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  1. Jamie58


    Thanks Tulip. We've worked that out now. We've never had to think about surnames up until now after all these years of marriage. Wish we'd never listed mine on her ACRO in the "other names" field. Hopefully they don't ask her to do the other country police check to be done with my surname too as a result of our error.
  2. Jamie58


    Cheers Nigel
  3. Jamie58


    Interesting Nigel. Thanks for your comment. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been married? My wife and i wouldn't be very happy if they asked us to go prove the validity of our relationship. We've been married for 15 years and have children together. I wish marriage and names didnt complicate things so much lol.
  4. Jamie58


    I've just checked our marriage certificate! No where does it say she took my surname. Grrrr, messed up!! Hope we don't have to redo the other. Thanks for your help.
  5. Jamie58


    Cheers Snifter, We had to submit our marriage certificate as part of the visa application. That's the only place my surname shows as hers. She's never used it though. We thought we had to put it down on the ACRO checks because it's a legal name, even though it's never been used. Sigh! We don't have a CO just yet. Submitted 3 months ago. Done so much research and can't find any info.
  6. Jamie58

    FBI checks

    Do FBI checks show the names put in the Alias box? (This would be a maiden name etc). If a name was left off would it matter for the visa application as finger prints are used as part of the check anyway? Thanks.
  7. Jamie58


    After we got married both my wife and i decided it would just be easier for her to keep her passport, drivers licence, bank cards etc in her maiden name as it is perfectly legal for her to do so. Well we've been married for 15 years now and we've applied for a visa. I'm the main applicant and she's on the visa with her maiden surname. We did our UK police checks and where it asks for surname we used her maiden name and where it asks for other names we put my surname, her married name. It shows both on the results they sent back. Problem is we also lived in another country and they also asked for current names and names used but it doesn't show that we've declared her married name as part of the search. Infact there is no section at all which shows that it was part of the search. Will this cause an issue when the time comes for the case officer go through our visa documents? Sorry if it's a bit of a long winded question. I just wanted to be as clear as possible. Thanks. PS, my thinking is if this was the other way round it wouldn't cause an issue. If she'd taken my surname from day one, her maiden name still wouldn't have appeared on the search but she still would have declared it as a maiden name as part of the police check.
  8. Jamie58

    Hyper Active Thyroid/ Graves disease

    Thank you AJ. Feeling alot more positive. J
  9. Jamie58

    Hyper Active Thyroid/ Graves disease

    Thank you Ali. We have a letter to say it's only mind and the occasional flare up but it's never been bad enough to medicate. I hope this will be sufficient
  10. My wife has an over active thyroid/ graves disease. She's only very border line so medication isn't needed. We have medicals next week will this be a problem?
  11. Jamie58

    Visa 186 TRN

    Daft question please bear with me. I've just applied for a 186 ENS permanent. The government agency that has employed me did my trade assessment. When i passed everything they lodged my labour agreement then supplied me with a TRN for the visa application. All filled out and submitted. My question is the visa uploads recommends trade assessment, skills paperwork and a whole bunch of other stuff etc. I obviously don't have this as they did it all in Australia so my question is does my unique TRN number have all this information for the case officer to see when they look at my application? I can't find a straight answer anywhere and I'm baffled. Ta in advance folks.