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  1. I feel sorry for you because I have been in a similar position and it isn't easy. I can only echo what Quoll says about shorter visits. Even if you can't move back to look after her, maybe spend what time you can in the UK between your mother - in - law's visits to Australia? The emotional upheaval of moving to Australia as an older migrant shouldn't be underestimated either - the loss of everything familiar could make MIL's depression worse ... Hope you manage to sort something out that helps the situation - and I would be yanking the chain of both the Dubai brother and the younger sister in the UK to do their bit as well - even a fortnight's visit from each of them each year would relieve you of four week's worry. Good luck with it all.
  2. I think you are splitting hairs for no good reason. The parents who babysit do so voluntarily while here as tourists - so why would it not be allowed?
  3. Fisher1

    Tax rebate on UK teacher's pension???

    Thanks for that - I contacted them yesterday so hopefully they'll cough up the info and I can finally get my tax sorted
  4. ooops!!! Hordes. Not Hoards. From an ex teacher too - shame on me !
  5. I agree with much of what you have said. I still find the attitude of the Aus govt to parent visas a bit strange though. Okay, so they are terrified of being swamped by hoards of elderly migrants - but they have the power to alter the system in a way that is efficient, fair, and above all transparent. Few people would make a decision to migrate in later life without at least considering the cost and the waiting time. The Au gov, in making arbitrary and retrospective changes in the process are playing with people's lives in a seriously unpleasant and expensive way. The practice of taking a big deposit for something and then changing the rules of the deal is the sort of sharp practice I would associate with a used car dealer rather than a serious government. Private health insurance? What if your government has a reciprocal agreement with the Aus. Government? Finally, and it's just a small point, but Australia encourages our sons and daughters to come and live here as skilled workers. Perhaps they might remember - just occasionally - that Australia has contributed nothing to the upbringing, education or training of those people.
  6. Fisher1

    Tax rebate on UK teacher's pension???

    Hi,. Thanks very much for following this up. It's just confirmation that The teachers' pension is elligible for this tax reduction I was after really - the Teachers' Pensions website has been less than helpful but I will keep on now that I'm on the right track!
  7. Fisher1

    Tax rebate on UK teacher's pension???

    Thanks both, I've already used Alan Collet for tax advice before we left the UK (that's how I know about the undeducted purchase price, thank you Allan) and intend to use a tax accountant when the time comes. I am trying to find out as much as I can first because I believe I am the one who has to ask the pension provider in the UK for this information. I saw a discussion on here some time ago and am convinced I saw a post from someone saying that their teachers' pension was paid with the UDP taken off - was hoping for first hand experience. Appreciate your replies.
  8. Fisher1

    Movecube or container?

    '"The following day I rang PSS removals and asked if they could give me a quote. A representative visited that same week and quoted us 2800 pounds for the things we wanted to take. As the movecube bill was moving up towards that amount - what with paying for help with loading and then having an extra half sized cube - we decided to take this offer."
  9. Fisher1

    Movecube or container?

    Hi Emma We moved from a four bedroomed house last August, planned to just bring a bed, sofa bed, dining table & 4 chairs, boxes of household items ... nothing much really we said, so we enquired about move cubes, did our homework on the price, accepted that we would have to pack and load ourselves or pay extra for help. We booked a movecube and downloaded all the customs forms we would have to fill in and then began planning the load. We had actually packed a few boxes when I sat down with a piece of graph paper and drew a scale plan of the move cube and started sticking drawn to scale items of furniture into my outline. That was the point when we decided we might need a second move cube ... The following day I rang PSS removals and asked if they could give me a quote. A representative visited that same week and quoted us 2800 pounds for the things we wanted to take. As the movecube bill was moving up towards that amount - what with paying for help with loading and then having an extra half sized cube - we decided to take this offer. On the appointed day, two guys arrived at about eight thirty. They worked non-stop for the morning and drove off with all our stuff at about 12 midday. We were contacted by email when it all arrived in Sydney and a handover firm in Sydney told us what to do next. We paid something like 160$ customs fees and a bit of tax on a bottle of good brandy my OH couldn't bear to leave behind (!) and waited. This was the only bad bit - we had to wait seven weeks for the stuff to leave customs (but to be fair, that wasn't the fault of PSS - I was cross with them though for not warning us in advance that their 12-14 week estimate might extend to 19 (!!!!) weeks. When our things finally cleared customs they were delivered to us in Kiama - 90km approx from Sydney docks - at no extra charge. Two guys arrived about 8.30, worked non-stop for a couple of hours. We signed for the stuff and off they went. Everything was beautifully wrapped, we didn't have a single breakage despite taking a china dinner service and some expensive wine glasses. PSS will organise the insurance but I chose a different firm which had good reports on here. I had to list everything together with an approximate value, which was a pain, but I would have had to do that with Movecube. We were so glad we did it with a removal firm - it took longer because we had a part load but even so, the actual pick up was stress free - we just pointed out the stuff that was going and left them to get on with it. Hope this helps!
  10. Fisher1

    Australian Citizenship - Is it worth getting?

    I used to be a bit like that about elections in the UK. Then I wised up and realised that if I wanted a certain group of people to organise my country I needed to get out and vote. Then came the UK referendum in June 2015 in which Britain decided - on a majority of 4% - to leave the European Union. I really believe that if more people had got off their backsides and voted the vote would have gone the other way. So I now think that fining people for failing to vote is a necessary evil - like voting!
  11. Hi all I'm trying to organise Undeducted purchase price information for my UK teachers' pension. I have located and downloaded a form issued by the Australian government but am a bit foggy about the next step - do I send the form to the Australian tax authority for help, or do I contact Teachers' Pensions' and ask for information? I'm hoping there might be a retired UK teacher out there who can offer advice. Thanks in advance.
  12. Fisher1

    Australian Citizenship - Is it worth getting?

    I lived in Luxembourg for fifteen years and could have applied for Luxembourgish citizenship at that time. Why would I though, when I had exactly the same rights as any other citizen of the European Union. You never know what's round the corner - I intend to apply for Australian citizenship as soon as possible - just for peace of mind.
  13. Fisher1

    Should we, shouldn't we...

    Rt thank you!