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    Timeline: Brisbane City Citizenship Application: 20/08/20 Test invite: 20/11/2020 (Test date: 20/01/2021) Test date: (Rescheduled) 24/11/2020 Approved immediately Awaiting ceremony letter
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    That is awesome! I read your post this morning and was feeling hopeful as i'm also Brisbane and then got my Test Invite today too! Good to hear that the process and test is easy :) Timeline: Citizenship App: 20/08/20 (Was actually eligible in June but completely forgot!) Test invite: 20/06/2020 (Test date: 20/01/2021) Test date (Rescheduled) 27/11/2020 (Will be keeping a look for a sooner one)
  3. Thank you! I actually applied for an onshore defect but due to to the fact i had been on a bridging visa so long i had to come offshore and apply again which was painful. But i had all the medicals and police checks ready to go so that saved some time. Will be moving back to Bayside of Brisbane, can finally rest now until it's time to do it all again for the 100 haha They definitely don't make it easy for us.
  4. Hey all, I have not wrote before but have been following. I submitted application on March 2nd 2017 and today have received a grant email for a 309. That's less than 7 weeks! Have been with partner 2 years and front loaded absolutely everything including medicals, police checks for us both and forms 80 and 1221 (weren't sure if these were required but didn't want anything at all to hold us up) Since my application i have not heard from immigration or even been assigned a case officer so obviously was super shocked to see that email! Definitely worth front loading as much as possible. Good luck all!