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  1. 489 Visa Gang

    That's great thanks. I've already got all of that submitted, the health check was done today and PCC are being processed. Just the form 80 I haven't submitted. Is form 80 always requested?
  2. 489 Visa Gang

    Was that your visa grant or state nomination grant?
  3. 489 Visa Gang

    In the circumstances a CO is assigned. What are the normal documents they ask for after visa being submitted? I'm sure I've got most already done but would be nice to be able to get any additional submitted asap
  4. 489 Visa Gang

    Hi guys, joining the 489 bandwagon. Originally going for 189 but waiting for an invite had already taken almost 8months, so decided on a new direction. I've been using a migration agent through the whole process. MY timeline below... -Applied for NT nomination on 09/02/18 -Granted on 12/02/18 -Visa invitation received on 14/02/18 -Visa Application lodged on 15/02/18 -Medical booked for 20/02/18 -Police certs awaiting Exciting times ahead
  5. 489 visa

    Do you have to get a family sponsored 489? Do you qualify for a state nomination 489?
  6. Electrician thinking of moving out there

    Hey mate I'm an electrician in the visa process now nearing the end hopefully. Heads up, it's a long process!! Give the down under centre a ring in London. They were my first stepping stone in the whole process for a skills assessment. They can guide you through the bare minimum what you'll need. Any expert accurate advice, id recommend a migration agent which is at a cost. I started the process last January and im still in the UK. Ive lived and worked in Aus as a spark for a few years so im lucky to have contacts and job opportunities to go back to at full rate, without the worry of apprentice wages which are normally minimum at $18 p/h. What year did you get your NVQ?
  7. How long for invite

    Fingers toes and eyes crossed mate
  8. How long for invite

    Thanks bud. Yeah, its impossible to predict anything with timescales. I saw someone put their EOI in July, invite 1 week later, then visa grant in September!!!! So clearly things can be super quick, or....super slow hahahaha. I'm a single applicant with a simple straightforward case, so I'm hoping my application progress should be quick as I'm going to get my agent to front-load my medicals, police certs and form 80.
  9. How long for invite

    Really hard for me as I've been eager to get back to Darwin asap since returning January after a few years out there. My girlfriend, job, vehicles and belongings etc are all out there and I'm stuck here waiting for this bloody invite and grant!!!
  10. How long for invite

    The high quantity of fake pro rata EOIs has messed the system up a lot this year. My guess its all the staff who got made redundant in april when all the big changes took place. Even my agent said its unusual this year with the progress of invites
  11. How long for invite

    I'm also waiting with 60 points general electrician, EOI 4th July 17. Such a pain in the ass!! I'll update on here for you when I receive mine as I should get mine before. Fingers crossed we are not far away!!!!!!
  12. 189 independent skilled visa

    I returned from Aus in January after exhausting my previous visas for a few years. Since the start of January, I've been working towards a 189 visa as an electrician. Took until February to gather my documents for skills assessment and have them approved. April was the next available skills assessment exam. Then 8 week wait for the certificate. April to July for me to get superior level English for 20 points, (tried both IELTS & PTE few times). EOI submitted very start of July with 60 points and still waiting for an invitation to apply now (everyone has to be invited). This will be the same process for your husband but different timescales of course. Through research and various sites, aus DIBP are processing very slowly. I started in January and wouldn't expect to see much progress until the new year. So could be 12 months from getting the ball rolling to my application submitted for my situation. Your situation, is also more complicated than my own as you have multiple family members going with you, in turn will have piles of paperwork. My opinion is it would be very very risky and theres no way of getting your money back.
  13. No Accountant Invites in the 4th Oct Round

    Makes lots of sense to get the checks before applying. Imagine paying all the visa costs and losing it all because you fail the health check... Sent from my SM-G935F using PomsinOz mobile app
  14. No Accountant Invites in the 4th Oct Round

    Sent from my SM-G935F using PomsinOz mobile app
  15. No Accountant Invites in the 4th Oct Round

    The Dibp website clearly states they prefer you to have health check before you apply for the visa, but after your invitation. Front loading all docs and forms seems to be the way forward in all cases. I've never heard of anyone ever having to redo checks or certs Sent from my SM-G935F using PomsinOz mobile app