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  1. Samson

    Refusal Visa

    It’s also to do with your intent to return home. return flights a job family / children a business good life back home financially secure a mortgage / rental agreement ongoing bills while you are away, car payments, electricity memberships
  2. So your company notified immigration of your dismissal and you were given 90 days to find a new sponsor or leave, then after 70 days you old company said, oh we want you back and will sponsor you again?
  3. Samson

    Become a Standard Business Sponsor

    I’m pretty sure self sponsorship is a thing of the past.
  4. Samson


    I believe the rule is pretty clear. Pending Nomination = AAT still have power to review visa refusal Refused Nomination = AAT do not have power to review visa refusal Approved Nomination that’s still valid = AAT Have POWER to Review visa refusal Approved Nomination that’s expired post 12 months AAT do not have rights to review Pending Nomination When Visa Appeal was lodged then that nomination being refused as long as that nomination was also appealed to the AAT within the timelines then AAT have rights to review the visa refusal but first would assess the nomination refusal and if they could not set aside that decision and it was affirmed then they would have no rights to refuse the visa refusal. Unfortunately you have no nomination or one that you appealed in time so I agree with the other advice you have received and say the AAT will not review the visa refusal.
  5. Samson

    482-Temporary Skill Shortage

    No one can help when it says Further Assessment. It’s being assessed in much more detail and can take any amount of time, for example my 457 was in further assessment for 18 months and refused the day before Xmas eve. It really all depends on what information they are actually further assessing, you can only wait.
  6. Samson


    If you are under 31 you could apply for a Working Holiday visa and come over for a year or two and see if you actually like it. If you are over 45, you will not qualify for most skilled visas.
  7. Samson


    There are many rules the department have to follow, one of which is successfully notifying him that his visa is being considered for cancellation. He will then have a set time to respond saying why it should not be cancelled, the will then notify him of the decision and yes once released could go straight to immigration detention awaiting deportation if he doesn’t appeal. If this is his first and only conviction he may not be stripped of his PR he may receive a warning that his visa may be cancelled if he commits further offences. Being in Australia since 1962 has a very high amount of weight for reasons not to cancel his visa. If he has family here and none back home again puts weight on not to cancel the visa, if he has dependant children again puts weight on not cancelling the visa, also if the crime is a non violent crime and or towards vulnerable people it would put weight on not to cancel the visa. And finally the likely hood of reoffending again at his age I would hope he isn’t. if It’s cancelled and appealed the AAT will look at his whole criminal record it will not go well if he has a lot of convictions.
  8. Samson

    Natural justice letter from the Department

    Ahah ahah yea good luck with that!
  9. Samson

    AAT timeframe

    Its been 14 months for me and emailed AAT last week and they said no eta as yet, I have read a few cases on Austlii and dates of early December of 2017 lodgement were quite common so I would say 18 months for me, thats just a guestimate tho
  10. If you didn't see the letter and had paid it before you read the letter from the debt collectors, you will need to let the debt collector know you have paid it to the ATO. This may cause issues depending on how they work, however from memory the ATO doesn't sell the debt on, just employs their services to chase? I could be wrong. Anyhow, visa wise unless you constantly try and dodge your tax liabilities then 1 oversight isn't going to get you into any trouble.
  11. Samson

    Ex partner pregnant

    Any chance now you know she’s pregnant that you two can get back together and possibly apply for the Partner Visa? Just so you are aware, having a child means absolutely nothing to immigration, so you will need to qualify for your own visa to be able to stay. I am in a similar situation but my daughter is now 2 years old, I have paid child support since day 1 and paid for all jabs etc, I also see her and have her stay over every weekend and we are best of buddies. My AAT appeal is going to be soon it’s only for a 457 visa but if not approved by the AAT I would need to go back to UK. My advice is if you don’t qualify for your own visa, your ex and you can’t make up and bring the child up together on a partner visa, then leave and go back before the child is born and don’t go through the stress & heartache this will cause.
  12. Samson

    457 to PR

    186/187 90% of applications within 13 months
  13. Samson

    457 company sold

    Currently you are without a sponsor. So I assume your current 457 has grounds for cancellation. I would defo seek some advice from the MA’s who post on here but firstly I think your new company owner will need to become a standard sponsor and nominate you so your current 457 is covered by a sponsoring company once this has been approved then Yes I believe you can be sponsored for PR without resetting the clock. However I think you need to demonstrate that the Job is the same, management is the same duties are the same wages are the same etc etc The issue firstly is the time it will take for the company to get approved sponsor status and for the nomination to be lodged (a year plus) your current 457 may have naturally expired or cancelled as the original sponsor abn is cancelled. Again I’d strongly speak with one of the agents on here as this is my own views and I am not an expert
  14. As always you should get professional advice but, my opinion is Do Not apply early, you won’t meet the 2 year rule and visa will be refused Do not apply late, you won’t have a visa and it will be refused Do not apply for another visa as it will void the grandfathering rights when granted (unless you want a different visa) I think you have no option but to lodge your TRT Nomination & application on the last day of your current 457 visa.. Risky Business tho
  15. Samson

    187-Customer Service Manager

    I am in Perth and been waiting 14 months for a hearing for my appeal. I am hoping it’s within the next few months..