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  1. Sunshine80

    News story about family on Temp Visa having to leave Oz

    ***update*** The Greens have just appeared on current affair and we’re due to return to Scotland today. They have have been granted a one month visa (extension?) to try and sort out their visa problems. So they are not flying to Scotland today! RESULT!!!!!!
  2. Sunshine80

    News story about family on Temp Visa having to leave Oz

    I agree, on a personal level I am happy for Biloela family for their kids and maybe means the Green family (in article) have some hope. But the Oz Govnt spent a lot of money way trying to send the Biloela family back. Was it something like $5 or $10 million ? And it looked like Biloela family may or may not have been candid with truth on their application. Anyway, fingers crossed for the Green family
  3. Sunshine80

    News story about family on Temp Visa having to leave Oz

    Yes, it a time bomb all the people here without a route to PR.
  4. Sunshine80

    News story about family on Temp Visa having to leave Oz

    Sorry Toots, didn’t realise you were starting thread. How many times have we seen people post on here saying they are going on a Temp visa and planning to stay forever. Rules change all the time. I know someone that came here on Temp work visa and literally as soon as they arrived the max age changed for PR and they were no longer eligible if they had wanted PR. I wonder at what point do you throw in the towel and return to UK
  5. I really feel for this family. They have been in Australia on working Visa for 10 years but not got PR as employers keep dissolving (?) before qualify to apply for PR. Spent 150k AUD and are devastated. https://mol.im/a/11078899
  6. Sunshine80

    Can I study on a 482 Visa

    Thank you, I have checked it and can
  7. Hi Guys, I hope everyone is safe and well. I am on a 482 TSS visa and I am lucky enough to be still working in these uncertain times. Am I allowed to do a part-time TAFE/Uni course in my free time (while still working my 482 job). I realise it would be international fees. Just fancied learning to cook or interior design qualification. Thank you for reading this
  8. Hi BB, I sorry you have had no replies, I guess TSS 482 is so new not many gave transferred employer. Is it straight forward to do? I am also a 482 nurse and the job is not working out as well as I hoped. Do you just get a job offer and if they are agreeable to taking over as sponsor they take over the admin side? Did you need to do anything to your original visa online. I hope everything works out for you x
  9. Sunshine80

    AHPRA Time line

    Thanks for that, not seen that payguide before and good for budgeting x
  10. Sunshine80

    Re-training Access Course - Healthcare Professions

    Quoll as is usual is correct. There are more graduates than jobs at present.
  11. Sunshine80

    Re-training Access Course - Healthcare Professions

    Hi Captain, I was on the board posting reply to something else and saw this. I work in healthcare and I am a registered nurse. As visa situation can be unpredictable, even precarious at times do the course that you would enjoy and benefit the most. Which ever you choose may not lead to visa in 3 to 5 years time but at least you will a job you enjoy and will be able to get work in the UK. Nobody can predict the skills shortage and visa criteria can change all the time.
  12. Sunshine80


    I then had to present in person at an AHPRA office in Australia with certain IDs and documents to get full registration. 10 days after doing that I had my full registration.
  13. Sunshine80


    Hi Kriss, AHPRA time scales are difficult to give. I sent off my original application in July 2018 and got my registration in principle letter in January 2019. Mine was held up as they requested all my syllabuses plus reading lists from both Diploma and my Bsc courses. It took my uni over a month to provide the info and cost me money plus a courier. You will get there in the end. ️
  14. Sunshine80

    Registering for Medicare

    Many thanks
  15. Sunshine80

    Registering for Medicare

    Hi Guys, Just looking for your advise and assistance about Medicare. I am going on a trip to Sydney next week as I need to present in Person at AHPRA for my nurse registration (have registration in principle). How do I register with Medicare in Sydney. Is there an office to present at ? Many thanks for reading this