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Found 42 results

  1. Hey, it's been a year to the day that I submitted my application and I received this email: We are writing to inform you that your application for a Partner visa is in progress. Your application takes time to process as we complete a number of thorough checks. Is this purely an automated message or is it something I should be excited about?? Anyone received this and then got their 820 not long after? Thanks! Hannah
  2. Guest

    Progress after VAC2 Payment?

    I paid my VAC 2 on 29 Sep, 2011. DIAC sent me the receipt of payment the very next day. Could someone tell me how much time final Visa grant would take after payment of VAC2??
  3. Dear Folks, Please suggest if someone has information or been through similar experience. I have all the required documents for submitting application for Subclass 176 to DIAC, but my application to Victorian State Government for state sponsorship is in process and has not been approved yet. My question is, should I go ahead and apply to DIAC now, and when SS is approved, send them the approval letter or Victorian Government inform them directly? Is there any requirement from DIAC, which says that SS must be approved first before applying under Subclass 176?
  4. Kilmarnock Removals turned up just before 9 and have made great progress - most of the packing is done now! Couple of hiccups which were my fault - a manky rug got packed but was v easily unpacked, and I'd left my wee toolbox in the living room from taking a table apart, and needed it for the bed, and it was packed by the time I went for it! Managed to retrieve it easily though. We are supervising a bit less now, hopefully there won't be any surprises at the other end. Pub later I think - stayed up until 2 this morning and up at 7!
  5. Hi folks, We submitted a skills assessment to ACS a couple of weeks ago. I just checked its status and it's at stage 4 ("Your Application is being Assessed by an Authorised Assessor.)" Last time we checked it was only at stage 2 ("Your Application has been Allocated and is Currently in Progress."), so it's gone through stage 3 ("A Request for extra documents or information has been sent to your email address. Please check your email address for further details.") without us hearing anything. I know this is probably an impossible question, but is this a good sign or a bad sign?? Does the fact that stage 3 has been passed mean that the application is looking good? Or is it just that they've gone through a basic checklist to see everything has been submitted but have in no way assessed it yet? Or is it a really bad sign and they've already decided not to say we qualify, hence not even bothering to ask for more information!? Surely in this case they would ask for more info, though? Third possibility: can it in fact go backwards and return to stage 3 if they decide later on that they need more evidence? As I said, impossible question so I don't know why I'm posting really! Just wondering if anyone has experience with how ACS works and can interpret this in any way. We feel like the skills assessment is our major hurdle. If we can get past this, we're pretty confident that everything else will work out. So it's a tense old time! :rolleyes:
  6. Hi I applied for my PR on 14 Sep 2009 ( Subclass 886) under State sponsorship Western Australia as a hairdresser, DIAC has not yet allocate a case officer for me and there is no progress on my case. I'm so confused , i don't know what category I'm in and how long will it take for my case to be processed. Is there anyone with the same situation ? can anyone tell what i can do regarding this issue ? I'm really sick of waiting :mad:, sometimes i think with myself, i forget about the PR and Australia and get back to my home country. Regards
  7. We cannot see any progress in New Priority Processing Cat 04(Old cat03). Still it has sucked on 10 July 2010. Priority Group 4 Skilled – Independent (Migrant) subclass 175 VE 175 (e-lodged):10 July 2010 VE 175 (paper): 10 July 2010 Skilled – Sponsored (Migrant) subclass 176 VE 176 (e-lodged): 10 July 2010 VE 176 (paper): 10 July 2010 Skilled – Regional Sponsored (Provisional) subclass 475 VF 475 (e-lodged): 10 July 2010 VF 475 (paper): 10 July 2010 Has DIAC Stopped processing New Priority Group 4 Applications??. Really worrying..................:cry::cry::cry:
  8. Hi i have had a skills asssessment, i have state sponsership, i am registered with the nursing board and i have a case officer for my 176 application, medicals and police checks and 80 forms sent by post. how long do you think it will be before i hear about my visa........can i check on my progress somewhere as it is a paper application....thanks
  9. Hi all, I completed a Bach. of Engineering (Electrical) on 7 Dec '10 and qualified by Engineers Australia (skill assessment agent) as Electronics Engineer (included in SOL). My visa expired on 15 Mar. '11 and I applied for Subclass 485 (TR) on 12 March '11. Then applied for Subclass 886 (PR) with assistance of my relative in Sydney on 13 June '11. Does anyone know which one will process quicker information given by immi is pretty confusing to me...:mad: In fact, I'm a little bit doubtful too as to whether I am eligible for 886 since it is said that it is for people who graduated in the past six months; while I also see somewhere that says people who held a student visa in the past six month may be eligible too... Anyways, it would be sweet if any of you who have a similar case to me could give me some idea :smile: Thank you very much in advance!!!:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: Schwarz
  10. OH has received confirmation of skills assessment and English test and everything is good. In the process of gathering all our other documents, evidence of relationship etc and started filling in the online application. Hoping to send application off in next few weeks and then its fingers crossed and a bit (or more) of waiting. We keep thinking of a lot of big decisions that we need to make - Sydney or Melbourne and which areas, sell or rent out our house in the UK, take or leave the cat... Hope others are also making progress and can maybe inspire us with the decisions we have to make. :jiggy: Aileen
  11. Hey all I have been trying for the past half and hr to check the online status, but it says This service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later. https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/inquiry/query/query.do?action=eVisa Any one else facing the same msg? Thanks :hug:
  12. Guest

    Progress on 176 with ACT ss???

    Hi, Just wondering if anyone has recently been assigned a CO for ACT ss? Im dying to hear! Im doing my sisters application and I want her here soon! Heres the details TRA cook approved Sep 2010, Applied ACT ss Nov 8 2010, approved 5 Dec 2010, 176 ACT ss applied 7 Dec 2010 and now waiting!!! thanks, Mags:biggrin:
  13. Can't believe it! We received an email this morning saying its currently being assessed!!! Its sooooo scarey/exciting!! Has anybody else heard? Any idea how long it takes? :chatterbox:
  14. Guest

    In progress getting visa

    Hi all, Found this forum as I need some info to process my application. Currently working in Singapore. Regards
  15. Hi All, I ve applied 885 based on my degree. The application package was sent to immi dep on July by lawyer, 2010 and allocated case officer one month later. Since that, there is no further information but most of my friends are getting . Some of them even applied later than me. I don't want to wait with the uncertainty, so any guidance will really be appreciated. Does the application stuck somewhere? Do I have any alternative way to make it soon? :wink:
  16. Guest

    Checking Online VISA Progress

    Hi We are Stephen, Suzanne, Domonic & Calan. We lodged our VISA & WA sponsorship back in mid Feb 2010. Our state sponsorship is imminent now according to the website but our VISA online progress check is confusing. We received a letter from AMA (Shirley&Sheila) telling us to fill out a 956 and sent it to DIAC (which we did), I already have my VETASSESS Cert for Carpentry so no probs there. Our confusion is that when I checked the online progress on the immi.gov.au site and clicked document checklist at the top, there are 2 items (apart from the medical stuff) that are clickable in blue that take us to a pdf download page, one is the defacto relationship & the other is evidence of dependency for over 18. I can prove both these points but are unsure why they are clickable whereas all the others are not. We don't know if our agent (who has been paid in full and final) has satified these areas before they stopped trading. My concern is that the pdf page of the items states that the information should be sent within 28 days of VISA lodgment and that would have been in mid March 2010. Our agents didn't stop trading until July 2010. Have they made a mistake? Anybody know the system out there who can ease my worries? I've poured thousands into this move already. Thanks
  17. Hello all, I was doing my usual checking of my visa status online earlier. Everything remains the same as ever, the "required" items are still listed as "required". But, I noticed one thing. When I clicked on the "View Entitlement Details" tab on the visa application status inquiry page, it was a blank. Previously, there was these words on it: "No current visa". I noticed it only changed today (03.06.2010). Has anyone noticed that on their page too? It could probably mean nothing at all, but still...I am a curious cat...anyone has any idea what this could mean? Thanks for your replies in advance! Cheers!
  18. Hi guys, is it possible to check the progress of my WA SS application 'online' or do i have to just sit n wait until the agent knows and calls me?.. Thankyou !
  19. Hi all, looking for some help/guidence - gained enough points and we applied for a 175 visa in July 2008 ( I was 45 in august 2008) - got a C/O in march 2009 and asked to get police checks and medicals - sent police checks and were just about to do medicals when we recieved an e-mail to the effect that is was on hold until further notice - it is now 9 months and we have heard no more - is this usual? - has this happened to others?? - how can we progress our visa further???? we would be very grateful for any advice - thanks in advance stuart
  20. Guest

    Internal Checks in Progress

    I am a Cat 5 applicant. My CO was assigned on 5 Aug, 2009 but unfortunately, I got stuck up with 23 Sep, 2009 changes. Now my CO has been reassigned in Dec, 2009. This thread is for those who have a CO reassigned (Cat 5) and INTERNAL CHECKS are awaited.
  21. Hi, Following the 23rd of Sept changes some o0f the CO allocated 176 cases that had the PC and medicals requested have been progressed and even granted in some cases. Does anybody know if they have moved onto those that hadn't had a CO allocated and police and medical checks requested? I have been trying to fathom the answer from the various timeline pages but I am making as much sense of them as I do the electricity bill!:goofy: If not has anybody been able to glean anything from the progess of the PC and med checks cases to establish how many more there are to go before they move onto the backog of the rest of the 176 applicaitons?
  22. Just wondering if anyone is in the same 'limbo' situation. I am due to start my job 1st February ... need to be in Oz one week prior to starting job. Been looking at flights, accommodation and so on ... but cant do anything until visa is finalised. I was late in applying for visa as it has taken almost forever for the Nursing bodies in WA to process my registration - without this I would not be able to practice as a nurse in Australia and therefore couldnt lodge visa application. I lodged the Visa 10/12/09, Nursing registration confirmed but unable to upload proof as I havent received certification in post - and what with christmas & New Year, it is unlikely I will receive this anytime soon. Not to mention the fact that the registration period in WA runs from Jan-Dec ... therefore I need to reapply after 31/12/09:arghh:. An online check of their database shows that I am on their register at the moment, I tried to do a screen dump of my status in order to attatch this to my application, but it didnt work:no:. And I had my medicals done 16/12/09 - they're still awaiting results of this - these were sent by courier - but no doubt affected by the holiday period!! I am so stressed that the christmas & New Year holidays may have scuppered my chances of the visa being approved in time for me starting my post. I hope all is not lost:cry:. Anyone else in similar situation?? Nats x x x
  23. Metoo

    Checking visa progress online

    Hi all, Could anybody advise me if it's possible to check the progress of my spouse visa online if I delivered it in person to Australia House. Thanks Metoo
  24. So I applied for WA SS back on the 30th of august, and the 3 months minimum wait is up at the end of this month. I don't expect to hear back from them the very next day, but does anyone know if they're ok with you checking progress if you haven't heard anything, say, a month later? Also, just went to the www.migration.wa.gov.au skilled migration page, and it looks like they've started charging $220 for new SSV applicants now! One last thing, anyone got any currency predictions for Sterling vs. AUD next year? I'm really starting to worry because my savings have already dropped almost a third of their value compared to this time last year. I had hoped to be reasonably well off (enough to take a few months off and travel around AUS after the move) but that's not looking as likely now. Are there taxes on moving money if you don't do it as sson as you get the visa? This is so starting to drag now.... I've been at it for a year... must try to remain patient...:dull:
  25. julzcary

    How to check progress of appn?

    Just trying to check the progress of my application on the following link, but when I click on check on progress on the right, nothing happens. Check the progress of an application Can anyone provide me with another link that will work. I remember having problems getting the original online application form up!! Thanks Julz