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  1. Unleashed786

    Partner Visa 309/100

    Thanks for the quote. It’s helpful. I read the same thing in migration booklet. So i got granted on 24 April 2028. Mean I’ll be eligible for apply for 100 in 2020. Or since I lodged and submitted my application for 309.
  2. Unleashed786

    Partner Visa 309/100

    Hello everyone need a suggestion a day ago I have been granted 309 partner offshore visa. My relationship with my partner nearly 3 years so I was expecting I’ll get 100 ( permanent resident visa) should I ask my case officer who grant me the visa? Is that a good idea to ask case officer? thsnks regards
  3. Allhamdullilah allhamdullilah allhamdullilah my all prayers come true. Just got my grant today. So happy my time frame DOL: 10-06-2017 DOI: 15-03-2018 furtther documents requested and submitted same day DOG: 24-03-2018
  4. That’s harsh!!! Now it’ll take another 8 to 9 months. Hope tribual remit or set a side your case this time.
  5. Hi Mimi it’s really sad, i guess quickly you have to talk to some solicitors about your appeal options. I am pretty sure you must have 28 days. can I ask you? Who actually get the interview call applicant or sponsor?
  6. Thanks Andy you’re great. Yes I answer them the same . I’ll apply again and again until it’s get approved. Anyway You should open a migration agency.
  7. I was reading this article and your answers really helpful. I had lodged my offshore partner visa and I did my interview recently. One of the question, my CO asked me what’s happened if my visa get denied and refusal?My answer was I’ll apply again and again until it’s get approved. Do you think usually Immigration officers ask these questions? And my answer was acceptable to answer. Just making me worried
  8. Yes because I renewed that in advanced. I am confused for one thing , my case officer asked me a weird question. They ask me what will happens if my visa get refused? I answer them I”ll apply again and again. Until I got approved. Did they ask you anything like that?
  9. they asked for my new polio certificate, financial support evidence, two stat dec from pakistan. how long was your interview last?
  10. That’s good you get your interview. Yes they ask me few documents and I already submitted and now just waiting. Did they ask you any documents? Good luck to all of us.
  11. Hi mi mi, have you received your interview call if yes then when was your interview done? My dol 10 jun 2017 doi 15 mar 2018 and now just waiting for the outcome
  12. Congratulations the person who took your interview was female or male?