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  1. Warman_sarahlf

    Uk unmarried visa confirmation email

    Hello everyone! (Applying for uk unmarried partner visa from Melbourne) so my OH had his biometrics appointment on the 6th July and sent the supporting documents to my brother in the uk so he could then post them on to Sheffield. After a big drama they were delivered to Sheffield on the 18th July. However he hasn't received any email confirmation regarding his visa. He did get an SMS after his biometrics saying that his visa had been forwarded on but it's now 24th July and he's had no contact from the immigration people. Has anyone who's gone through this process, received any confirmation emails about the supporting documents being delivered or anything regarding the visa? My OH is starting to get a bit worried now as our intended travel day is the 20th October so we might be pushing it for time! Any reassurance, advice or experience would be much appreciated! Thank you ?
  2. Thank you both! Had a look and they only do a maximum weight of 50grams & ours weighs more then that! What we are thinking is to get my brother who lives in the uk to send a Royal Mail pre paid international envelope to Sheffield once we have sent our documents. Probably the easiest and quickest way as we don't have much lee way between now and when we want to fly ? Thank you you for all your help, we are going to send them off soon ?
  3. That’s a good idea thank you! Brain has gone to mush as I want this whole thing over and done with! We aren’t too bothered if we don’t get our documents back as there’s nothing we actually need back & the passport gets sent back separately! Thank you again ?
  4. Yea sorry to the U.K! Yea it must have changed as we have to send all documents to Sheffield, UK & they want you to put in a pre paid envelope so they can send you back their documents. My partner had his biometrics done today and they said we have to send them to Sheffield! Did you have to give DHL a date on when they had to pick up the documents? we are thinking about just sending it with Australia post and not worrying about getting our documents back. We just don’t know what to do
  5. Hello everyone, I need your help desperately!! I have gone into panic mode and we are going to send the supporting documents to Sheffield tomorrow but Australia post told us that we can't send a pre paid envelope for them to return to us! what has everyone else done? We have no idea and need to get them sent off! how did you all get around this or did you use a different courier?
  6. Warman_sarahlf

    Unmarried partner visa documents

    Hi all, My partner(Australian) has applied for his unmarried partner visa & he has his biometric app in a week & a half. Hooray! Just so I can put my mind at ease, I want to make sure we have everything for the visa so it gets granted! we have been together since 2013 (living together since 2013) This is what we have so far, if we have missed anything or have any tips we would appreciate it muchly!! Thanks!! APPLICANTPrinted VAF4A Applicant FormApplication Payment Receipt 2 x Passport Photos (Name on back of each)Passport copy Cover LetterLetter from Employer2 months worth of Pay Slips2 months worth of Bank StatementsSPONSORLetter of Support Copy of Passport Passport Photo (Name on back)VAF4 Appendix 2Work Offer LetterWork ContractLetter from Employer confirming continued permanent employmentFINANCIAL (CAT A) 6 months worth of payslips signed & letter stating authenticity 6 months worth of bank statements ACCOMODATIONStaying at my brothers house so: Letter from brother agreeing for us to stay as his mortgage letter mortgage statementRELATIONSHIPletter from partners parents & my dad pictures tenancy agreement 2014- 2016 letter confirming tenancy 2014-2016 emails from the person we rented a room from (had no tenancy agreement or bills as everything was included) June 16 bank statements from when we rented a room, June 16- Nov 16 tennacy agreement Nov 2016- now letter confirming tennacy agreement tax notices - applicant 2016 & 2017 tax notices- sponsor 2016 & 2017 Joint car insurance - Oct 2016, Nov 2016 & Oct 2017 joint ambulance insurance - July 2016 Joint bank statements may 2016- June 2018 electricy bills 2018 - applicant gas bills 2018- applicant hot water Bills Dec 16 - June 18- Sponsor super statement June 2016 & 2017- applicant super statement June 2016 & 2017- sponsor chat log from 2013-2018 phone bills -applicant 2016- 2018 phone bills- sponsor 2017 - 2018 Joint financial , relationship & nature of household statement flight tickets accommodation itineraries
  7. Warman_sarahlf

    Accommodation Requirement- partner visa

    That's very true but we've spent the past 5 years going to and from Australia & UK so we would like to settle in once place now! Fingers crossed we can do everything online as well then, the thought of printing everything out scares me ! On the website they stated that once you have done the online form they will tell you where to send your documents. Thanks for your help ?
  8. Warman_sarahlf

    Accommodation Requirement- partner visa

    Oh that's great to hear! We didn't want to be spending more money for this visa! Did you have to send all of your evidence to Sheffield,uk ? I've only been a permanent resident since September 2016 so I can't get citizenship which is a bummer but I don't want to wait another 2 years here in Australia to get it!
  9. Warman_sarahlf

    Accommodation Requirement- partner visa

    Oh sorry that’s what I meant he’s one generation out from getting an ancestry visa! His great grandparents were uk born. It would have made life so much easier and less stressful to meet all the requirements ?
  10. Warman_sarahlf

    Accommodation Requirement- partner visa

    Hi!! Yes i'm English, partners Australian. We've only been in Australia for two years but I've been in Australia on and off for the past 6 years! We lived in the Uk for two years and not long after we came back to Australia we realised how much we missed the UK and our friends and family! Wow congratulation!! We only have two fur babies at the moment. We are looking to apply for the unmarried partner visa in July (unfortunately my partner is one generation out from obtaining an English passport), so we are now gathering all of the evidence and double checking what is required! Its been slightly stressful to get letters from other people but we still had documents from when we applied for my visa to come to Australia Which route will you be taking if your partner can get a Maltese passport?
  11. Warman_sarahlf

    Accommodation Requirement- partner visa

    Oh sorry I forgot to add that part ?? We are moving back to the UK!!
  12. Warman_sarahlf

    Accommodation Requirement- partner visa

    Hi All! So my Partner & I are starting to gather documents for the partner visa which are going to apply for in July & we could do with some help/ advice with the accommodation requirement! Sorry if someone has posted something similar! My brother has said we can stay at his when we get back, so we can look for a place of our own. He has a two bedroom flat with one living room which from what I have read it has met the housing act requirement of not being overcrowded. (Him & his partner live there already) Has anyone who stated on the visa application that they are staying at their family's house, got their family member to do a housing report?? I have read online that its advised to do so but I think its a bit extreme?! Any thoughts.. Thanks :D
  13. Warman_sarahlf

    Spouse visa application questions

    Thank you! I also have another question regarding the application. With the employment section on the application is that for my partner to fill out & I provide my employment details on the appendix form that I have to print out ? We don’t want to make any mistakes so I just want to double check everything! thanks ?
  14. Warman_sarahlf

    Spouse visa application questions

    Hi all, My partner has started his application for as an unmarried partner and we have a query about one of the questions! 1) passport/ travel document One of the questions are: Are you a national of the country in which you are applying? - He’s Australian so we aren’t sure what to put down as the wording isn’t great. Many Thanks!!
  15. Warman_sarahlf

    Getting married on a Partner Visa

    I thought there would be no problem in doing it.. The statement from the GOV website just slightly confused me/ got me thinking if it would effect my partner applying to settle in the future ? Thank you