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  1. I had the test two years ago for the same reason. Terrified of the procedure as well as the implications. Came back clear and the procedure itself went by in a fug of sedatives/ tranquillisers. I don’t know what they gave me and I don’t care ... just remember when they ask if you want to be sedated to say ‘yes’ very loudly. The only thing I remember is mumbling “it’ll be alright” a few times. It was. Good luck, and remember that caught early it’s usually curable these days.
  2. I moved here sixteen months ago to be near my daughter, and I'm lucky because I'm retired and can live away from Sydney - I can vouch for that train through Sutherland, very reliable if crowded at peak times. My point is about renting. We rented for a year, We were happy in our rental but found the landlord greedy and unscrupulous, which caused a lot of stress at the time. If you do come over - and it is a fantastic adventure - be very careful to get everything agreed re:rental property in writing. Agents are pretty slippery too - be wary. Personally - if the money works - I'd give it a go. We dithered about a job offer in Luxembourg years ago and it turned out to be the best move we ever made. Life's for living. Enjoy.
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    If you look back to the beginning of the thread you will see that this question has already been asked and answered. Thanks for the info though.
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    Thanks for the feedback Ken
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    Insurance issues - Its Complicated. Thanks for the feedback.
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    Hi all We are just booking flights for a visit to the UK planned for late next year. We are wondering if anyone has any experience of trying to upgrade a flight from tourist to premium economy after booking but several weeks before the day of travel - is this easy to do, or is it pot luck?
  8. Fisher1

    U.P.P. on UK private pensions

    Hi Mike Inland revenue only keep records for six years - I know because I had a difficulty with my last employer demanding tax records going back fifteen years (long story, not relevant). However, as a former colleague pointed out to me this week, the social security do keep records for longer than that. It seems a bit convoluted but, if we (I'm trying to get a UPP for my teachers' pension) were to find out from social security the yearly amount contributed, both as a monetary figure and as a percentage of salary, then we would be able to calculate our total salary for each year. Then, given knowledge of the percentage paid into the pension scheme (6% p.a. in my case) it would be possible to calculate the total amount paid for each year. Sounds like a long shot, but worth a try contacting social security? I have also written to my union to see if they can help.
  9. Fisher1

    UPP on UK pension

    Hi Bridgeman, thanks for taking the trouble. TPs have told me its not possible but a friend tells me there might be a way in through national insurance records... Ive also asked the union for help. Watch this space!
  10. Fisher1

    UPP on UK pension

    Yes Bridgeman it was you - I remember now I see your username in front of me! I have already tried to get the tp web site to give me the documentation I need but they are spectacularly unhelpful. Sorry to rake this up again, I know you've answered me before on this! If you could ask your OH how she got the documented info, I'd be eternally grateful - I've just realised what a difference it could make if I get the extra tax allowance. Thank you!
  11. Fisher1

    UPP on UK pension

    Sorry to revisit old ground but I can't find the post I'm looking for. There is a poster on here whose wife is a retired UK teacher, claiming tax relief on the UPP of her teachers' pension. I've exchanged posts with him before but cannot find them, and am looking for help trying to get a written confirmation of the UPP on my own teachers' pension. The Teachers' pension admins say it isn't possible. Thanks for reading
  12. Fisher1

    Advice on end of tenancy charges

    They dont have to pay - they withdrew their action and settled for the deal we all agreed in the first place. We saved the $995 extra that they were trying to make us pay.
  13. Fisher1

    Advice on end of tenancy charges

    If anyone is still interested, tribunal hearing was yesterday. The landlords were informed that if the tribunal member found there had been no break of the lease they would have to repay the costs they had already received. The agent went off and phoned them, they decided to withdraw. So we won. So glad we didn't just roll over and pay. A big thanks to everyone on here who offered advice and encouragement. P.S. That's Christmas paid for!
  14. Fisher1

    Advice on end of tenancy charges

    Sometimes I wish I'd just paid up, but then I think about other tenants who maybe couldnt afford - having been led nicely
  15. Fisher1

    Happy Birthday To The Pom Queen

    Happy Birthday.