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  1. Teachers Moving or Living in Australia

    Hi, i'm a primary school teacher heading over to Brisbane in September ready to start for their term 4. My question regards supply teaching in QLD, I have been told 2 things - 1. submit resume to individual schools and I will then be contacting for supply. 2. I've been told I need to register with tracer to work supply in state schools. can anyone clear this up as I don't want to have to go and get loads of documents notarised for tracer if I can just apply through individual schools? Also, who do I register with for private school supply work? thanks jess
  2. Flights to Brisbane at Christmas

    Hi, yeah it's for both legs unfortunately, it's seems ok to catch day flights going out but the return journey seems to be the problem. They do want to stop over as well but it seems almost impossible to not have one of the flights starting at night. Thanks for your suggestions, will check those out.
  3. Flights to Brisbane at Christmas

    Thanks for the advice I've tired sky scanner but when I select the times for day flights it comes up with a trip involving 3 or 4 different airlines and multiple stopovers. They are really just looking to travel with one airline and have a stopover in one place but without having to pay the £5k for Singapore airlines.
  4. Flights to Brisbane at Christmas

    Hi, My parents are hoping to come and see me in Brisbane at Christmas. My mum doesn't like taking flights starting at night time so it's making it very difficult to find flights. So far we've only found Singapore airways with all flights starting in daytime but it's over £5k which is too expensive for them. Does anybody know of any daytime flights from Manchester or London to Brisbane with a stopover somewhere? Thank You Jess
  5. Where to go in QLD in August?

    Thanks for all your suggestions, I decided to just head to Noosa this time round, but look forward to trying the other suggestions in the future :-)
  6. Where to go in QLD in August?

    Thank You, any recommendations of places to stay in Noosa? x
  7. Where to go in QLD in August?

    ooh thank you, I've heard Noosa is lovely, so will check it out xx
  8. Where to go in QLD in August?

    hi, I'm coming to oz for 8days in August. I'm flying to/from Brisbane and ideally don't want to take another internal flight/long trip whilst I'm there. I plan on spending the 1st 4 days in Brisbane, and the last day before I fly home. That leaves me with 3 days and I'm not really sure where to go - any ideas? I've already been to Gold Coast twice and would like to see somewhere new. thanks jess
  9. Question about 189 visa

    Thanks Sarah and CaptainC :-)
  10. Question about 189 visa

    Hi, I'm applying for my 189 visa, I've uploaded all my docs, just waiting to book my medical. Now my question is am I able to submit the application prior to having my medical, will the medical documents be uploaded later? Thanks Jess
  11. EOI Invitation Round - 7th September 2015

    Hi, submitted EOI today, not claiming any points for work experience, do I still need references from employers even though I am not claiming points?
  12. IELTS - general or academic?

    thanks very much
  13. IELTS - general or academic?

    Hi, will be applying for my 189 visa in a few months and need IELTS for visa points. English is my first language and I only need IELTS for extra points on my visa, so do I take the general or academic test?
  14. How much experience??

    Thanks for your reply, my spelling isn't really an issue lol, I can spell properly when it is important haha. Thanks for this info, however, I will be a qualified teacher with qts, so taking a job in a childcare centre/nursery is not what I want, I prefer to work in schools. I am an 'outstanding teacher' according to my final placement grade, but I'm sure many teachers are also outstanding. Anybody have any ideas what I could do here in UK for next few years to make sure I look good? Would working in a school abroad like Dubai/Middle East look good when applying for jobs in oz? I guess I could show then I had previous experience working abroad? Thanks Jess :-)
  15. How much experience??

    Thanks for this info. I was previously a children's nurse, for 2years in UK before moving over to oz to work as a nurse, however, things didn't work out, I ended up loosing my job and then ended up having to come back to UK as I couldn't afford to live over there (I was on 457 visa so couldn't find any more work). That's when I decided to go into early years teaching. Can I ask about tutoring, is that common over in oz, I was just thinking if I came over in a few years, and couldn't find a job, I would still be teaching if I was tutoring at weekends or after school.