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  1. I agree with what you are saying. I hope a MA may also pop in to confirm
  2. Samson

    Internal review

    AAT Appeal?
  3. Samson

    Money advice please

    Transferwise, I like them because they are upfront about how much you get, its very quick and I have had no issues transferring 100k Savings, I have a westpac Life account and as long as the balance is more every month then I get 2.3% RAMS is a very popular savings account and think they offer 3% if you don't withdraw anything thoughout the month.
  4. Samson

    Visa related anxiety

    It's not just you that is going through this, many temporary visa applicants are going through the same thing. Try not to over think anything and if you have a genuine application and everything has been completed properly and all requirements have been met then you will be fine. As far as I am aware the Processing times are 11-16 months so just hang in there
  5. Samson

    Where to start ?? Its overwhelming!

    As others have said, you are simply dating, I don't even think I would call it dating, Re-living your youth maybe So currently no visa applies to you. Even a PMV needs to be genuine, getting married for a visa isn't genuine. I would probably look at the risks & pros/cons of them coming over here as tourists and then applying for the onshore partner visa, you may be in a state where you can register the relationship and waive the 12 month rule, you would have to financially support them both(No work rights) , but as you already think you are in a defacto relationship this wouldn't be a problem wink wink.... Coming to Australia as tourists with the only intent of applying for a partner visa is against immigration rules, however they have never been here before so coming to the country to explore and get the feel of Australian way of life isn't The Son being at that age adds potential issues too. Again, a good Migration agent will be worth the extra $$$ in your case. I reckon.. Good Luck
  6. Hey mate, I am not a Migration Agent so my advice is really my own personal thoughts based on the small amount of knowledge I have on 457 visas.. you have all these negatives, 1 -Nom refused 2 - Visa applied offshore no review rights as far as I am aware (I am happy to be corrected though) for when the visa is refused if not already. 3 - 457 visas are now abolished and the department frankly want them gone, you can no longer re-apply for a 457 visa so I really don't see how this is going to end in your favour. My advice above stands, withdraw your visa application, reapply for the TSS visa making sure the company is meeting the requirements of the TSS Nomination. Out of pure curiosity, what is the trade, business size? Aussie vs Non Aussie employees? length of trading?
  7. Samson

    New Mortgage Broker - Carol Yokowo

    Thanks Carol, I really appreciate the very informative reply. I have been thinking about buying a place but due to the WA market and temporary visa restrictions I will hold off and keep saving, I have a good size deposit >30% however Stamp Duty + FIRB + Temp residents levy @ 4% from Jan(WA) iirc I will just hold off until such time I am PR. Again, thanks for the reply much appreciated.
  8. I can't help any further buddy, It's now down to your potential sponsor and their Migration Agent to decide the way forward! I wish you all the luck!
  9. Samson


    No need to start a whole thread buddy...
  10. Withdraw your visa application. Apply for the TSS nomination with LMT / & TSS visa (STSOL) 2 Year Visa. Processing times for these seem to be 2-4 weeks at present. You are offshore, you cannot appeal and you cannot apply for a 457 visa any longer. surely your company is not prepared to wait another 12+ months for you - look into the TSS visa stream is my own personal opinion.
  11. Oh Dear. Sorry to hear the bad news. You really need to take all the refusal information (Refusal and all application info) to a Registered Migration Agent to discuss your options. Your Visa application will also be refused shortly as you have no approved nomination. With that said above you would need to appeal your nomination and then also your visa application. That's not far off $4000. And with that said above, AAT have no obligation to review the Nomination refusal before the Visa refusal so if you lodge your AAT appeal they could make a decision on your Visa, i.e affirm the visa refusal as you have no nomination and the Nomination appeal itself is totally pointless. I think the AAT are also massively swamped, 80% increase in workload from last year., that's over 10000 cases more than last yr.... ouch. I can't really make out the actual refusal based on that image, I assume its because your company didn't satisfy the LMT... If this is the case, then you need to make sure you can prove that they did do LMT or were exempt from this in order to appeal the decision, if not then there is no reason to appeal.. The AAT have a priority list to follow, one of them priorities now is to stop AAT appeals that have only been lodged to delay the inevitable, i.e people lodging a 457 visa refusal when they don't have a valid nomination, these are screened pretty quickly.. What ever you decide to do, remember your time limits to lodge & also remember to lodge the nomination appeal BEFORE the visa appeal. If you are still on a substantive visa, I would withdraw the visa application and re-assess your situation and maybe get some professional advice on moving forward. All the best ;;-)
  12. Samson

    Visa 457 to NSW state sponsored visa

    The 457 visa has been abolished and can no longer be applied for. Is your potential employer willing to sponsor under the new TSS visa stream?
  13. Samson

    801 granted same time as 820

    I would add a statement reminding them that they can grant both..
  14. Samson

    Anybody else "bricking it"?

    Lol @ Footballer getting raised to the Long Term list...