14. cartertucker

    Email address in Australia

    My email address is ....@hotmail.co.uk When will I need to get a new one? :unsure: I mean, is there a rush, or will this one work for as long as I want it to?
  15. My Agent told me that i have got CO. It has mentioned in My Online Application Status that "23/09/2011 Department has sent E-Mail regarding your application". But agent told that they didn't receive any email regarding this. Hence, agent sent an inquiry to the department on 26/09/2011. But they hasn't received reply from DIAC as yet. As I feel my agent is also not playing his role properly. :cry: My questions are.... Are there any Telephone numbers to Contact DIAC in order to inform them regarding this problem???. Can my agent inform DIAC over the phone about this problem??? If so, I can force my agent to contact them over the phone and get their response as soon as possible. Please Please Help me..................... :confused: Thanks Samk6
  16. Hi dear All. I checked my online application status Yesterday. It says that Application being processed further and most documents have met except few documents. As well as it has mentioned that "23/09/2011 E-mail sent to you". so i called my agent and asked about that. they told that they didn't receive any mail as yet and even though it has mentioned like "23/09/2011 E-mail sent to you" it will take few days to receive the email................... is this true? does it takes few day to receive the email even though they have mentioned that "23/09/20011 E-mail sent to you". Please give me your opinions.............. Thanks samk6
  17. Hi I was keen to know if anybody has sent a status inquiry for security checking to IGIS. I read somewhere they reply to inquiries from applicants who have lodged more than 1 year. Regards
  18. hia

    Vetassess Email Address

    Hi there I just searched the vetassess website very thoroughly but cd'nt find out the email id where I can ask abt the status of my sister's vetassess applicaton. She wil be hopefuly lodging it tomorrow so needs the email id where she can inquire that her application has been recieved ... Please someone tel me the email id..thanks in advance. Hia
  19. Removed
  20. Guest

    should i email my CO?

    hi all, i submitted my further evidence for my partner visa in person to the immigration office a week ago. I still havnt got any confirmation that my CO has recieved it. I was wondering would it be ok if i emailed my CO and asked wheather he has the documents or will it seem like im badgering him? i havnt emailed him prior to this. any help would be great- i want this visa to hurry up and get granted!
  21. Hi, I've sent several blank emails to GSM Processing over the last four weeks but I've had nothing back. Has anyone else had this? I send a completely blank email with no subject or anything and the address is correct as I sent it using the link from DIAC. Help please. Thanks, Mick
  22. We received an email back in 18th March saying that we would get a CO in 3 months but have still not heard anything. The 3 month period is not up until mid June but am just wondering if anyone else is in a similar position? Am I right in assuming that we will be contacted by email when we get a CO?
  23. Hi Guys, I just want to share with you all the PDF file which I have received from DIAC this morning. I have no idea why DIAC send me an email as I already got my visa grant last March 2011. :biggrin: BR, taz Important Information for Priority 3 clients[1].pdf Important Information for Priority 3 clients[1].pdf
  24. woodymcfc

    Tonyman (aka nick) private email

    Would anyone know Tonyman's private email address, I need to get in touch with him, if you can PM me it would be appreciated, thanks ....if you get in touch with him first you can tell him it's about the DVD he was after !!!