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  1. Electrical gap training

    Hey everyone. Does anybody have any rough costs of getting enrolled in the gap training for general electrician once onshore? Hopefully heading out in the next few months and curios of how much I'll need to lay out licencing wise. Thanks
  2. No qualifications

    People go through extreme measures and study towards getting a qualification just to qualify for a visa . There's no easy route unfortunatley. Maybe contact a mara agent for expert advice
  3. *** All Visa Grants ***

    Hey everyone, thought I would start a new topic based just on visa grants to help everyone get a better idea about current processing times. Please just post your timeline after you have received your grant in a basic format. (visa type)(points)(occupation)(date submitted)(grant date)(direct grant or CO contact} This will be very useful for everyone waiting and definitely helps keep up the motivation for us all! Good luck to everyone waiting and congrats to all those who have received their visa. Feel free to follow this post to stay up to date
  4. 489 Visa Gang

    Analysing the tracker, most direct grants are around 90 days from submission. Everyone who had CO contact requesting further documents eg.medicals, form 80 decision was pushed to around 170 days. That's why people push to front-load all documents. Good luck with everything, hope you get the visa soon
  5. 489 Visa Gang

    Many of us here use immitracker. It's a great website, it doesn't account for all applications but gives a good general idea of how things are progressing.
  6. 489 Visa Gang

    I would reconsider your medicals as its even stated on the home affairs website to do it early in your application for easier and faster processing.. Achieving a faster visa decision Most 'complete' applications in Priority Groups 3 and 4 can be finalised at the time of assessment. For your application to be 'complete' undertake health examinations and upload all required documentation to ImmiAccount before the application is allocated for assessment.
  7. 489 Visa Gang

    But i do agree with getting your medical and PCC certs done now. Not having them in place can extend your processing time quite a lot. PCC can take weeks to arrive and scheduling a medical can take a few weeks for availability. Then waiting for CO to pick up your file again. Medicals, PCC and form 80 are all great to have submitted at the start.
  8. 489 Visa Gang

    The last 10 489 grants on tracker all took from 80-200 days from application. Everyone's case is very different so almost impossible to predict
  9. 489 Visa Gang

    Sometimes you will not be assigned a case officer and it will go straight to direct grant. If you are assigned an officer it's likely they require more information from you
  10. A long shot...

    Immigration is not an easy ordeal and they only look for fully qualified applicants to high standards. Before starting on this journey be sure to have all al quals up to local standards as AU immigration will not accept much less than the current up to date qualifications in your occupation
  11. State Sponsorship

    A big mistake many people make is claiming points for years of occupation while gaining the certificate. EG. 3-year apprenticeship and 1 year after receiving full qual is only 1 year in claiming points
  12. Invitation for radiographers

    If you have answered all the skill select questions then no not really. The English level is the only way to increase points. Consider trying PTE over IELTS As its much easier in some ways. 65 points at the moment are not being invited and likely to stay that way for the rest of the current visa program year due to the high volume of applicants with high points
  13. To me, that just looks like a rewording of whats stated on the home affairs website. Until I see it written on a document saying *fees waived/free* then I wouldn't count on it haha
  14. The fees section doesn't outline anything about temporary visas though haha. Square 1 again......
  15. Not sure if you have been through this website yet. Lots of information... http://www.study.vic.gov.au/en/study-in-victoria/international-student-program/Pages/primary-school-program.aspx