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  1. Paige03

    Not enjoying new job

    Thanks for your replies. I have a 189 visa so no visa commitments issues. I've had a better morning today at work...I lack confidence at times. I'm finding it harder here as we stayed with our friends for a month before coming here and didn't really want to leave but did just for work. I'll keep going, only have rental for 6 months, then re-evaluate. Thanks though!
  2. Paige03

    Not enjoying new job

    Hey, So I've recently moved to a regional area in QLD for a nursing role. I started last week, I don't really like it here, everyone is really nice but the role is very different to the UK and we're missing our friends who live in a different area of Australia and we are missing living there too. I only moved here for work. It's lovely where we live but we don't really want to be here. Anyone else left their job very soon after starting? I feel bad but we're not enjoying it here. Thanks/ Any advice?
  3. Paige03


    I'm in Mackay, QLD. They've got another couple of flights to contend with after quarantine. I hope you get your babies over sooner rather than later. Keep this thread updated x
  4. Paige03


    That's great news! Worried sick about my two. Can't wait to see them again
  5. Paige03


    Just wanted to second what @Patphillips47 has said about Golden Arrow as we are using them. My dogs fly out tomorrow. We had an issue 2 weeks ago with one of them at their penultimate vet check and Golden Arrow were great at sorting it out. I thought they were going to have to be separated so know how devastating that feels. Really hope you get it sorted quickly x
  6. Paige03

    Moving to Mackay

    I booked the car through Expedia about a week before arriving. I've been phoning the agencies and have popped into a few offices. It's all quite slow. I've been asking for 2 weeks to view some properties and they're only only just getting back to me with inspection dates. Good luck to your husband. I'm not based at the hospital as I'm community. In fact I don't even know where the hospital is yet
  7. Paige03

    17 and moving to Australia

    We moved to Oz last month, have just moved to QLD. My son is the same age as you (Jan 2000). He comes over next week for the 6 week school holidays and is then heading back to the UK at the end of August to finish his 2nd year of A-levels. He was adamant he didn't want to go back to 'school' if we moved here. I'm lucky that he's got my parents to live with there. He's coming back out next year, once he's completed his A-levels to do uni here. I agree that 17 is a difficult age to move and this is best for my son but may not be what's right for you. All the best!
  8. Paige03

    Visa advise

    You'll need to take an English test such as IELTS or PTE-a. You'll get 20 points for superior English, which means getting 8's or above in all 4 areas of IELTS or 79 or above in all areas of PTE-a. I did IELTS so don't know anything about PTE-a. You can take the general IELTS for points however check what the requirements are for the skills assessment you'll need as some occupations e.g nursing require the academic, but I don't think that would be the case if you're a mechanic.
  9. Paige03

    Moving to Mackay

    Hi. I'm here now. Been here just under a week. I hired a car through Expedia- Redspot/Enterprise at the airport. Had no issues. I'm finding it hard to find a rental, but that's because I'm fussy, have 2 dogs coming over and needs to be walking distance from the Northern Beaches High School, for my daughter. We went Bucasia beach in the week. It was lovely and was empty. You'll find a rental fine, as long as you don't have as many restrictions as me Weather's been lovely, mid 20,s. So far, I'm liking it. We're not big city people. Have your husband check out QLD Health website. There are nursing jobs on there. Or try Seek/Indeed.
  10. Paige03

    Advise needed on ielts score

    I assuming this was the academic one as it's for ANMAC skills assessment? If she needs 8's for the points, have her sit the general test, which in my experience is a little easier. I missed out by 0.5 on writing for 8's on academic, but got 8,8.5,9,9 first time on general, for the points. It's worth a shot!
  11. Paige03

    Moving to Mackay

    Haven't secured a rental yet, I'll look once I'm there, although I have been looking online. Houses look lovely though. I'm a child and family health nurse (health visitor in U.K.). What line of nursing is your husband in?
  12. Paige03

    Moving to Mackay

    Hey. I'm in the process of moving to Mackay also. I have also accepted a job offer there. Im a nurse too. Im in Adelaide at present but should be heading up that way next week. I'm also flying my dogs over from the UK. There seems to be a lot of nursing roles available in that area and I was offered the role whilst still in UK. I'm sure your husband will be fine.
  13. We used Crown. House was packed up 6th April and container taken to docks; container docked in Adelaide 2nd June, cleared customs last Thursday/Friday.
  14. Paige03

    Anmac standards

    I was wondering if that's what you thought. Good luck. My ANMAC only took 2.5 weeks to process last year.
  15. Paige03

    Anmac standards

    What do you mean by 5 year standard? Have you not practised within the last 5 years?