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Found 9 results

  1. PLUMBER Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189) - Skill Assessment | HELP PLEASE! I am really hoping someone can please assist me and my partner (a UK citizen). I am an Australian citizen and my partner wants to move to Australia to live and work as a plumber but we are finding the visa process extremely difficult and confusing. My partner is 32 years of age and a qualified plumber/gas fitter in the UK with over 8 years’ experience. We enlisted the help of a migration consultant in Sydney originally and she told us initially that he should apply for a Skilled Independent Visa 189. However we have just been told by her that she provided us with the wrong information initially and he is not eligible to apply for the VISA. To be eligible for this visa and to send of an expression of interest, he needs to do a skill assessment (OSAP - Offshore Skills Assessment Program) to gain a Offshore Technical Skills Record (OTSR) through a company called VetAssess but he doesn’t meet the following criteria: “Your evidence must show you have worked in your occupation for at least 12 months within the last 3 years and must be able to be verified.” Unfortunately my partner does not meet this criteria as he has been based in Bali for the past 3 years working in another field. However prior to that he has always worked as a plumber in the UK and now wants to settle down in Australia with me, as a plumber. Is there a way around this criteria? I am now looking into the option of my partner finding a plumber to sponsor him so he can apply for sponsorship visa. However it appears even for these sponsor visas, my partner still needs to do his skill assessment to obtain an OTSR. My partner has a holiday visa for Australia currently. He flew back to the UK about a month ago to get together all his paperwork/evidence so he could do his skill assessment but now we don’t know what to do since apparently he isn’t eligible. We are really hoping there is a way for him to be able to work in Australia as a plumber. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hey guys I did my medicals yesterday ( My health declaration). In the immiaccount, when i start filling up visa pplication form, in 5th page a warning pops up, "Applicant xxx has other unfinalised applications lodged with the department. The applicant will be able to continue; however the unfinalised application(s) may need to be withdrawn by advising the department in writing. Please review the Departments website for further information." I am worried about the issue. My health decleration status also shows Incomplete. Can there be a link between the two or is it a critical issue. Does anyone know anything about this? Regards
  3. Is there any nurses received their EOI since July 1, 2017? It seem a long wait for 60-65 points due to high number of higher pointers. Applied EOI-5/7/17 EOI- 65 points
  4. Hi all, We have today had our medicals uploaded and no further action needed :cool:. We have uploaded our police check certificates and submitted the additional information that was requested by our CO. So now I guess the wait begins for them to get back to us for more info or if we will get our visa granted :err:. Has anyone else submitted and are waiting to hear back? Here's hoping it isn't too longer wait to find out the outcome! Purplesparkle x
  5. Hi. Hoping for another little bit of help! I’m applying for a skills assessment under ‘accountant’ and whilst I’ve got 6 years experience in a Finance role I also had 8 years post qualification experience with PWC after getting my CA qualification. My question is will the assessing authority look at the PWC experience as technically it’s external audit or do they look at it as general accountant experience? Just trying to understand if I can get an extra 5 point or not for 8-10 years experience. Thanks for for any help!
  6. Stayorgo

    Accountant on 189

    Wondered if anyone had any thoughts/experience on how long it may take to get an invite for a 189 visa as an accountant (general), code 221111. We have 75 points and lodged our EOI a few days ago. A friend submitted his 11 months ago (late january 2017)for the same occupation and same number of points and he was invited on the first round post submitting his EOI. (Very lucky!!) However from what I've looked at recently on skill select there seems to be a few months months wait on 75pointers for accountants despite the doubling of accountants being invited this year?
  7. Vicky87

    Visa Application Queries

    Hi All My husband and I have decided to start the ball rolling to obtain a 189 visa but we're unsure where/ when to start the process and hoping you all can help with a few queries: Can anyone recommend a reasonably priced, good migration agent? I've had a quote for £1,800 - is this about the going rate? Are visa agents able to help with where to go in terms of where the best job prospects are? I have looked at skillselect and this seems relatively straight forward, is it the application for the actual visa that is more complicated? I understand the English tests are valid for two years, is that two year to obtain a visa or two years to enter Oz? Hope that makes sense... We have been discussing whether or not to make the move for years, my biggest fear is not making any friends.. Have people found this is ok once arriving? Thanks Vicky
  8. Hi all, I'm planing to apply for the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) and I'm planing to include my partner in my application. I'm in a de facto relationship for 8 years (I can provide evidence if necessary) and I'm engaged to be married (wedding date is set for the June 9th 2018.) The change from de facto to married won't have any effect on the points awarded for the visa application. I'm planing to lodge my EOI by the end of the year. What would be the wisest course of action regarding the change of our relationship status and the change of my future wives last name that will happen with the wedding? I know I can change my EOI before I am invited to apply. After I'm invited I have 60 days to apply and during that period no changes are allowed. Are changes allowed after the aplication for the visa has been lodged? Please feel free to ask if I left anything out. Thank you very much. Kind regards, Dario
  9. Hi we have been wanting to move to Oz since visiting 10 years ago but circumstances have never been right. We are have decided it's now or never and have told by an agency that hubby will qualify for a 189 independent skilled worker visa (he is a domestic gas fitter) subject to passing the English test and getting the application in before he turns 45 in February as needs the extra 20 points. We are concerned as another agency said we were too late because of his age. Don't want to start paying out to be told we're too late. We would like to live on the Sunshine Coast and would appreciate any honest opinions/advice (we can take it!) on job prospects, education for 16 and 17 year olds, best places to live etc as we only have a few days to make this huge decision. Thanks in advance. Paula