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  1. I submitted my EOI on 5th July as Electrician with 60 points, nothing on the first round so see what happens on the 26th
  2. Everyone's case is very different to the next and will almost likely take different amounts of time to process. Be patient and good luck, you'll get it soon
  3. That's really good, I was just curious as I applied last week with 60 points as an electrician. Fingers crossed for next round!!
  4. How many points did you apply with and when did you submit your EOI. Congrats getting your invite
  5. 27 years old Electrician general 60 points emigrating on my own
  6. Awesome thanks guys, see what happens in the next 2 days. Fingers crossed!!!!
  7. Hey everyone, I put my EOI in last week and I'm aware there is an invitation round this week. I'm just curious whether invitations are only given out on these specific days, or can it be days following also? Thanks
  8. If in doubt for anything the downunder centre in London are brilliant. I done my skills assessment through them Sent from my SM-G935F using PomsinOz mobile app
  9. The elective form relates to your theory course in oz for your GAP training. If you just complete 1 of the 4 options, whatever relates most of your current work. I wrote 3 A4 pages decribing all the points in detail and what I did on site to check off each bullet point. Sent from my SM-G935F using PomsinOz mobile app