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  1. ayda

    Queensland fires

    Not looking good for beautiful Peregian tonight. Sad, sad night for the Coast. Hope all fire and reacue crews stay safe.
  2. ayda

    Tax file number

    Thanks - this is exactly what I needed to know. I realise TFN and ABN don't take long, but it would have been preferable to have ABN now as we would have liked to buy a domain name asap. As far as I know this requires an ABN but if anyone knows different would be good to hear. I thought it must be the interest the 10 % is deducted from - that's good to confirm as we want to leave the small balance we have in our Australian bank account Getting a Medicare provider number apparently has a 2 month backlog at the moment but thankfully, looking at the form, I can't see that it requires a TFN.
  3. ayda

    Tax file number

    Reposted in this section. My husband and I have validated our PR Visas and will be moving over to Australia in 2-3 months time. Is there any issue or tax implications with requesting our Tax file numbers whilst we are still in the UK? My husband would like to sort ABN ahead of the move (which requires a tax file number) and I need to request a Medicare provider number (I haven't yet looked into whether this needs a TFN). We have some money in an Australian bank account which a bank clerk mentioned may be subject to 10% tax if we don't have a TFN? Many thanks
  4. ayda

    The weather ?

    This was Sunday morning run - it's all white now!
  5. ayda

    The weather ?

    no snow yet here and not had to chip ice off car once yet this winter. Crossed road this morning and a car stopped with some ice around front windscreen - person crossing in opposite direction remarked where the car must have come from as we just don't see ice, which is exactly what i was thinking. Saying that it's still far too cold for my liking and we are due the white stuff tomorrow!
  6. ayda

    175 VISA Expired

    we previously had 175 visas but did not make the move due to a succession of terminal illness in family. They expired in 2017. A couple of months later and we were in a position to reapply. Briefly dallied with idea of RRV but could not prove substabtial ties so didnt bother trying. We started from scratch with 189 and 60 points, submitted end of May and granted November - so doubt any priority given. We declared previous 175 alongside previous holiday visas. Hope you are still able to apply with all the changes and good luck!
  7. ayda

    The weather ?

    feeling almost (and perhaps optimistically) Spring like this evening 13.5 degrees - and enough light at 5pm to still be surfing. There is hope yet!
  8. ayda

    The weather ?

    This was my walk home from work yesterday (UK). Looks lovely but in reality still far too cold for my liking. I'm hoping to not have to do another UK winter. But, totally understand it's horses for courses, each to their own etc!! UK is great, we still manage to do outdoor land based sports through the winter day or night. But watersports are far more pleasant when the air and sea temps aren't threatening to freeze your brain (in my opinion) ?.
  9. We're flying over to validate visas in May 2018 and want to book flights asap. As we have flown with Singapore Airlines several times we would like to use them again. Just wondered if anyone had any helpful hints and tips as to securing cheapest price, maximising cashback/rewards or anything? any days cheaper to depart? Guess I'm a cheapskate! looked at skyscanner and cheap flights and seems to be around £1930 for 3 at the minute.
  10. ayda

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    says Adelaide at bottom of letter.
  11. ayda

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    huzzah delighted to report our visas were granted today! Submitted 31st May with 60 points . Meds, form 80 and police checks requested 2nd August. all submitted by 7th Sept.
  12. hello I submitted our 189 application on 31st May and we were asked for health checks, police checks and form 80 on 2nd August. Health checks were completed the following week as I happened to be on leave then. Form 80s and my police check were uploaded by 28th August and my husband's police check was uploaded on 7th Sept. Just wondered, for any recent grants, what the time was between providing requested info and grant? Im aware of current overall processing times, but if validation has to be within a year of health checks and we have to wait the worse case scenario of 12 months this would give us less than 3 months to validate. We aren't planning on moving straight away but need to give 3 months notice for leave from work, plus flights, accomoration etc may be harder to come by.
  13. This is our life in the UK. Socialising is mainly around outdoor activities, surf club etc. Hopefully we can achieve the same in Australia, but with a change of scenery and temperature for a few years ?.
  14. I have browsed the forum over different periods and have noticed shifts like The pom queen says. I have also noticed recently that the UK Chat section seems to be the most frequently updated. This will often be very pro UK as this is the choice people have made. Whatever decision people make in life they will seek confirmation that it is the right one. Somewhat ironically, it is also where I have heard for the first time about recent large scale terror attacks in the UK. Those who dislike the UK may comment on how these attacks affect our everyday lives for the worse over here, whereas in reality life is no different and I found out via an Australian forum. We have a great life here, some aspects may be less desirable in Australia if we go ie. we live opposite a beach here but are looking at an area about 5km inland in Australia. other aspects we hope may be preferable for us (not so cold winters as we are looking at sunshine coast). Here we can surf without threat of sharks but have to contend with ice cream headaches in colder months. pros and cons to each. Once we have our visas we will only go if I have a job in advance. We will rent our house out here and aim for 5 years in Australia in which we hope can get citizenship. It is an itch I have always wanted to scratch. I wouldn't move to a lot of areas in Australia however, as I prefer where we are now in the uk. It is a vast place and likes or dislikes for an entire country can't really be based on one place. I feel sometimes that we as a family have gone too far in looking for the negatives in Australia so that we don't have an unrealistic view. It is a confusing time and I know if we do make the move I will have night terrors of 'what have we done'. On the other hand the thought of doing my same job day in day out for the next 30 years fills me with dread - and I love my job! Nothing is forever. If we go we will go with the thought of giving it 5 years. our children are young enough to come back and pick up where we left off. if we love it we will stay. sorry that was long and rambling and probably no help. your doubts are quite normal. 'It will all come out in the wash'
  15. ayda

    189/190 Visa Applications from July/Aug 17

    gosh I didn't do this. I only pressed the information provided button for docs that I uploaded within the 28 days. there was a small delay with my husband's police checks so when I uploaded that I then emailed to say it had been provided. It has been 7 weeks since our medical were completed therefore if we need to validate in 12 months from then time is ticking away already so I hope we hear soon!