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  1. Fisher1

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    Haha found a bit on you tube...
  2. Fisher1

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    When I saw it I would have bet money on never even visiting Australia, let alone moving here to live - funny how things turn out sometimes. I’d love to see it again from this angle
  3. Fisher1

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    Given the discussion about the merits of Melbourne vs Liverpool and the difficulties of settling into a new place, can I go off topic here and ask if anyone remembers a tv series with Tim Healey back in the eighties called “Boys from the Bush”? It dealt with Aussie/UK differences in a very funny way and I would love to watch some of it again now that I have ended up in Australia, but unlike many other series I’ve never seen or heard of it again. Just curious.
  4. Fisher1

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    I honestly believe that the place is only part of feeling content and happy. You can be happy anywhere, but if you are missing another place, it’s hard. I’ve done the homesick thing and it really hurts, I know. I’ve actually lain in bed in the morning with my eyes shut tight (aged twelve) and pretended I was in bed in my previous bedroom. I’ve moved as an adult and felt totally displaced and unhappy just two hours travel from my former home. Believe me it does pass ... it depends on how happy your life is apart from the move. I found Australia tricky at first, being SO far from everything I had before, but I was so happy to be near my daughter, the rest just slotted into place. Have faith, you’ll get your head round it if everything else fits. Good luck with it all.
  5. Fisher1

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    Nobody wants to be a "when I" but I find most Australians I've met have been quite interested to know why I moved and where I came from. I'm glad to report that nobody seems to have their world unduly shaken by my revelations about the fleshpots of Llandudno. As for thinking that your home town is the best thing since sliced bread, even when it clearly isn't ... I tend to find that you get out of a place what you are prepared to put in, and that some people can live happy lives just about anywhere. Good on them.
  6. Fisher1

    Question about tax returns to be filed

    Dont know but I guess not. I was simply saying it pays to get help and Alan Colllet is good for the Australian side of things.
  7. Fisher1

    Question about tax returns to be filed

    Hi I can’t comment on the USA but arrived from UK 5 months into the UK tax year and two months into the Aus tax year, 18 months ago. Because of the dual taxation agreement between UK and Aus (is there one between US and Aus?) that means we can’t be charged tax in both places at once, we had to file returns in both countries. We had to find an accountant because we couldn’t manage the Australian tax form. I can highly recommend Alan Collet who posts on here for Australian tax forms. He did both the UK and the Aus forms for us in the end and saved us an awful lot of money.
  8. Fisher1

    How often did you see family once immigrated?

    Keswick is a lovely little town.
  9. Fisher1

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    To be fair to the bug family, it was Can1983 that began the criticism. I found Can1983 offensive because Liverpool was my original home town and I spent my first twelve years there. I try to ignore posters who rubbish my home city, or the city I lived in for many years (Birmingham) - but I understand why some feel the need to make a strong retort. Particularly if some sort of snobbery seems to be at play.
  10. Fisher1

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    I'll never understand why some people need to big up one place by criticising another. Everywhere is different and there are always things you don't like. Scratch the surface though, and most places have pure gold somewhere. Even Holyhead.
  11. Fisher1

    Property Downturn- has it affected you?

    Yep, we bought eleven months ago and prices have dropped a lot since then. We aren’t worried though because we needed somewhere to live and bought the cheapest place we could happily live in, which brought the govt tax down to $6,000. We have settled in well with enough money to revamp it all and really great neighbours in a community we like. We bought smaller than planned because we knew the market was on the slide. We have lived through downturns several times in the UK ... it’s only figures on paper till you sell, the crucial thing is not to overstretch the finances when you buy. I don’t think rocketing house prices are good for anyone.
  12. Fisher1

    Australia after 8 years - the good, bad & the ugly!

    Hmm yes, one of my favourite restaurants is the Oyster Bar on Circular Quay ... unfortunately I can’t afford to eat there
  13. Fisher1

    Australia after 8 years - the good, bad & the ugly!

    I think most people only buy them occasionally. Don’t get running away with the idea that people in the UK exist on s diet of salt ridden ready meals - most people couldn’t afford it!
  14. Fisher1

    Power of Attorney for relative in UK

    Agree with all the above suggestions. Especially as much direct debit as possible ... we had a nightmare with Scottish power and were living round the corner from my mum at the time ... if it’s direct debit it just ticks over. Very difficult time for you, I hope you get things sorted into some sort of routine.
  15. Fisher1

    Moved back to the UK and now depressed

    You’re right, loads of money spent. Fantastic new shopping centre, new Dockland development with museums on the Albert Dock and close by. Lots of decent hotels and restaurants. I must be a certain kind of person to think it’s a great city - if the people are anything to go by, it always was. My dad was a bobby on the beat in Toxteth ... he could tell a few tales in his day!