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  1. Samson

    buying a house as temp resident

    I’m in the same boat. I’m renting again because it would cost me around 50k in additional fees for a 400k house. Sucks Bigtime
  2. Samson

    Some PR advice

    Hey mate, Its a very simple answer, stick it out buddy. get ya PR if your current company is offering it and then go back for a long holiday!
  3. Samson

    Is there a way to contact case officer?

    Further assessment means its probably out of the CO's hands until they receive some information back from whatever offshore office is confirming the documents they requested. Your CO requests the docs from you, the CO sends them to the Overseas Post, London for example, that then sits in that queue and is allocated to the UK staff member to be allocated that job, they will then complete that task, for example if you needed to upload proof of experience for example, they would be allocated a task to confirm that experience with your employer and provide your CO with detailed report. Then your CO will receive that job back and finialise your application (quite quickly as it clears their queue) The issue is, it could be in the overseas Post queue a year maybe 18 months before its picked up, it really does depend on what the further assessment is, so even if you did manage to speak with your CO, the best they would say is that your application is still processing, they cannot and will not state anything else as it could mean if someone was lying, they would know to cancel the application before the decision was made. Unfortunately all you can do is wait, I waited 18 months for my further assessment to be completed.
  4. If you are referred by an agency or labour supplier to a business, you can work for six months for that business. The same agency or labour supplier can refer you to another business where you can work for another six months. You cannot stay in the same position in the same location with one employer for more than six months by using different employment agencies, business affiliates or sub-contracting arrangements.
  5. I believe the bridging visa will have the same rights as your current visa, mine did when I went from a WHV->457 however I was able to remove the 6 month work limitation. It may be different if you have applied for a partner visa / non skilled visa or if it's a Temporary / Permanent visa. You should be able to access your Super now your hours have been reduced to zero.
  6. The reason why no one can answer your question is because there is no possible way any knows the answer to it. Even the AAT. All cases are processed in date order, however, there are cases that are given priority and this will impact when your case is assessed. Although you both work for the same company, its two separate nominations, both with a different reason for refusal so will be assessed and heard separately, doing them together saves no time they both are assessed on their individual merits. Having said that, your case being delayed is probably in your best interest as I assume the restaurant is currently closed and does not currently need a Restaurant Manager. So even if the AAT Remitted the application, Immigration would be within their rights to refuse the application on that ground. Out of all the government departments I have ever had to deal with, the AAT seem to have their hands firmly on the ball and seem to run things very well. The huge delays at the AAT is purely down to poorly submitted applications and poorly trained immigration officers. With the AAT the rule is be patient, your time will come. Mine took nearly 3 years.
  7. Urrgh, thats what I thought... Originally it was a 417 so its a a long wait for me then as I read the legislation and seems needs to be 457-BV-457 for example if I understand correctly. Aplogise for the wrong section, it was pretty late ;-) Thanks Raul
  8. Hi Guys I would love if a MA would answer the following question for me. Applied 457 2016 (way before the rules changed) Eventually granted in March 2020 My question is, the time I spent on a Bridging VISA from 2016 - 2020 can this be used to satisfy the requirement for work experience as per this it seems so but I just don’t know? Held or had applied for a 457 Visa prior to 18 April 2017 (which was subsequently approved). Any occupation, provided it is the same occupation as your existing 457 or TSS Visa (even if it is no longer on an approved list). 2 years of employment as a 457 or TSS Visa holder (or associated bridging visa), in your nominated occupation with your sponsor, within the 3 years leading up to the lodgment of the application. I’d prefer good news that it will and I can lodge the 186 without waiting until March 2022 Thanks Guys Sam
  9. Samson

    Term deposits for non-permanent residents?

    Judo Bank?
  10. Samson

    Term deposits for non-permanent residents?

    Just stick it in a UBank saver account and follow the rule deposit $200 a month @ 1.85 %
  11. Hi MaggieMay, Thanks for the reply. They did contact via email and said to provide docs and to upload them in immi. However the email address was no.replyTSS@homeaffairs.gov.au. I will give immigration a call and see if they can put the application back on processing or something.
  12. Hi, I have two questions that are annoying me. If a 457 was refused but then successful at the AAT - how is the best way to provide the police checks? being finalised on immi doesn't allow them? Also, if a company sponsorship expires 2021 would the visa still be given a 2 year lifetime or would it be only given to the expiry of the company sponsorship? Thanks Sam
  13. Samson

    Refusal Visa

    It’s also to do with your intent to return home. return flights a job family / children a business good life back home financially secure a mortgage / rental agreement ongoing bills while you are away, car payments, electricity memberships
  14. So your company notified immigration of your dismissal and you were given 90 days to find a new sponsor or leave, then after 70 days you old company said, oh we want you back and will sponsor you again?
  15. Samson

    Become a Standard Business Sponsor

    I’m pretty sure self sponsorship is a thing of the past.