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  1. Fisher1

    U.P.P. on UK private pensions

    Interesting. I contacted teachers pensions ages ago and they said they werent able to calcate my contribution ...
  2. I recently read that the US govt knew the Vietnam war was unwinable for years, but that they kept sending more troops because they didn't want to lose face.
  3. It has often been said that Chamberlain's showy "peace in our time" speech was not what it seemed, and that Chamberlain was actually engaged in playing for time. The twelve months between then and the outbreak of war enabled Britain to star rearming and making plans. Its easy to look back and criticise but you have to remember how desperate they were to avoid a repeat of WW1. Hitler was seen as a bad joke (Trump???) In the early days.
  4. Fisher1

    Advice on end of tenancy charges

    Thats the cost of applying to the tribunal - I was hoping they'd have to pay for the agent's time as well
  5. Fisher1

    Advice on end of tenancy charges

    We'll see. I think we may win, it all depends on the view taken by the tribunal. That would be great because the landlord will have incurred costs - paying the agency to represent them for a start. We are realists however ...
  6. Having been sent several virtual poppies on facebook recently (Our war dead would apparently have wanted to leave the EU) I am not in favour of this kind of campaign.
  7. Fisher1

    What age are you..

    My timing was terrible there - I spent my early twenties ironing my naturally curly hair - hippies R us. Then, when I had it short and was playing at being a housewife and mother, what happens? big hair and curls! That photo is exactly what my hair used to look like if I left it to its own devices. Life could have been so simple, if only I'd been ten years younger ...
  8. Isn't it funny how, on a forum discussing the pros and cons of observing remembrance day, there have been several nasty little squabbles breaking out between various posters, myself included. Probably it's because - as Pom Queen said earlier - It's such a deeply emotive subject. Does anyone else think that it's time to stop now? It doesn't matter who knows what, or who's been there and done that. Let's just agree to disagree, like proper grown ups, and talk about something else.
  9. Fisher1

    What age are you..

    Early 1970s ... carefree, pretty much, and all of the good things still to come
  10. Maybe I'm showing my age but years ago there was a comedian called Frank Carson whose catch phrase "its the way you tell 'em" became a bit of a verbal tic for a lot of people ... a sort of joke. To clear the air?
  11. Fisher1

    Advice on end of tenancy charges

    Thanks Welljock. We arent actually trying to get any money back ... it was all settled until, two weeks or so after settlement the agency approached us saying that the landlord had "opted to impose the 4 week lease break fee" and that we therefore owed them $,900! We refused to pay and they are taking us yo a tribunal!!! Greedy b******s
  12. I'm from the North of England too, and use the word daft all the time, and no, when I've seen it on here before it has never offended me. Perhaps its the way you tell 'em. .
  13. And you're just a bit rude! I was just trying to find another way of saying that the validity of something sometimes rests on the way it is portrayed. I think aspects of WW1 are deserving of the word genocide. If you push the definition to its limits, when is a war not genocide? Certainly Hiroshima would qualify.
  14. As it happens I do speak - not very good - German, as a direct result of WW2. My father was a POW in Austria for two years and formed a strong bond with the farming family he worked for. The bond lasted until they all died of old age, and I learned to speak German because of visits to Graz to meet what seemed to me like quasi - relatives. I was brought up not to hate - but my dad still observed remembrance day. In the end this is a personal thing. I think older people are more likely to be in favour of remembrance day because we grew up playing on bomb sites and remember the days when you stopped dead at eleven o'clock and didn't dare breathe until the two minutes were up. Observe it / don't observe it - it makes no difference to my great uncle and his mates - they're still dead and they still don't have any known grave.
  15. Love it! My sister went on to have a successful career in medicine courtesy of Mancheste Uni and despite only 30% of places being allocated to women in those days ...