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  1. Some people are desperate for a negative outcome to hold off until they have got themselves and their puny individual investments safely out of the U.K.
  2. We have finally signed the contracts and are waiting for the deposit to be paid so we can (hopefully) exchange contracts on Monday. Can't believe it seems to be actually happening. All sorts of old friends visiting, which is sad. My sister is trying to take over and organise me ... some things never change :-)
  3. Yes there definitely is. We were in London in January 2016 and walked in without prior arrangement and asked to see someone about our account (we wanted info about paying the second vac while in Australia the following month. Saw someone within ten minutes and got sorted. Also offered currency exchange and gave us contact details for the London branch. I don't trust those big call centres either, since someone told me on one occasion years ago that Sheffield railway station closed at 5p.m.... causing me to book a totally unnecessary hotel ... the bank is on the ground floor of a building in ... I think it's Cayenne street but it's certainly the name of a spice.
  4. Hi SusieRoo That's really weird. We have had an account with Westpac for five years and have lived in North Wales the whole time! We have transferred money throughout that period and have used the account throughout three separate holidays over there. We initially opened the account by sending an email and somebody from the bank rang me. I explained carefully that (at that time) we had no possibility of living in Australia for the foreseeable future and we would be wanting the account for holidays and convenience of sending money over to family. They couldn't have been more helpful and we activated the account at the Westpac branch in London. I wonder if the rules have changed since we opened ours ...
  5. It sounds as though you are having just as much fun as us! Out of interest, which was the agent who took the trouble? We have now had a text from seven seas confirming the refund of our deposit, and have arranged a site visit with PSS - who are now my favourites ...
  6. Hi AMP I thought you might be interested in my move cube experience to date ... As a matter of interest, we have decided not to use a move cube because we have too much stuff. Now I'm sure it's the case that with a straightforward deal move cube does what it says on the tin, but I found it difficult to get help from customer service. 1) I rang prior to booking and was assured that the £200 is refundable if you cancel before anyone comes to your house to check out the parking, but when the email confirming our booking arrived, it referred to 'your non-refundable deposit'. Confusion. We tried to text them to ask about it but the text bounced back - couldn't see a warning on the page not to reply to their email so that was time wasted. 2) I rang the number quoted in their email this morning and asked about the deposit, also said I probably wanted to cancel. pleasant woman said she would put me through to a member of the movecube team. I listened to music for five minutes. Pleasant woman came back on and said she was sorry, could someone ring me back in ten to fifteen minutes. 3) Half an hour later I rang the customer service number again (to be fair it was an 0800 number) this time I chose the option for new business. Then I explained to pleasant man who answered that I was a bit fed up and wanted to cancel my cube. And we the deposit refundable. Yes it was, and he said he would cancel the cube immediately. When I told him we had too much stuff, he offered the "multi cube" option - telling me that the fixed costs remained the same no matter how many cubes you have. This could be helpful for anyone dithering. I was ready to be convinced and accepted his offer of someone to discuss it with straight away. I listened to some music. Pleasant man apologetically said that everyone was busy and could someone call me back in ten to fifteen minutes. 4) that was six hours ago. 5) There has been no email confirming our cancellation. As I have said, it probably all runs like clockwork once you are in the system, but if like me you want to be able to contact the firm doing your removals, you might want to try out their customer service before you have a site visit. Perhaps they were having a bad day? .
  7. thanks for the tip Ramot. I like to compare exchange rates every time I do a transfer ... the last few my bank has equalled the rate of my online currency broker but I have heard other people say transfer wise is good so will certainly check them out.
  8. Hi, This question has often come up and the answer is yes. People have different experiences of the details .. I believe some banks will allow you to open an account free of charges ... my own experience is that I opened an account with Westpac in 2012 while in the UK, communicating by phone with the London branch and by email. We validated our account, produced proof of ID etc in London within six months of opening it, and then received bank cards via the post in the UK. The cards allow payment in shops, restaurants etc. and withdrawals from bank machines but no credit element. The account costs five dollars a month. We also have an esaver account and more recently a regular savings account. We have found it invaluable for moving money over, arranging birthday and Christmas presents and actually paying for the visa. We still haven't moved although we are hoping to change that very soon and have used our bank to transfer regular amounts of money - they have given us a rate we are very happy with.
  9. Best wishes with everything from me too. I've been very hard and told my daughter that she's had thirteen years to pick up her junk and anything still here is being got rid of. I have promised to give her the money if I manage to sell anything... mini skirt and platform shoes anyone?
  10. I'd be interested to know how health care cover works for people retiring to Australia on a PR visa, if anyone can explain? It seems very complicated ... All I've grasped so far is that you need ambulance cover...
  11. Hi BrianDiane This is just to say you're not alone! We're moving over to the Sydney area hopefully in a couple of months ... We are aiming for Kiama and also hoping that the new life thing won't be too difficult. My plan is to join everything and see how it goes! good luck with it all.
  12. Actually I feel the same way ... we are dithering because we were going to take just a few things and then began with the "oh, but I want to keep this" ... We paid more than that when we moved back from Brussels eight years ago ... but then we weren't paying the bill that time so it didn't seem so painful Thanks for the worldwidemoving recommendation ... I've just been on and sent off my details so hopefully we'll have a reply soon. Watch this space!
  13. We had thought that the move cube would be the cheapest way to take our things, but even the big one doesnt take very much (218 cubic feet) and we have to pack it ourselves. The quote we had for this was for a total of approx £1600. Having seen AMP's quote of £2200 for 500 cubic feet I'm beginning to think we've maybe made a mistake. Angela can you tell me if your quote includes everything or are there charges on top? We can still cancel our move cube and get our deposit back if we do so before the site visit scheduled for July 20th ... All advice welcome. thanks in advance,