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  1. SteveR86

    186 TRT Application

    Afternoon, hoping someone can clear up a few queries I have regarding my application. im currently on a 457 and have lodged for my PR today. All paperwork, background checks, etc have been submitted and my agent says they will lodge before 01/07 (so tomorrow). Now, once that’s in do I just sit back and wait?Current wait times are 4-7 months, does that begin from lodging? Or from when my nomination is approved? Also, my 457 expires in sept, if it’s not in by then and I move onto BVA - does that mean I have full work rights and I can change employer?
  2. SteveR86

    Some PR advice

    Hoping someone can help. I’ve been with my employer on a 457 visa for 2.5 years. Im looking at the prospect of PR but still unsure where my future lies whether it be here or back in the U.K. so, two questions... - if I was to leave for 6 months and decide to return, providing I could find a sponsor, could I look at getting my PR - if it helps, I work in regional qld. - alternatively, I may stick it out and get my visa before returning for 6 months - does anyone have any rough idea of processing times atm? any help, advice or guidance is greatly appreciated