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  1. 457 to residency

    You can be sponsored under ENS Direct Entry providing you meet all the requirements, The main reason people who are on a 457 do not normally do Direct Entry I would assume is the inability to obtain a Skills Assessment which would be required for the Direct Entry Route. Other issues are under 45, occupation needs to be on the MTLSSL list. Company need pay some $$$ and agree, however its an option.. http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/186-
  2. which visa type is better for me?

    What work have you been doing for the 10 years?
  3. Moving 457 employers

    I am pretty sure its been reduced to 60 days? She will just have to put up with the other salon until the company sponsorship has been approved and nomination approved.
  4. 187 offshore

    After visa has been submitted 75% applications processed in 15 Months.. Remember if you from a hr country it may be longer
  5. Returning to UK while awaiting visa decision?

    Thanks all, I have told them to see a MA for clarification just to be sure... Thanks ;-)
  6. 187 offshore

    Direct Entry stream 15 Months 18 Months
  7. 186 visa rejection

    If you are on a bridging visa, check your work conditions on vevo... if there are none restricting you, then you can work with the new owner until your case is finalised, however with the previous refusal and a new owner, I don't think the MRT will help you. Did you use a Migration Agent for the MRT? If so then I would speak to them about it...
  8. Returning to UK while awaiting visa decision?

    yea think the bva has kicked in as the whv expired
  9. Returning to UK while awaiting visa decision?

    WHV -> BVA (not expired) They have applied for bvb for travel
  10. Hi All, My friend has put in their 457 application a while ago and got asked for more info, They supplied more info and are awaiting the decision. They are concerned they may be declined for a few reasons,that don''t matter too much however they want to return to the UK for 2 weeks due to a death in the family. My question is, if there visa is declined while they are in the UK, will they be allowed back to Oz to sort out their affairs and appeal the decision if they want too? Or will there bridging visa be cancelled and they not be able to come back? I told them the latter, however I now feel a little guilty assuming ....
  11. Regarding immi account

    I think thats a good idea
  12. Regarding immi account

    My MA refused to upload docs to immi for a nomination, instead would only email them, I said NO, I want them uploaded - this went on for a few days, in the end I uploaded them and the nomination was granted the next day!! There are some great MA''s on this forum, however some very shocking ones out there.
  13. Regarding immi account

    I imagine they can still see the info, However they may not check for 28 days. Id press that button after checking the files have been attached!
  14. 186 pr

    How would anyone know, seems like its still within the current processing times, so you just gotta wait! If you are form HR country and HR trade then it may take longer... be patient
  15. Working holiday to sponsorship

    Getting an IT Job in Sydney isn''t the issue.. Getting an IT Job in Sydney when you are on a WHV looking for potential Sponsorship makes it an issue.. Your IT knowledge is pretty 1st level support, if you had certs / exp in VMware, Oracle, MCP Cert, Linux or advanced Networking skills it makes the WHV thing less of an issue. I am not in Sydney nor IT directly, However I would guess its pretty tough and a fair few applications per job advert. To sum it up, Getting a IT Job on a WHV will be tough, getting sponsored will be very very tough , getting a Permanent visa will be impossible. What ever you decide to do, Good Luck and have fun!