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Found 333 results

  1. Hello I'm trying to help my grandparents attain photo IDs or possibly Australian citizenship. They are both over 65 and have been Australian permanent residences for over 50 years. I am not sure of what documentation they have previously received upon entering Australia as they have lost everything, they arrived here from England in 1971 by ship and haven't left since. They are pensioners and have Medicare cards, the only other documentation they have is their proof of arrival to Australia we have attained from the Archives, they also have their birth certificates. We tried to get photo ID from Services Australia but we couldn't as we are told they need a DFTTA (proof of travel document) such as passport or other travel document that they don't have anymore as it was lost and gone a long time ago. If someone would please guide us in the right direction to help us optain the correct documentation we would greatly appreciate it, Thanks
  2. Warman_sarahlf

    Unmarried partner visa documents

    Hi all, My partner(Australian) has applied for his unmarried partner visa & he has his biometric app in a week & a half. Hooray! Just so I can put my mind at ease, I want to make sure we have everything for the visa so it gets granted! we have been together since 2013 (living together since 2013) This is what we have so far, if we have missed anything or have any tips we would appreciate it muchly!! Thanks!! APPLICANTPrinted VAF4A Applicant FormApplication Payment Receipt 2 x Passport Photos (Name on back of each)Passport copy Cover LetterLetter from Employer2 months worth of Pay Slips2 months worth of Bank StatementsSPONSORLetter of Support Copy of Passport Passport Photo (Name on back)VAF4 Appendix 2Work Offer LetterWork ContractLetter from Employer confirming continued permanent employmentFINANCIAL (CAT A) 6 months worth of payslips signed & letter stating authenticity 6 months worth of bank statements ACCOMODATIONStaying at my brothers house so: Letter from brother agreeing for us to stay as his mortgage letter mortgage statementRELATIONSHIPletter from partners parents & my dad pictures tenancy agreement 2014- 2016 letter confirming tenancy 2014-2016 emails from the person we rented a room from (had no tenancy agreement or bills as everything was included) June 16 bank statements from when we rented a room, June 16- Nov 16 tennacy agreement Nov 2016- now letter confirming tennacy agreement tax notices - applicant 2016 & 2017 tax notices- sponsor 2016 & 2017 Joint car insurance - Oct 2016, Nov 2016 & Oct 2017 joint ambulance insurance - July 2016 Joint bank statements may 2016- June 2018 electricy bills 2018 - applicant gas bills 2018- applicant hot water Bills Dec 16 - June 18- Sponsor super statement June 2016 & 2017- applicant super statement June 2016 & 2017- sponsor chat log from 2013-2018 phone bills -applicant 2016- 2018 phone bills- sponsor 2017 - 2018 Joint financial , relationship & nature of household statement flight tickets accommodation itineraries
  3. Poonam Korakodu

    PR application

    Hello All, I am lodging a PR application, Can someone help me if I need to certify all the documents to upload, as in the IMMI site it says, scan the original copies not the photocopies or certified copies. If am not supposed to scan the certified copies then there is no point in getting them certified, so I am confused here.
  4. TJB

    186 Visa

    A little help please. We're in the process of getting everything together for a 186 visa (found an employer in Aus). We're hoping to lodge our visa by Feb/ March the latest. Could you please let me know what documentation will be needed? Birth certificates etc. My husband was previously married around 15 years ago so will we need his decree absolute? And do the police checks need to be submitted at the time of lodging? What other documents do we need? Thank you for your help
  5. Luke&Crystal

    Visa 189 docs required

    Hi we are doing our visa without an agent. Can someone help us with a list of docs that are needed before submitting the EOI , I know the government website outlines what is needed but it can be a bit confusing! We also are having a hard time proving the work history as my boyfriends work had a fire so there are a number of years without evidence, what can we do in this case? Any help appreciated! Thanks
  6. plz help needed the spelling of my name in ielts certificate is different than the spelling of my name in all other documents also it has my local ID number not the passport number what should i do ?
  7. Another question, just dawned on me that I need a translation for my husbands french birth certifcate. I have looked on the immi site and I am sure I am just panicing and not seeing it but where do I go for a translation of the document that is acceptable for oz immigration? We are about to lodge our visa and tying up last few bits of paperwork and i have not had to think about his or my kids birth cert etc yet hence why its never crossed my mind :goofy: hope someone can help
  8. yumimumi

    courier for tra documents

    hi please help i collected all the information needed for the dreaded TRA. arranged for interparcel to courier the paperwork over to australia. Cost me 35 pounds including insurance to make sure it didnt go astray. the shipping note stated the address for the tra department. some sort of GPO address, but there was no street name for the address. Now the courier turned up and refused to take the documents without a street name. I tried to explain that the shipping note stated what was needed but he wouldnt budge. av tried to phone TRA department but they are unobtainable due to moving offices or something. getting really stressed out now as am 35.00 quid down and no nearer to getting this to australia has anyone used interparcel and encountered problems such as this or can anyone shed any light on a street name please please help
  9. I'm about to lodge a 189 visa application, and I can't find any button or link in the ImmiAccount to upload the supporting documents. Does anybody know if I have to make the payment first? I'm confused because I believe that making the payment should put my application in a 'submitted' state. But how could it be submitted without the supporting documents?
  10. Hi, is it valid to have my ACS school document requirements (Diploma, Transcript of records) certified by the University/university registrar? Will ACS accept certification from the school?
  11. katelikesgiraffes

    Attaching Evidence - 2nd WHV

    Hi guys, I've had a look through posts and I can't find anything similar so here goes. I've been asked to submit evidence to support my application for a Second Working Holiday Visa 417 which is all fine - I have everything they're asking for, but when I go to attach the documents through my ImmiAccount, there aren't any Document Types/Evidence Types from the drop down menus that match what I'm being asked for. Not sure if it's a case of selecting the closest matching thing or whether there should be something there on the application. I was wondering what others selected as Document/Evidence types if they've had to supply evidence? I've emailed them as well, but while I wait for a response, I figure I might get a faster reply here. Thanks for any help! -Kate
  12. Dear fellows, I live in AU for over 3 years under a 457 Visa and yesterday (24 Aug 2014) I finally submitted my application for 190 Visa. As I have a child and spouse, I've included them in my application too. I've paid the fee and had my medicals booked beforehand. My concern is about uploading documents for family members (spouse and child). I can upload my own documents without any problem, but when I click on the "Attach document" button, a new window opens and, in the field "Applicant" there is a drop-down list, but it shows only my name, not my other family member's names. Therefore, my question is: When will I be able to upload my family's documents? Does anyone recently applied for 189 or 190 Visa (I assume the process is similar). Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Leonardo
  13. tomski1982

    certification of documents

    hi there, me and my girlfriend are in process of preparing our partner visa application and i have a question regrading certification of documents that we need to send off with the rest of the visa stuff. according to what i found on aus embassy in the uk website, a document can be certified in the uk by a solicitor , notary public a justice of peace etc. basically, i want to find out the cheapest way of doing it. contacted a few notaries and they all seem to charge big bucks for their services. i need to provide translated copies of certain documents also as they are in polish. do they need to be certified too or the actual translation by a registered translator would do? do you think that solicitors stamp on a document is enough as a certification ? any other suggestions? how much did you fork out for that service? thank you for any help. tom
  14. Hi guys, I am in the process of collecting my documentation for my de facto application. It is very stressful and time consuming to do this whilst working. Can anyone recommend an agent or a place where they oversee the application process? Thank you Erin
  15. Hi, I have recieved an email requesting for further information: Request for information or documents This letter refers to your application for a Skilled - (VE 175) Independent visa, which was lodged .... and the department is writing to you at this time to ensure all required documentation has been provided and is current. As you may be aware priority processing arrangements apply to all applications for General Skilled Migration (GSM) and determine the order in which the department considers applications. Priority processing arrangements are set through a direction issued by the Minister. Under the current ministerial direction your application is in Priority Group 5 and; subject to any changes in the priority processing direction; it is anticipated that your application will be allocated to a case officer within the next twelve (12) months. Has anyone received this email and is it likely that I will be allocated a case officer within the next 12 months? What's the process after being allocated a case officer, how long do things take? My reason for asking is that I'm not sure if I'm ready to move yet as we had completely given up hope and have just purchased a new home taking on a huge mortgage. We are settled in our jobs and to be honest quite happy with life as it is. over the past few years I've also spent quite a bit setting up a new business which is starting to pick up now and I could potentially do very well in. I really dread the thought of having to start all over again but my husband would be very happy to go as his family is in Aus. Having no savings at all at the moment I really don't know if being allocated a case officer within the next 12 months would be a good thing. If this news had come a year or so earlier I would have been over the moon but with life as it is now and our financial situation this couldn't have come at a worse time! Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Lilly
  16. I know its stupid but I have attached a file to my online 885 application. The name of the file has a space ( like 'xyz abc.pdf' ) . The DIAC website suggests that we must avoid using space in the name of a file. Is this an issue of concern ? Can I remove the attached file somehow or should I just let it be ?
  17. Hi there, I'd like to study for a PhD or MBA in Australia but my son has Asperger's Syndrome and I'm not sure whether this could make it difficult for me to get a Student Visa. I'm a UK national, as is my son, who is 16. He has a statement of special educational needs and the local authority have paid fully for him to attend a £26,000 per year mainstream private school because his Educational Psychology Reports show his to be academically and intelligence-wise advanced ahead of his age. They did not pay anything towards any learning support for him and the school he currently attends has no learning support person or learning support department. I don't know what paperwork I would need to put in my Student Visa Application regarding him (-or does he apply for his own Visa?). I have his Statement of Special Educational Needs, his Educational Psychology Reports and his Diagnosis. However I have no letter from a consultant other than these as he hasn't had any help from any consultants over the years. We are currently out of Britain due to a family emergency and may not be able to return for a couple of months. However I'd rather not delay submitting a Student Visa Application as time is moving on. Would we need an additional letter from a consultant or anything like that? And if so can we get one while we are abroad or does it have to be written by someone who knows our son? Getting letters from his schools shouldn't be a problem. Please advise me as I know nothing about this . Thanks Xx
  18. Hi all, This is my first post! My partner and I have found this site extremely useful for other things, so first of all a big thank you and congratulations to anyone who's recently received their visa! My questions is regarding getting documents certified. I have photocopies of both our passports certified, and we both have certified copies of our birth certificates. Do other documents, such as tenancy agreements, utility bills, invitations, cards and any other supporting evidence have to be certified copies as well? Or can they just be colour photocopies? If anyone could please share with me their experience with this part of the application, I would really appreciate it. We are applying for a 309 de facto visa, and have lived together for approximately 22 months. We are submitting the application without an agent and are almost ready to send it off. Thanks very much! :biggrin: Chris
  19. IceMan1000

    Documents for State Sponsorship

    Hi Guys, When applying the for Victoria State Sponsorship for subclass 190, we are required to submit a few documents. Some of these questions may sound obvious, but I would really appreciate if someone could clarify my doubts with regards to the following, I don't want to mess this up.. 1. The declaration form is a word document which we need to sign. We should print, sign and upload the scanned copy right? 2. Do we need to upload the Covering Letter as well with the detailed resume? 3. Skill Assessment/IELTS, Just the original soft copies should do it right? I hope we DON'T need certified copies.. 5. There is a section for "Please attach additional attachments, if necessary" What kind of additional document are they looking for? Degree Certificates, Employment References? Or should I just leave these fields blank? 4. Should all documents be in PDF format? Here is what they say in step 12 - Attachments Thanks in advance..
  20. I have read a lot of posts about how to certify, but seeking advice on whether copies of cards sent to each other or to both of us need to be certified? Are these considered a document? We have certified our bills, identity documents etc... but are unclear about whether we need the JP to certify copies of engagement cards, birthday cards and letters to us. Also, emails can't really be certified right? As they are printed from a computer? Anyone submitted and successful that can comment here?
  21. cherrybobs

    What documents will I need?

    My 457 visa is being finalised, and I will be emigrating in the next week or so. It's just me and 2 suitcases, so I'm really trying to minimise what I have to take. That said, I'm not sure how much paperwork I need to take. On my list currently are: Passport Job contract Payslips from the last year - for tax return Mortgage statement - for Rental agency Degree certificates Do I need to get my medical/dental/optical history? Is there anything else that I would benefit from taking? Thanks
  22. Hi guys I've sent off my AHPRA application for registration with all of my documents certified by a local solicitor here in Camberwell (London). I was under the impression that a solicitor was allowed to certify these documents. But I've recently seen, on another thread here, that some people have been asked to re submit some documents and get them certified by a notary public instead. Is this accurate? What are people's experiences? Are solicitors ok? Or should I commence panic Cheers
  23. We are one of those document hoarders--have got mobile phone bills worth a few years--all the utilities bills, etc--these I guess can go. But we also have bank statements worth a fair few years x 3-4 different accounts.then of course all the appraisal paperwork, courses etc etc etc Now what do most people do- just shred them away???--is it sensible to keep bank statements for whatever reason??? Pls do share what sort of documents you ultimately shipped pertaining to your old life in the UK...
  24. Hi were abit confused!!can anyone tell us how to send the finished documents we have ready for vetassess please??tried sending them by email but no luck??does anyone have the correct email address or do we have to send them by post all set and ready to go!thanx,hywel.
  25. hellsbells712

    certifying documents in leeds

    Hi, Pease help!!! Does anyone know of reseaonably cheap solicitors etc... in the leeds, wakefield or west yorkshire area to certify documents. This is starting to turn into a headache !!!!!! My friend solicitor has gone to France for 1 month and forgot to sign 1 page of my reference , nightmare.:cry: Thanks, Helen