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  1. jkm10

    Emirates/ dubai airport

    Thanks I’m travelling to Brisbane not Sydney but I think there’s multiple flights per day as well to Brisbane.
  2. jkm10

    Emirates/ dubai airport

    Ooh great thanks, i’ll call Emirates then.
  3. jkm10

    Emirates/ dubai airport

    Thanks for the advice everyone
  4. jkm10

    Emirates/ dubai airport

    Hi, I'm flying back to UK (Manchester) in September. I'm looking at going with Emirates as they have the best flight times. On the return journey i'm looking at booking i would have 1hour 40minutes layover in Dubai, realistically is this enough time to transfer from one plane to the other? I don't want a long layover but also don't want to be running to catch a flight. Also, I wanted to treat myself to Business class but just do it on the long journeys (aus-dubai, Dubai-aus), however, whenever i try doing this online it says it's not possible to travel in mix classes. Does anyone know a way around this? I looked at booking separately e.g. the aus-dubai route in business and Dubai - uk route in economy but it worked out too expensive. thanks jess
  5. jkm10

    dental insurance

    thanks i'm aware of the levi, I don't earn that much to qualify so using medicare at the mo. but I guess eventually I will go to private health insurance.
  6. hey, i'm doing well been here a month now, term started back up 2 weeks ago and I've had 5 days supply work so far which I'm really impressed with. quite a few contracts are coming up now for January term, however, most of them are in catholic schools and I've been told by a principal I can't teach on contract in catholic schools as I'm not catholic. it's a different experience to the UK but i'm enjoying it so far jess
  7. jkm10

    dental insurance

    Thanks that sounds like a good system, will check that out
  8. jkm10

    Recently Qualified Primary School Teacher

    Hi, i'm a primary school teacher moving to QLD in a few days. I'm aware that it's hard to get jobs so i'm going to be doing relief teaching and hopefully that will lead to a contract, if you're determined to come out and don't want to move to remote areas then I guess relief teaching is the way forward. The previous poster is correct you do need 4 years uni education - maybe you could do a masters? I don't know if you would consider going out to Australia and studying over there for another year but that could be another option. In terms of visas since you can't get a PR visa you might want to look at working holiday or sponsorship visas. Good luck
  9. jkm10

    dental insurance

    fab thank you
  10. jkm10

    dental insurance

    thanks for your reply, but as far as I can see with these ones it isn't just dental insurance it covers all the extra stuff like physio, chiro etc. I just don't need that stuff so it seems like a waste of money paying for all those services. thanks anyway
  11. Hi, when I went out a few years on a 457 visa I got a job before I went out (they sponsored me for the visa), but the job was obviously pending until I got AHPRA and in fact my AHPRA wasn't sorted until about 3 weeks after I moved there so I wasn't able to start work. I would say mention in your applications that you have applied to AHPRA and it is pending. Good luck Jess
  12. Hi, I'm also an early years teacher and moving to QLD next week. From my experience so far there are plenty of jobs, but each one I've applied to I've been turned down as I don't have experience in aussie schools. Since i'm on a PR visa i'm going to be doing relief work (supply work) i'm hoping this will lead to a contract. If you're going to be living in one of the cities your best bet would be to do relief work get your face known, mention your early years experience and that will hopefully lead to work. If you're looking for a permanent position straight away then you will need to work in a remote location. In terms of additional training as you've got 4 years uni education that's fine, however, a few of the schools I've looked at said they favour people with a masters degree. Hope that helps good luck. Jess
  13. jkm10

    dental insurance

    Hi, I'm moving to Brisbane next week and i'm confused about which company to use for dental insurance - there seem to be so many health insurance companies offering different levels of insurance with different things included. I'm not interested in insurance for optical, physio, hearing etc as i'm young and healthy and just want a dental insurance. Can anyone recommend any dental insurance companies that have dentists I can use in Brisbane CBD? thanks jess
  14. jkm10

    Singapore Air Baggage Allowance

    I'm flying from Manchester Thanks anyway
  15. jkm10

    Singapore Air Baggage Allowance

    Thanks I was aware of this, unfortunately I've already validated last year so I can't have the extra baggage