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  1. Hi there, I'm sure this can't be right. If it was necessary to provide police certs for every country you'd stayed in for a few days during the previous ten years, you'd have to get one for every place you'd even been on holiday ... I had to provide a police cert for Belgium because I had lived there for three of the previous ten years, but I seem to remember the form saying anywhere I had lived, not stayed. I'd check the form again if I were you, and/or email the PVC and ask for clarification. Good luck with it. Its stressful when they start asking for all sorts and give you a deadline, but try not to worry too much - we were late with our assurance of support but we let them know the circumstances and they seemed to be happy as long as they had an explanation.
  2. Sulear Will PM you my mobile number later ... I still have to look it up every time! Looking forward to meeting you and comparing notes :-)
  3. Hi Suelear. I've been living in Kiama since September and would love to meet up with anyone from this forum for coffee and a chat.
  4. You and me both! We've decided to bring most of our money over because we can't buy w house without it (!) and we can get a bit of interest on it while we are buying.
  5. My daughter was our assurer during her mat leave. She got a letter from her accountant stating her usual income and they accepted it.
  6. Hi AMP yes it's great to have a car again isn't it? How strange to be asked your eye and hair colour - we weren't so obviously NSW have different criteria? Or maybe it was because you don't have a premenant visa yet? Ah well, as long as they registered you,
  7. I realise that now ... I'm usually so careful about insurance ... just glad we got away with it!
  8. I have to admit I didn't even think of one way travel insurance. We had a one year multi trip policy in place and just assumed it would cover us for our trip out here!
  9. I don't know if this will help but when we got our visa our daughter had a glitch with her AOS because she was on maternity leave at the time and didn't have a pay slip for a particular month because her mat pay had finished. she got an accountant to write to Centre link saying that normally she was earning enough to promise AOS and that was enough.
  10. Hi Amanda I signed up this morning and the final quote was just over twenty four dollars a fortnight for both of us. I had misunderstood the first quote and thought it was that much each. This morning I started again! I'm relieved to have something in place because it was starting to really worry me . I filled in the survey online and suggested that it might be good business for them to contact the poms in Oz website and offer an information link. We are beginning to feel a bit more at home in our house after almost four weeks. Although still waiting for our stuff from the UK we've got the basics and the Internet is on now. Getting a car was the big step forward for us - we like walking but we don't like having to walk:-)
  11. Thank you so much for this info Amanda - we've been trying to work out what to do about insurance since we got here six weeks ago and have had many conflicting bits of advice. I had been doing some online research this week and had just come to the conclusion that we should go with an offer of just under sixty dollars a month each for eyes, teeth and ambulance cover - your post has made me feel much happier about the whole business which I have found very confusing. Thank you!
  12. We were told our visa would be issued while we were here on holiday. We contacted the PVC by email and their email reply was initially not that helpful, just agreeing with me that we couldn't be onshore when the visa was issued. I emailed again asking should we delay our arrival and at that point someone from the PVC phoned my daughter and said that they could wait till we returned home before issuing it if we wanted. My daughter told them we were happy to leave for a few days and they then emailed us and said that if we wanted to leave for a few days we should email them our travel plans and they would issue the visa after we had left. I emailed s screenshot of the online booking form and we flew to New Zealand a few days later. The visa was issued the day after we arrived in NZ. An added advantage was that we didn't have to validate the visa by entering Australia within a year of its issue because it was validated on our return from NZ. Hope this helps.
  13. Belated congratulations to all those finally getting their visas. I did try to post yesterday but am using a dongle at home at the moment and its a bit temperamental. So I'm in the library posting now - much more reliable. Good luck with everything Nanajan, Catlady et al.
  14. Hi all We are moving into our rental property today. Will let you know any strange or startling quirks that trip us up along the way.ni was surprised (and pleased) to find that here in NSW the owner pays the service charges and the local taxes. Wish us luck!