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  1. Fisher1

    Upgrade frozen pension while on holiday

    I think you are mistaken - we are entitled to have our pension upgraded while we are here on holiday so we have no need to prove we are living here - we aren’t! We can produce copies of our e- tickets for the flights if we must, naturally we have our NI numbers and the reason we are here is that we are on holiday! All we need to do is speak to someone but they are proving difficult to cont@ct.
  2. Fisher1

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    That’s constructive.
  3. Fisher1

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    You think? Given the current crop of self serving loonies, who would you choose to replace him?
  4. Fisher1

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    Caroline Lucas.
  5. Fisher1

    How is Boris Doing So Far?

    Lying parasite is doing exactly what I expected and I loathe him for it. Can’t wait to witness his downfall ... it will come.
  6. Fisher1

    6 reasons that you came to live in Australia

    I came to live in Australia because I wanted to watch my grandchildren grow. I love living here and am happy and settled but could have been just as happy and settled in several other places including Spain. My daughter and grandchildren were the compelling reasons behind my move.
  7. Fisher1

    Your Brush With Fame

    I owned a flat upstairs from Jules Holland’s uncle and he and his wife were very friendly with me and my OH. Tenuous I know, but at least I didn’t almost flatten them with my car ...
  8. Hi all we are in our first trip back to the UK after two years, and we’re told that if we rang the DWP and informed them of our presence in the UK, with dates, they would upgrade our pensions for the period we were here. We have tried several times to ring the DWP but never succeeded in getting through to anyone. Does anyone know if it’s possible to claim a temporary upgrade by post, and if so, who do we write to? thanks in advance.
  9. Fisher1

    Is the form 80 the last form? In Hell

    It was the last form we were asked for before issue of a 143 (parents) visa. We had to get a Belgian police check as well as a UK one - you need one for every country you have lived in during the ten years preceding the request for police clearance. We actually found the Belgian clearance simpler and cheaper to obtain even though it had to be translated from French by an immi approved translator. Just find out what you will need to provide (ID, photographs etc) ahead of time so you’ll be able to do it quickly when the time comes. Good luck.
  10. Fisher1

    Suddenly feeling homesick

    I was being ironic
  11. Fisher1

    Suddenly feeling homesick

    Oh I don’t know, I’ve seen some episodes where they have shown really nasty little houses ... right before they show the really nice one that’s just about affordable, what with the higher wage they’re going to earn, especially if there are two adults who might work - in between spending more time with their families - on the beach ...
  12. Fisher1

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    During the past three years I have been infuriated by the many posts on social media referring to “baby boomers” and making wild claims about what “they” (the baby boomers) do / think / say. You are doing exactly the same thing here - referring to “young people” and then telling us what “they” always do / think / say. Yes, every age group has well known traits, that’s where stereotypes come from - but people are still individuals and it is not possible to discuss any serious issue (if you expect to be taken seriously) by means of stereotypes. Climate change is a growing problem, we all know that. People are dying because of poor air quality. The oceans are becoming choked with rubbish. We all need to pull together on this, whatever age we are - and if it takes a sixteen year old in plaits to make us all sit up and take notice then good on her.
  13. Fisher1

    This Extinction Rebelion Mob?

    I saw that photograph and it was ambiguous. There was a neat and tidy pile of rubbish some way from where the protesters were sitting. When I saw it I assumed that they had tidied the rubbish lying in the street and left it in a neat pile to illustrate the point that improving the environment can begin with small things like cleaning up your own trash. These people are not fools, and they are unlikely to have been stupid enough to have left a neat pile of their own rubbish right next to their protest, even had they wanted to - which I doubt.