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  1. Samson

    189 visa

  2. Samson

    2nd Working Holiday Visa Rejected

    To me it looks like they have asked for additional evidence, given you 28 days to provide that evidence but you have not done so?
  3. Samson

    SAF levy

    Expected between 1 July 2018 and 30 September 2018. The Government really want this to happen as soon as possible. Also, current figures for PR nomination are $5000 for turnover over 10 Million and $3000 less than 10 Million.. Its not huge amounts of cash for a skilled employee but profits are profits..
  4. Samson

    489 visa

    No one knows mate. If they are doing external checks it may take over a year
  5. Samson

    Shorter Term Visa - 2 Years?

    Hi Paul, Short answer is No. The longer answer is, there are some temporary sponsored visas, the TSS visa is one, however you need to be sponsored by an employer and also on the skills list. These types of visa also have some drawbacks such as school fees, mandatory health cover, 60 days to leave if you lose your job, jobs on the ST list have no possibilty or PR. etc etc
  6. Samson

    Criminal record ?? Where do we stand ?

    In the 6 years your parents have been here, have you both visited them? if so, did he declare his past on the tourist visas? if not this would be of bad character and be a negative impact, if they decide to dig deeper.. if he did and was granted a tourist visa this bows well.. As soon as they see criminal past the will check without a doubt any entries to Australia he has made. The above may not be relevant however I am just adding to the point above where 100% honesty on everything is the only way forward and a GOOD MA Best of luck to you..
  7. Samson

    Criminal record ?? Where do we stand ?

    I would imagine imagine that if he hasn't been convicted after leaving the youth prison at 18 it would help your case, if he has then id say it would be near impossible. I think you need a good MA that has experience with criminal past on visa applications, however 2 years in Youth Prison seems like there would be a massive list of convictions thats a long time for just ""driving with no licence, stealing cars etc.. I would like to know what the ""etc"" was...
  8. I am not a MA but I would say yes. As long as your PR Application is lodged before 22 March 2022 https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/WorkinginAustralia/Documents/tss-complementary-reforms-qanda.pdf page 12 onwards is what I am reading.
  9. Samson

    Second year WHV extenuating circumstances

    No they don't mate, You were a temporary resident on a Holiday visa with a condition that allowed you to work for an employer for 6 months to support your holiday, Compassionate or compelling reasons do not come into the decision as eventually you were to leave, there was no guarantee you would be able to obtain the regional work anyway.
  10. Samson

    496 VISA

    Hmmmm, Now I know why the AAT appeals are taking over 18 months
  11. Samson

    Exceeding 40 hrs during “exam period”

    Working 40 hours in one week isn't the issue, providing the week before you worked 0 hours. So W/C Monday 18th June until Sunday 24th June - You must of worked 0 hours W/C Monday 25th June Until Saturday 30th June - You have worked your Max of 40 hours as you posted above. Then Commencing Sunday 1st July, you are no longer in session and can work unlimited hours. If you did work part time from 18th June, then yes you have breached your visa and are subject to visa cancellation. I am sure you are not the first to do so and will not be the last.
  12. Edit, deleted didnt see page 2
  13. Samson

    457 visa wanting to transfer to 417

    Maybe a 6 week trip to NZ?
  14. Samson

    457 visa wanting to transfer to 417

    To claim DASP, your visa needs to be cancelled or expired. You need to have left Australia. You cannot have an Active visa. So until its processed and paid to you, I wouldn't apply for the WHV as if it was granted within a few days, your DASP wouldn't meet the requirements and then you would have to -relodge and pay the 65% TAX.
  15. Do you know if the nomination has been approved?