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  1. Hi all We are moving into our rental property today. Will let you know any strange or startling quirks that trip us up along the was surprised (and pleased) to find that here in NSW the owner pays the service charges and the local taxes. Wish us luck!
  2. Faced with difficult choice re move or not

    I thought about leaving my mother because she had my sister two hours away and was in a good care home - and I was desperate to be in Australia with my daughter and grandchildren. Thankfully I never had to make that decision - It's only since I've been in Australia that I realise how much I would have regretted it if I had left my mother behind.
  3. Good advice I think, but just want to add that here in NSW everyone has accepted our UK licence as ID without a problem.
  4. Buying a new car

    Is it usual to haggle on the price on a new car if you are paying cash?
  5. Hi all A quick update on our progress. We've found a tiny house to rent and are moving in next Monday. Things I should have thought of earlier ... I should have had proof of earnings with me when we approached agents about renting. Photocopies of proof of identity would also have been useful. The agents we approached all wanted 100 points of proof of ID with 40 point for a driving licence 40 points for a passport and 20 points for various other things including a recent bank statement with your current address. We are staying with our daughter and have given her address for everything including Medicare which we have been told we can alter when we move into our own place. We went to our bank the day after we arrived and got them to print out a statement with our current address - statements self printed from the net are not always acceptable it seems. We've been a bit slow registering for a tax number, we are getting on to that this week. But one thing we hadn't realised is that we need Medicare registration before we can file for tax so Medicare comes first ... Specially useful if you get flu the day after you arrive :-) We are in New South Wales so possibly the above is not the same in other states. Hope someone finds it useful.
  6. We used Letton Percival too, and second everything you said - especially the inventorying ahead of time! That was something I hadn't thought of and it took me ages.
  7. Thanks AMP - things are looking up. We welcomed our baby granddaughter home yesterday, and today we are taking a few days out in Kiama which is where we want to live. Staying in a hotel and doing exactly what we please for most of the time, coupled with a bit of house hunting. Heaven.
  8. Good luck with it all! And congratulations.
  9. we have been told we will be eligible for the stamp duty saving ... Hoping so!
  10. We have both had the flu vaccine in the UK last October, mainly because we were both helping to look after my mum ... But this seems to be a different strain ... And the toddler seems to have given it to the rest of the family . Apparently it's everywhere in Sydney at the moment - I'll definitely be getting a flu vaccination next year, it wasn't nice.
  11. Feeling better today - grandson was well enough to go to nursey and I'm ashamed to say we packed him off - peace and quiet for a few hours, managed to have a sleep AND sort out the medicare registration. Take away Thai food for dinner - feeling better
  12. Great news, and Good Luck! we are twelve days ahead of you and awaiting second grandchild any day now. We found the guys from PSS brilliant as well - hoping they will be just as good at this end. Where are you headed?
  13. that's an extra worry for you, I hope your husband finds something. I'm already retired but have been so alarmed by the drop in the exchange rate have been considering looking for something ... good luck with it all!