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  1. ellawash

    What happens when you first land???

    What do you use to go through the smart gate a UK passport or the Visa reference
  2. Sorry I now realise it’s the Permanent 100 that’s been granted not the 309
  3. My son in law and grandkids have just been granted 309 submitted offshore early Jan2018 Great News however it does say For first entry arrive by 8.1.2019 And must not arrive after 4.4.2023 .Bit confused any one know
  4. ellawash

    Anyone renewed their Aus passport in UK recently?

    As I said about 2 weeks that was May 2017,ring the Australia high comm and ask them if they have any future plans for northern venues
  5. ellawash

    Anyone renewed their Aus passport in UK recently?

    I had mine renewed in Leeds York’s.they go on the road occasionally Manchester Liverpool and other cities ,of course you have to make an appointment took about 2 weeks to come through Ideal if you live in the north
  6. ellawash

    Grandfather to be Deported After 30 years

    Don’t know what a chook raffle is but sounds good
  7. Hello xmascreek when you say you lodged it 6dec 17 that would be the medical and police reports to complete the application or is that too obvious
  8. ellawash

    Wanted down under is back on!

    Recorded May 2017
  9. ellawash

    Kids schools

    What costs can we expect to pay one in primary and the other in secondary for the state schools and an idea of fee paying schools,advice please
  10. ellawash

    Kids schools

    What are the options for new arrivals on a 300/100 visa for their children in primary and secondary schools in Qld