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  1. gertyax1978

    Processing times increased AGAIN

    Nurse. Application lodged 14th April. Granted 15th august. You should be granted soon. Good luck.
  2. gertyax1978

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Grant today. Lodge 14th April. Granted with 19year old daughter as dependant. Lots to do!!!! Good luck to everyone else
  3. gertyax1978

    189 visa processing times increased

    Visa grant this morning 14th April lodge Can't believe it!
  4. gertyax1978

    Flights to Brisbane at Christmas

    Look on sky scanner and select times. Etihad, emirates and virgin are worth a punt
  5. gertyax1978

    189 visa processing times increased

    Are you claiming for "x" amount of years work experience? This can slow things down
  6. gertyax1978

    U.K. Tiler wanting pr

    Hi mate. I am a nvq level 3 tiler and had my tra refused despite having 15 years experience. The best bet for you whilst in Australia is to get the aqf lll certificate in wall and floor tiling. See link. https://www.myskills.gov.au/Courses/details?Code=CPC31311 You may have a difficult time gaining tra skills assessment without the Australian qualification due to only having nvq level2. Or I suggest trying to get a sponsor. Good luck mate
  7. https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/visa-reform Visa reform coming? 99 visas down to 10 possibly! "99 problems but the b****h ain't one- hit me";)
  8. gertyax1978

    189 visa processing times increased

    We have just got to 3 1/2 months since lodging so was hopeful of an email in next few weeks with a visa decision . Looks like we better start planning for another winter in the UK
  9. https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/189- now 75% in 8 months from 4 and 11 months from 8..., long wait ahead. Does anyone know if these times are for newly applied visas or all visas currently being processed? thanks in advance
  10. gertyax1978


    Hi it took around 3 months.
  11. gertyax1978

    What to bring...

    Hi We was over for a reccie last week in Brisbane. We will be using Movecube- we went to the local depot to see the cubes and very impressed with the guys there. We did lots of looking around furniture shops, schools etc and have decided that we wont take anything apart from personal items. Super A mart do some decent furniture packages. Target seem very cheap for plates, cups etc I've heard that UK tv's wont work in Oz. Dont know if its true but you can pick up a decent one in JB HIFI at a decent price. Only our views on stuff I'm sure others will disagree
  12. gertyax1978

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Any updates? We had CO contact and sent off requested info...waiting begins again...
  13. gertyax1978

    Electrical Work

    pm sent
  14. gertyax1978

    Form 47a upload? where to?

    Found it. Apologises
  15. gertyax1978

    Form 47a upload? where to?

    Hi everyone. I have been asked to upload a form 47a for my dependent child over 18. I have looked at the immi account uploads but cant seem to see where I upload the form 47a to. Can anyone shed any light as to which category I should upload under. Many thanks in advance. Visa application 14th April. CO contact 8th May