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  1. Hi, Any recent 457 Nominations been approved from a non accredited or non transfer? Lodges a nomination early dec 2017 and nadda
  2. AAT for visa refusal

    Not long, AAT will write to you within 6 weeks or so advising you don't have a valid appeal and then 28 days after that your current visa will cease.
  3. Hoping for a sponsorship

    If he has been actually running a business, then maybe see whats suitable that route, however if he is a sole trader then I have to agree with the others.
  4. 457 visa change help

    Any chance you can get your skills assessed and then apply for DE scheme before your 457 visa runs out?
  5. 417 to 457 Bridge Visa A 6 months work right

    surely if the 8547 is attached to the bridging visa it still applies,? i mean it may re-new i.e another 6 months but does it actually stop? If it actually stop then this AAT Appeal i am involved with is Mooo.
  6. Mine changed before, maybe about 10 days after lodging the VISA AAT review, the expiry date was removed. I would go to an immigration office a few days before exp if it doesnt change
  7. 457 transition to Pr

    It would also depend on your trade, if its one that immi like to refuse then defo get a good MA.. Shop/store retail Managers, cooks, chefs office managers etc etc
  8. 186 visa refused - appeal question ??

    You must of applied for the Direct Entry route rather than the Temporary transition scheme>? I thought the rules for age have already been agreed, i.e under 50 for trt and 45 for DE Hmmmm... I haven't been keeping up with the rules lately but thats taken direct from the website...
  9. Awful Visa Agent - what can we do?

    Keep on at them and your employer, make it clear of your visa expiry date and that the PR application needs to be in before that date...
  10. Visa status

    You already have the visa, You just need the nomination approved, as the MA above has stated its normally quicker than 12 months. I think someone needs to look into your case. Maybe get the potential employer to get a MA involved. I suggest you check your current visa status on VEVO
  11. Where do I even begin with the VISA process!?

    The Ielts test isn't to make sure you speak good English, it's so you can get more points when you apply for your visa, Download the ebooks and tips and revise on how to approach this test, If you have a UK passport, you don't need the ielts test other than to get points. 10 or 20 points can be achieved with ielts so make sure you get as much as you can.
  12. Hi, does anyone know if visa is refused and AAT review is lodged, is the bridging visa automatically extended (Currently BVA Expires 22nd jan) or is form 1005 required to be completed and sent to immigration?
  13. Visa help / advice

    Hi Mate. Sorry to burst your bubble, but from what I can see, scaffolder is not on any list for eligible visas. This means you cannot obtain a work visa based on your occupation. VeryStormy offered a much better reply ;-)
  14. I also think 2007 is considered pretty recent when it comes to past convictions... Maybe if it was 1987
  15. 457 to residency

    You can be sponsored under ENS Direct Entry providing you meet all the requirements, The main reason people who are on a 457 do not normally do Direct Entry I would assume is the inability to obtain a Skills Assessment which would be required for the Direct Entry Route. Other issues are under 45, occupation needs to be on the MTLSSL list. Company need pay some $$$ and agree, however its an option.. http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/186-