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  1. Fisher1

    Happy Birthday To The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday.
  2. Do people really do that? Stupid question probably ...
  3. I know the feeling ... we once had the roof of a house we were trying to sell spring a leak a couple of hours before someone was coming for a second viewing... we had time to mop the water up but there was no hiding it ... hope you get your boiler fixed soon!
  4. No, women get frustrated when their lives are more difficult than they need to be because their partner can't make a decision.
  5. Problem is that people sometimes misunderstand when they can't see you. It sounds fairly standard married agro to me, and infuriating enough to make you want to have a moan. My OH and I have been married over 40 years and I still want to strangle him sometimes. I feel your pain, I really do.
  6. Happened exactly the same for me.
  7. Hi Pom Queen yes Im still on my feet and very active, which is why I was so shocked ... I ve found a remedial gym that organizes excercise for people with osteoporosis and other conditions like Parkinson's. They were very positive and encouraging. The age thing in NSW goes like this... if you are under 70 and have had an osteoporosis related fracture Medicare will pay meds. If you are over 70 and have osteoporosis they will pay even without a fracture. Under 70, no fracture no meds. Seems a bit short sighted to me but if I was in the UK I probably wouldn't even know I'd got it so I'm not moaning.
  8. Ive still got mine at 66
  9. Fisher1

    Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Mmm well not sure. Yes, if you / they are okay with a couple of scenes showing men kissing - most of Freddy's alleged promiscuous lifestyle is hinted at rather than made explicit … Most of it is fairly innocuous and the music is fantastic. What do other people think?
  10. Pom Queen that's awful for you. I hope you get the meds for osteoporosis sorted out because according to Ramot they can help a lot. Now I feel like a whingeing pom ...
  11. Oh yes, thank you! I wouldn't have known if I hadn't come to Australia … the nurse at my medical told me that I had my height wrong. She said I was two inches less than I thought. I knew right away there might be a problem but I just sort of convinced myself that she must have made a mistake … stupid I know but there you are. Then a couple of weeks ago I saw something on Facebook of all places saying "Getting Shorter?" and urging over fifties to get a bone density test. So off I went - I was absolutely horrified - had thought I was fairly fit and well preserved till then. I've got my head round it a bit now, the doc. wants me to take Prolia but I had read scary things about it on doctor Google. So your comments are really helpful. I've had a very encouraging first visit to a remedial gym and am feeling much more positive. Thank you so much for your comments.
  12. Ive just found out I've got osteoporosis. Any one with any constructive advice to offer? Obviously seeing G.P. etc but am looking in every corner for information.
  13. Fisher1

    Bohemian Rhapsody.

    I enjoyed the film but didnt like the way they distortednthe facts (to make it more dramatic?) Loved Freddy Mercury and never even noticed his prominent teeth!
  14. I feel your pain! My husband is a procrastinator too.