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  1. Purplesparkle

    Gold Coast Suburbs

    Hi all, We are finally making the move over to Oz!! We are heading for the Gold Coast at the end of the month. We have booked out holiday accommodation for three weeks until nearly the end of February. We are trying to look at various suburbs that may be suitable for us. Some we have looked at:- Helensvale Oxenford Coombabah Pacific Pines Runaway Bay As you can see we are planning to be more north as this is where my work is going to be. Can anyone living in these or the surrounding areas give us an idea of what they are like. I understand that it is all down to personal preference but we would like some honest feedback. We have looked on Homely.com.au for some reviews but have managed to confuse ourselves! We are a family of four so are looking for a three bed house minimum and will have a budget of around $500 a week for rent. School will also play a part in our choice of area - we have a 13 year old son and a 7 year old daughter - my son is very interested in sports and is considering civil engineering for a future career - we have seen that Pacific Pines High School could support both of these as they have specialist programs but obviously this would depend where we live as to whether he can attend there. Any advice and support would be gratefully received. Thanks PurpleSparkle
  2. Purplesparkle

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Hi all Just wanted to let you know that we have had our visa granted on 21/10!!! Have put our time line below. Good luck to all those still waiting for your visa I hope you get your email soon!! Purplesparkle Our timeline: AHPRA submitted - 7/3/16 granted 4/5/16 IELTS - 19/3/16 ANMAC - submitted 19/4/16 granted 3/8/16 EOI submitted with 70 points for 189 - 6/8/16 Invite - 16/8/16 Application submitted - 3/9/16 CO allocated - 15/9/16 Police Checks - 27/9/16 Medicals - 3/10/16 189 Granted - 21/10/16
  3. Purplesparkle

    Basic cost of living in Queensland

    Hi all, We're starting to look at jobs etc now and have seen some in the Gold Coast Area - we are hoping that my salary is going to be between $80k - $85k. We are a family of 4 - will my salary initially be enough for us to manage on ??? as we would like my husband to take a little bit of time off to settle the kids into school etc Purplesparkle x
  4. Purplesparkle

    Visa Granted!!!

    Thank you! We are very excited! We are a family of 4 (have put our timeline below:- AHPRA submitted - 7/3/16 granted 4/5/16 IELTS - 19/3/16 ANMAC - submitted 19/4/16 granted 3/8/16 EOI submitted with 70 points for 189 - 6/8/16 Invite - 16/8/16 Application submitted - 3/9/16 CO allocated - 15/9/16 Police Checks - 27/9/16 Medicals - 3/10/16 189 Granted - 21/10/16 Purplesparkle x
  5. Purplesparkle

    Visa Granted!!!

    Hi all, Just wanted to share our good news .... our 189 was granted yesterday!!! So exciting and nervous when we were opening the emails!!! Did anyone else get their visa granted this week? We weren't expecting to hear anything so soon, I think we were going to be happy if we heard by Christmas!! Has made us rethink our plans now as we can't wait to get out there!! Have got a few other things to try and sort which makes things a little more complicated but we'll hopefully get things sorted soon! Now to start looking for jobs!! Purplesparkle xx
  6. Purplesparkle

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Congratulations I bet you are so pleased!! Gives us all something positive to hang on to!!
  7. Purplesparkle

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Hi all, It's great to hear of so many people in the same position as us. Like all of you we are eagerly awaiting that magical e-mail that's going to change our lives!!! It seems so frustrating that there doesn't seem to be a particular approach to the grants of visa's! We have got so much going on as I'm sure all of you have too! We are currently a few weeks into the process of selling our house, tentatively looking for a rental but can't do anything about that until we exchange contracts on the house! Looking to see what jobs are out there but we're not going to apply until we get our visa granted. Things seem so up in the air and feel like we are constantly waiting on other people! We are just so excited about the future and would love it to start our next adventure sooner rather than later!! We are hoping to head over to either Queensland or Adelaide. Where is everybody else heading to? Looking forward to seeing all your updates and staying in touch! Purplesparkle x
  8. Purplesparkle

    189 Processing ... the wait begins!

    Hi all, We have today had our medicals uploaded and no further action needed :cool:. We have uploaded our police check certificates and submitted the additional information that was requested by our CO. So now I guess the wait begins for them to get back to us for more info or if we will get our visa granted :err:. Has anyone else submitted and are waiting to hear back? Here's hoping it isn't too longer wait to find out the outcome! Purplesparkle x
  9. Purplesparkle

    September submission of 189

    Anyone else has anymore news on their application? We have been asked for further work and study information. What have people been submitting?! For the work I submitted 2 x work references to cover the 10 years AHPRA registration and NMC registration and a current wage slip. We have now added my ANMAC assessment and also 2 x contracts of employement. Should we upload anymore? I might be able to dig out some P60's but what else do people suggest?! For study information I had uploaded my degree and diploma certificates for my qualifications and have now added the transcripts for both of the courses. I don't think I have anything else I can add to this one!! Any suggestions for us or updates on your progress with your visa!! xx
  10. Purplesparkle

    September submission of 189

    Thanks for all the info and good luck to everyone having submitted their applications!! We are unsure what to do really about the medicals purely because up until the weekend we were happy to just wait things out and have the CO request medicals and police check but we had an offer on our house yesterday and this has spurred us on to get things moving! We know there will be no rushing Immi but thought if we did the medicals etc then it would be viewed as a complete application and possibly be looked at sooner but I'm not sure that would be the case as the processing stage seems to be a bit of a lottery!
  11. Purplesparkle

    September submission of 189

    Hi all, We submitted out 189 application last week end :err: and are now waiting patiently for any kind of response! We have submitted all our documentation but have not yet done the medicals or police checks. What are other people doing when submitting theirs? have you done your medicals/police check too or are you waiting to be allocated a CO and be asked to them? We weren't sure what to do as we didn't want to do the medicals and then wait for ages to have our application looked at and loose a couple of months off the 12 month validation time. Any advice would be gratefully received!!
  12. Purplesparkle

    Invite to apply for a 189

    Thanks for the support and information! We are currently working our way through the forms and getting all our documents together! This is going to be long process getting them scanned in but cheaper that getting them certified!!
  13. Purplesparkle

    Invite to apply for a 189

    Hi Thanks for your replies! Sorry that should have been 1221 form! On the border website is says in the preparing of documents help sheet: 'Every visa application requires various supporting documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, proof of identity etc. Unless asked to do otherwise, you should provide 'certified copies' of original documents, rather than the original documents. ' Which is why we are getting them all certified - its going to cost a fair bit :-( if we could avoid it that would have been nice! We were under the impression that it was 12 months from the grant of the visa not 12 months from the medicals/police checks. Thanks for you replies again!
  14. Purplesparkle

    Invite to apply for a 189

    Hi all, We were lucky enough to have an invite this week to apply for a 189 visa. We are going to get all our documents certified with a solicitor on Friday and then hope to upload all the information over the weekend and submit our application. We just have a couple of questions if thats ok?! 1. We are planning on uploading the form 1220 and form 80 with all our other info (passports, birth certs work references etc) are we ok to fill them in electronically then print them out to sign, scan them back in and upload or should we handwrite them? 2. Should we apply for our police checks and medicals as soon as we have submitted the application or should we wait to be instructed by a Case officer? 3. Do the visa application forms work the same way as the EOI i.e. can you save after each page and return to it at a later date or does it all need to be done in one go? 4. (last question!) is it easy to upload the documents on to the application - we are planning to scan all of the information separately then upload as individual documents. After this we just need to sell our house :err: Thank you in advance!
  15. Purplesparkle

    August Invitiation Rounds

    Hi all, Please can anyone tell us when the August invitation rounds are? We had a look on the DIBP website and they are currently only listing the July rounds. Has there been an August one yet? Thanks in advance!