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  1. Emma78

    NBN sunshine Coast

    Anyone recommend NBN provider? They all seem to have bad reviews and I really don't know who to connect with. Thanks Emma
  2. Emma78

    Nursing Agency Sunshine Coast

    Thanks Zoe, I have seen HCA advertising for casual positions on the Sunshine Coast so I will give them a call. Thanks again Emma
  3. Emma78

    Nursing Agency Sunshine Coast

    Thanks for your response, I'm a general Registered Nurse with a medical and surgical background. It's just good to get recommendations from other nurses. I've had bad experiences in the past from joining inadequate agencies. Thanks again
  4. Emma78

    Nursing Agency Sunshine Coast

    Thanks I will have a look
  5. Hi does anyone work for a nursing agency on the coast or can recommend any to join? I arrive next week and just want some casual work with an agency initially. Thanks Emma
  6. Emma78

    Sim only deals for data usage

    Thanks for your help, I will take a look
  7. Emma78

    Sim only deals for data usage

    Hi can anyone please recommended a good phone provider for sim only deals? Without contract. We need to find rental accommodation when we arrive and need regular access to the Internet. We are staying in Caloundra, if that has any effect on the 4G service. Thanks
  8. Emma78

    Short stay accommodation - linen cost

    Thanks so much for your responses, I appreciate your help.
  9. Hi we are looking for a place to stay for around 3 weeks at the end of May. I have been recommended to book with Caloundra Holiday Centre. I have received an email saying that they don't provide any bed linen or towels. You can hire it at a cost of between $18-25 per week with a $8 delivery fee. Which seems quite expensive to me. Just wondered what other people do? Can I buy quite reasonably priced linen when we arrive? Not sure there will be any room in our suitcase. Thanks
  10. Emma78

    Container decontamination fee

    Thanks for your response, I have decided just to pay it. Like you say it would be expensive if not.
  11. Hi we are using John Mason for our move to Australia. I notice there is a fee of £15 for container decontamination, did anyone take this option? Thanks
  12. My partner and I have decided after 5 years of living in Australia it's time for us to go back home to the UK. I'm really not sure about what to do with our super accounts? To be honest, I've never really understood it totally!! I know it's not possible to claim it back as we are permanent residents. I'm just unsure about the best way to manage it now? Any advice would be really appreciated
  13. Emma78

    Meeting people North Brisbane

    Hi Lou, we moved here in May from Sydney and need to start meeting people. I have a nearly 2 year old also let me know if you would like to meet. Emma
  14. Emma78

    Meeting people North Brisbane

    Hi Pat, thanks for your reply and we will look forward to the next get together in October. I would love to meet for a chat and will send you a PM. Thanks again Emma
  15. Emma78

    Meeting people North Brisbane

    Hi we have moved recently from Sydney and are living on the North side in Warner. We are a family of 3 (2 year old) and would love to meet up. I haven't heard about any group to join?