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  1. Fisher1

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    I agree this is bollocks.
  2. Fisher1

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    Being kind and respectful never hurt anyone. Its entirely possible to say what you think in a measured way. Its a stance thats easier to maintain as well - slanging matches are so exhausting!
  3. Fisher1

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    That should say "to someone" who has done you no harm. Oops
  4. We brought our bed, a couple of duvets, mattress cover and electric blanket because we had stayed in a holiday rental here in Winter and been frozen at night. It may not be that cold but many houses arent as well insulated as houses in the UK. We came to nsw last August and have been so glad we brought the electric blanket! We brought the duvets because they are not tog rated here. In general we brought a skeleton house furnishing kit. 1bed, 1table 4 chairs 2 bedsidd cupboards etc ... Left the sofas (on their last legs). Lots of kit hen stuff left behind but I wish now that Id brought more with me. Its nice to have your own things.
  5. Fisher1

    Why are some people so easily offended?

    No, you shouldn't, but you should be very wary of voicing your beliefs in a way that causes pain and /or embarrassment who has done you no harm.
  6. Fisher1

    Ya Gotta love the Northerners!! 😂

    I did see it actually. I was responding to your rather rude comment on Tulip's post. And while I think the original complaint in the news report was completely daft, seeing the expression "pommie muppet" applied to an elderly lady of 81 makes me feel a bit queasy tbh.
  7. Fisher1

    Ya Gotta love the Northerners!! 😂

    Yes, our daughter had spanish lessons from a Spanish national. Didn't have a great grasp of the language but had brilliant pronunciation. Got great service everywhere.
  8. Fisher1

    Ya Gotta love the Northerners!! 😂

    We have seen some cringeworthy behaviour in Spain by Brits who seemed to think they were superior to the Spanish hotel staff ... yet even our pathetic attempts at ordering something in Spanish have been met with nothing but encouragement. Some people shouldn't be let out of the UK unaccompanied!
  9. Fisher1

    Ya Gotta love the Northerners!! 😂

    You cant read something if you havent seen it?
  10. Fisher1

    Ya Gotta love the Northerners!! 😂

    They'll all be moaning about paying for visas and having to queue at passport control by then ...
  11. Fisher1

    Ya Gotta love the Northerners!! 😂

    The lady is 81. While I think her complaint was bonkers, I do have sympathy for her health issues. Maybe seems crazy now but when she was a young woman 60 years ago, ciggie manufacturers were still insisting that smoking was safe and adverts were everywhere. It was easy to get hooked then and hard to stop because everyone smoked and cigarettes were cheap.
  12. Hope they were able to offer some support.
  13. Fisher1

    Advice on end of tenancy charges

    Brilliant. I am currently waiting for her to calculate our credit balance properly. The agency insisted we always maintain two weeks “in hand” so when we handed back the keys on July 25th we were in credit by 25 days. She calculated the monetary value incorrectly (twice) so I have asked her for a breakdown of the figures ... thought it would keep her busy while we tried to sort out the lease break thing. You are the second person today to tell me that the landlord cannot just override an agreement negotiated by the agent on their behalf so we are going to challenge her, and offer to go to a rent tribunal if we can’t agree. I have all her emails, so no probs supporting our version of events. Thank you so much - I’ll post the end result on here when it’s all sorted out ... it might even help,someone else!
  14. I know the feeling - years ago I found my cat dead, having apparently been poisoned. It was a farming area and we thought it was probably accidental, but even then it was an awful shock, and so upsetting. You have my sympathy.