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  1. Scoote

    Can I still emigrate to Australia?

    Thanks everyone, that's a relief. Hopefully the situation will be improved in the New Year to enable us to plan with confidence our emigration
  2. Scoote

    Can I still emigrate to Australia?

    Hi there, Thanks for your reply, yes we activated our visas last year, but I wasn't sure whether there was still a block on entering Australia due to corona virus. Ta
  3. Hi, My family and I were granted our visas (189 for me) almost 2 years ago, and we had planned on emigrating at the start of 2021 from the UK to Australia. However, due to Corona Virus and travel restrictions in place does anybody know if you can still travel to Australia or must you have an exemption to be able to enter? I am trying to work out our timeline for moving and could push back the move till Summer 2021, however, I am still uncertain whether we would be allowed in unless I can secure a Travel Exemption. My working visa is based on me working as a Civil Engineer. I have researched the immigration website and can't find any clear answers or contact details so that I can ask the question. Furthermore, we need to have moved to Australia by October 2021 so that we can ensure we have lived in Australia for 2 out of the 5 years the visa is valid so we can more easily apply for a resident return visa after that date, hence why I am concerned about how our planned move to Australia will go now. I'd be grateful for any advice if anybody else is in a similar position and has found the answers I was unable to. Many thanks, Sarah
  4. Thanks everyone. That's been really useful. I just panicked slightly at trying to get exact dates but hopefully I can get somewhere close. Cheers
  5. Hi, I'm completing my 189 visa where I am only claiming points for me. However, my application also includes my partner on it so it also asks for his employment history over last 10 years and his education. Unfortunately my partner can't remember the exact start and finish dates for some of his employers and his education in terms of exact days started and finished. My query is do these dates need to be absolutely correct even though I'm not claiming points for him as we are struggling to confirm the dates? Will it affect my application if we get the day wrong? I'd be grateful for advice from someone's who's in a similar position and received a successful visa. Cheers, Sarah
  6. Scoote

    Engineers Australia Additional Assessment

    Really appreciate your feedback. It's helped clarify. I'm still reluctant to get an additional assessment done via EA if I have to repeat the work anyway on my SOU on skills select. I was about to book an IELTS test but perhaps I will check out the alternatives as I really need to maximise points for my English proficiency to help improve my application. Open to advice from anybody else's experiences if it might help?
  7. Hi, I have just submitted my Engineers Australia (EA) migration skills assessment application based on my degree qualifications only. This includes BEng civil engineering degree under Washington Accord and a further MSC degree. I did not include an English competency test as I am British and a native English speaker (trying to temporarily save money on test). I also did NOT submit an additional assessment for my skilled employment as I did not think they were necessary to get a successful outcome from EA. Queries: I have 2 queries I hope you can help me with please: 1. I subsequently have booked an IELTS test as I now realise I need this for my EOI to gain the points. Am I able to append my IELTS results to my EA application or does the English competency not really matter for EA? 2. Do I need to have my employment assessed by EA using the additional assessment service? Or can I demonstrate my employment during my EOI application on skills select? My points summary I am almost 37 with 10 years work experience in civil engineering. Therefore I'm claiming 25 points for age, 15 points for qualifications, 15 points for UK work experience. This gives me 55 points but i need 60 so hopefully by taking the IELTS I will get the additional 5. Can anybody help clarify my 2 queries as I'm concerned I rushed my EA application in my eagerness to get the ball rolling and that I've messed up by not including a work experience request or an English test result. Much appreciated!