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Found 32 results

  1. Jamie58

    Visa 186 TRN

    Daft question please bear with me. I've just applied for a 186 ENS permanent. The government agency that has employed me did my trade assessment. When i passed everything they lodged my labour agreement then supplied me with a TRN for the visa application. All filled out and submitted. My question is the visa uploads recommends trade assessment, skills paperwork and a whole bunch of other stuff etc. I obviously don't have this as they did it all in Australia so my question is does my unique TRN number have all this information for the case officer to see when they look at my application? I can't find a straight answer anywhere and I'm baffled. Ta in advance folks.
  2. Guest

    Problem locating next step

    Hi Members, I have received invite for the 190 on 25th of Nov. due to some personal reasons i was not able to concentrate and was depending upon the agent to carry it on. He supplied me with some TRN number with out considering that i have an EOI id. his provided TRN & pass is not working on the link. https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/elp/app?login as the same link is appearing on repeated tries in EOI homepage once i press APPLY VISA button. https://skillselect.gov.au/SKILLSELECT/Portal/IntendingMigrant my questions 1) is there any link between EOI number and TRN Number? 2) I have not received my TRN number in any communication from the DIAC. now how i am supposed to get that thru EOI home page, which link to click? 3)I am not able to find or start DIAC application as the link mentioned above for the (https://www.ecom.immi.gov.au/elp/app?login ) DIAC requires TRN to start with. 4) In case of a fresh application how to start? Regards, NBSE
  3. Hi All, I have applied Skill Select - 189 subclass migration visa from Singapore. I have been asked to go for Medicals by case officer. I called medical panels in Singapore and gave my TRN number them to verify and book the appointment. Unfortunately, none of the panel is able to find my TRN in their system. What should I do now? (I have requested case office to provide HAP-ID 5 days back, but I have not received any response from her so far.). Please guide me. I am also not able to select medical Panel from "Arranging Health....", I am getting below error -> Warning Your request can not be processed this time. Please try again later, I am trying on this link since last 6 days but it's behaving the same... Really it's frustrating.. (EOI- 03/09/2012, CO assigned - 3/11/2012.)
  4. Hey guys Hope someone can help?My employer has lodged the nomination part of my 457 visa last week, generally speaking how long until a TRN is issued? Itching to lodge my part but can't until receive TRN!:jiggy:
  5. hi all i was just wondering if any one else was having this problem.when i type in my TRN to check my status it says the number is invalid.but iv check it over and over again and i know its the right number.does any one have any suggestions???
  6. Can someone help me please? My recruitment agent appears to have stopped answering my questions...I have a letter of offer and apparently I am awaiting a TRN????????????? Who issues this? and how long do I have to wait for it usually? I've been waiting three weeks now so I guess it's due soon? Once I have the TRN I can then apply for the visa right? I'm so lost...I just need someone to tell em I'm on the right track. We also wondered if it is possible to await the outcome of the 457 visa application while in Oz on a tourist Visa, and if so, is there a particular order that I have to apply for the visas in?...SO many questions...so little head space left!!!!!!! lol
  7. Joob joobs

    TRN invalid?

    Hi I've just had my first email from my CO, and thought I'd have a nosey at the online system that I hear everyone talking about on here. But when I enter my details it says that the TRN number is invalid. The email from CO was sent today, does it take a wee while for the online system to register it or should I be worried!? Can someone send me a link to the page that they log into in case I'm entering my details in the wrong place. It's a 457 employer sponsored visa I'm after. Thanks! Julie
  8. Hi Want to check on VEVO just to be sure as our visa was granted BUT as we applied paper based (no choice for a 163) we do not have a TRN or a password. The only thing we have is a file number which doesn't work. Is VEVO only available to on line applicants? Or can I create a password somehow? Only phone numbers given for contact not an e-mail and don't fancy holding forever to call Oz.
  9. Hi everyone, Thought i'd checkup on my online application for a 457, and am comign across an issue. The TRN i have is not being recognised by the site. Anyone else come across this before? Is this an issue with the site? :confused:
  10. gareth and lisa

    sending TRN no to SA

    Hi, hope somebody can assist us. We got SS with SA on 3rd March without using our agent. I clicked on the form 1100 thinking it would open a new document but it didnt and sent details to the DIAC of our application (received email back stating this). Our application was submitted by our agent and we have received an email stating to let SA know our TRN number? Iv gone on the page where you monitor your application for SS and there is nothing to click onto? Iv sent them an email on the back of the confrmation of the 1100 form stating our TRN number but have no idea if this will work. Have we messed up?? hope iv made sense. Lisa
  11. tikbalang

    HELP, which one is the TRN?

    I've been provided with the FILE REF. NUMBER, CLIENT ID, ICSE Reference on the lodgement confirmation. WHich one should I use in the TRN field in online enquiry? I've tried all 3 but no joy. (Sorry for being daft, agent use to do all transactions for me until they shutdown recently) Help appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Guest

    Sending TRN Number to QLD

    Hi Everyone, Who do you send yout TRN number to in QLD, can you e-mail the person who sent you your confirmation of state sponsorship or do you have to send a formal letter? Cheers Lee
  13. Hi All! I was granted SS from Queensland last Dec. 1, 2010 and filed my visa application last December 10, 2010. Do I have to inform Queensland about my TRN so they can forward 1100 or is it the case officer the requests from Queensland my form 1100? Any reply would be greatly appreciated :biggrin: :biggrin:
  14. Guest

    TRN number not active 457 visa

    Hi all, I have lodged my e457 visa application and have my TRN number but when I start a secondary visa aplication for my defacto partner I have the error message: " "An application for this service has already been lodged. Please contact the nearest office of this Department, or Australian Government Office overseas" so i cannot go further. Do I have to wait a moment before starting this secondary visa application? How do I handle this? thank you guillaume
  15. Hi, just wondering if anyone can help. On the sa tracking page it says I need to add our TRN number to the application as we have been approaved but I can not find out how to get in and let them know ther number. Can anyone help? Thanks
  16. warren&liz

    TRN number not working

    Yesterday when I tried to check my online status a message came up saying TRN did not match applicant details. Details are entered correctly, checked and rechecked. This is the same TRN I have always used so know it off by heart. It is preset into computer but I also checked to make sure it was right from old email and entered it manually umpteen times as well. Anyone else had this problem? Liz x
  17. Hi we are ready to send our 176 family sponsor visa on line, does anyone know at what point we attach documents? do we need to wait until they have received the application and given us a transaction reference number?
  18. chrisandelaine

    unsure about the TRN number

    we have just got our TRN number for accesing the visa document uploads etc, but when i have tried to get in, its asking for a password !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only password we have used was for the original online application and it also had a login in number. but that password does not work on the new TRN login in. will they sent me a new password for getting into the TRN part, so we can attach doc's etc. thanks elaine and chris
  19. Hi all, has anyone got any idea how to get one before you arrive, been advised that as I am investing money from pensions etc here in the UK that I need to get myself a TRN number which apparently you can do online before arrival etc. Anyone got any idea?
  20. Guest

    Form 1277 and TRN

    Hi, Just a little background, I am looking to emigrate to Aus under a skilled sponsored visa subclass 176, according to the website before I apply I have to be sponsored by my father who is a citizen, so he must fill out form 1277. My question is, in this form is asks for my 'client file' or 'Transaction Reference Number' but from what I gather you only receive this once you have sent you completed visa form 1276. Therefore do I leave this blank for now? Sorry if this has been answered some where else I have tried looking everywhere but to no avail. Many Thanks Mark
  21. JayBone

    TRN Number!

    Will you ever forget it after this?!!? :goofy:
  22. Guest

    Does your TRN change?!?

    Hi Guys, Just a quickie, Ive not been around recently as Ive been in hospital following a bad case of food poisoning :mad: but am home now and have just submitted our 457 visa application but now it wont let me check the progress of the application / gain access to the section for adding supporting docs because it says the TRN does not match the applicants details?!!! So does the TRN change when you submit the application? Thanks :wubclub:
  23. Guest


    Does anyone know if you can apply for a TRN before you arrive in Australia to avoid paying max tax on any interest earnt in an Australian bank account whilst still in the UK?
  24. Guest

    TRN vs File Number

    I am about the send a FORM 1023 - Notification of incorrect answer to DIAC about my birth place and Employer name. there is a section where i need to provide my "Client number or File number". I never received either one of them during my online application but i do have Transaction Record Number (TRN). last month i sent a POST Lodgement enquiry and DIAC replied with TRN and File number. The File Number start with "BCC2008/xxxxx" (Sorry i won't gives the exact number and replace it with xxxxx instead). is that my application File Number? can i provide my TRN in the "Client number or File number" section because i am confident that my TRN number is the correct one and just not sure about the File Number from my previous email from DIAC
  25. Hi guys,I know I have this info somewhere but with the move - I dont know where !!!We are in Shoalwater near Rockingham & this week we need to sort out:A TRN numberTo register for Medicare& A dog licenceAlso can you claim a sort of child benefit here?We landed a couple of weeks ago & we are loving it!!!RegardsRachel