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  1. rosiew

    Flight query

    I think it is probably because Australian students are on holidays for 2 - 3 weeks in July (depending on school) and many families plan a trip for the European summer, often adding on a week or two which has an impact from late June to late July.
  2. rosiew

    Short stay accommodation - linen cost

    Yes Caloundra has discount shops. Also the local charity shops do a roaring trade in second hand barely used linen from all of the holiday rentals!
  3. Indeed. Pretty much the same temperature in both places today and yet here in Melbourne it is the equivalent of November in London.
  4. rosiew

    New Suburbs for Melbourne

    The great thing about the Lancefield road corridor is that the stations and primary schools are in place already. It will need its own shops though to keep the Sunbury congestion down.
  5. rosiew

    Breaking News - 457 Visas Stopped

    And Mc Donalds being a very high user too as they can no longer make it attractive to work your way up to Manager
  6. rosiew

    moving to australia with 9,11,12 year old boys....

    It depends if you are looking at a temporary or permanent move. If it is permanent then GCSEs are irrelevant as there no 16 year old qualification in Australia. It is expected that the vast majority of children will be at school until they are between 17.5 and 18.5 and they leave with a qualification at the end of that (Year 12, the 13th year at school). If you are looking at a temporary move, or not sure, then you will need to bear in mind the timing for his education. Also your visa type may impact on your liability for school fees in some states. Many states now charge thousands of dollars per head for temporary residents to use state schools, so make sure you are across this. Where are you thinking of moving to?
  7. rosiew

    Adopting from Australia

    I think if she is to be adopted in India it is a question for the Indian authorities rather than the Australian ones. I think the paperwork might start at that end as that is where she is being adopted to.
  8. rosiew

    Dental Care

    Most people consider that it is not worth having insurance for braces. The cover is minimal (as you have seen) abd the waiting period to claim is at least a year. Given you are coming on a temp visa you may not have 12 months to waste! If you are going to rely on Medicare just be very clear about any limitations on that because of your visa status. Your orthodontist will offer a payment plan for the cost of braces - you are likely to pay monthly. Also factor in the almost inevitable removal of wisdom teeth when the braces come off - it is not covered by Medicare unless it is medically required. usually it is cosmetic as the aim is to avoid the growing wisdom teeth making the teeth crooked again
  9. rosiew

    Having baby in Australia

    Sorry I see you are planning to come on a sponsored visa which I assume you already have.
  10. rosiew

    Having baby in Australia

    When you say "later in the year" you still need to get a visa and you should contact airlines to find out how late she can fly into the pregnancy - it's earlier than you might be assuming.
  11. rosiew

    Peregian springs/sunshine coast area

    It might help to make the comparison if you say where you will be moving from. If you are already involved in Nippers, then presumably interstate?
  12. rosiew

    Sending flowers

    I was intrigued by that so I just googled it. It seems that there is some confusion at the Royal mail about whether or not they will send jewellery to Australia. If it is not too late, apparently people put "fashion accessories" on the customs form and then it goes through fine. You might need a different post office though!
  13. I'm not going to give an opinion on future house prices! However if it is important to you to get a mortgage soon after returning be sure to check out the various threads on that as there may be a delay in qualifying - may be worth bearing in mind if you would be cash buyers if you sold up here.
  14. rosiew

    How long before we can get a mortgage?

    Just be aware when you are costing this strategy that Australian mortgage rates are considerably higher than UK rates so don't assume the same low costs when doing the maths. You are also gambling on the pound improving....
  15. I'm not sure what you mean - we do not have state based income tax laws. Do you have a link perhaps?