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  1. Been a while since I have logged on here. Applied last September, got granted in Feb this year - shipping has gone and am now 6 weeks away from my one way flight to Brisbane. Mrs Rich - I see you are heading there too? We've also got friends and family but would good to meet - have a fellow expat around. To anyone else heading to Brisbane, perhaps we could plan a PomsinOz meet, share some stories etc.
  2. Uhtred

    Mackay QLD

    The in-laws are from Mackay and that's where we were in February just gone. Been a couple of times now. Not sure if it's been mentioned but wherever you stay just check the flood history. They've had it quite bad a few times and home insurance premiums are very high (as are the excesses) for flood risk areas. We're moving to Brisbane in August and the only reason it's not Mackay is because of work. It's in a brilliant location, is only 1.5hr flight from Brisbane and 4hr drive from Townsville. Not to mention the Whitsundays and the GBR. There's also an abundance of cheap rentals in Mackay at the moment so you'll never be stuck for somewhere to live. And if he's recovered and you're over by then, Elton John is playing there in September.
  3. Uhtred

    Partner visa thread continuation........

    We were over in Feb but wasn't in Brisbane for long at all. As we are staying with friends at first we wasn't too fussed about looking. Would definitely recommend it though, even if just for advice on your next steps. Always good to not commit to a purchase too until you know where you want to work etc.
  4. Uhtred

    Partner visa thread continuation........

    Been a while....hope everyone is well. Officially leaving the UK 31/08 one way to Brisbane. Flights are all now booked and my partner has started selling furniture etc. Can't believe how quickly it's come around to be honest. Looking forward to seeing you all on the other side.
  5. Let me know how you get on fella. We've already got the account, asked medicare if they could start processing me but said I need my visa number.
  6. Uhtred

    Partner visa thread continuation........

    So as per the other thread I've finally been granted and have to be back by 11/09/17 to activate. Home from holiday 20/03 so booking one way return for end of August and will start selling things etc. Crazy. It all begins now....
  7. Ahhhh have just seen yours too Vicki. Superb. We've had a few drop in quick succession haven't we.
  8. Happy for you fella. Can enter Oz, activate and live the dream. Top top news.
  9. The email I received says that I need to let them know when I am leaving and I need to depart for a minimum of 5 days just to ensure the system processes everything. We've both said we will just wait and come back permanently before 11/09 anyway. Pretty sure when I called they said 3 days so assuming the 5 days is just a generic timeline they send. I knew they'd grant it after I had landed - did chase them before but the call handler quoted 10-14 months and that was that. Chris/Vicki - I won't sit here and say just wait etc as we've seen it all before. The waiting has been so difficult but can only assume yours is close now.
  10. So I've just woken up in stifling heat and checked my emails.... Someone has a grant letter sitting there!! Over the moon really that it's finally been granted but gutted it couldn't have been 4 days ago before I travelled. I've now got to be back by 11/09/17 as that's when my police check expires. But....at just over 5 months I've been granted. Finally. Party time.
  11. Immigration didn't mention my visa application at all. Scanned our passports and through we went.
  12. I submitted 5 - all from Australian friends. Only 3 of them had both the form and ID verified - the other 2 only got the form witnessed.
  13. We all apply for the 309 initially don't we? That's what I applied for - can only go straight to 100 if you've been together X amount of years or have a child and together over 2 years. Even then, I think you only ever find out the visa youve got when you get the grant email. To be fair he couldn't tell I'd done my police and medical checks and had to tell him so they must only have a basic view.