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  1. Hi all, Was wondering if anyone on here could give me some insight into my problem, as i cant seem to find any information on it on the forum. My problem is that i'm a UK citizen, who has PR here (gained Feb this year), so qualify for citizenship February 2019. Problem is, me and my Mrs were going to move back to the UK as we have been here for a few years now and the parents back home are getting a bit older and such, so we want to go back and spend some time with them. The predicament is that i was going to wait until i got my citizenship before we left for the UK as we don't know how long we intend on staying there, so thought it would be easier if i just had an Aussie passport if we decided to make the move back here. I never realized that the citizenship process lasted so long (14-17 months according to the website!!) Does anyone know if i can apply for the citizenship in Feb, move back to the UK, then fly back for the ceremony? or do i need to stay in Aus for the entire time that the application is being sorted out? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  2. LB93

    Apprenticeship While on BV A

    Thanks for the reply, that's exactly what immi said but its extremely vague. Does that mean in a nutshell i would be able to do an apprenticeship? This includes going to TAFE etc, so i thought that the company pays for this, then they get a rebate from the government meaning i would need access to government funding. Or am i totally wrong about how the apprenticeship scheme works lol.
  3. Hi All, Im in the situation where as my employer has offered me a full time apprenticeship with them so i can get my certificates over here (as i am classed as an unskilled laborer.) The problem is that im currently on a bridging visa A as i am awaiting the outcome of my partner visa application. I've contacted immi about this via email and they have stated that since im on a BVA, im entitled to work and study as much as i like so yes, its possible. But i know better than to trust immi lol. I was under the impression that you needed to at least have the 820 temp visa to have access to government funding for the apprenticeship? This is all just assumption and i cant find anything about it on the web, and my employer has never done this with someone on a BV, so its all new to the both of us. Any and all help would be much appreciated. Cheers!
  4. LB93

    Provisional UK Driving License

    Hey there, Speaking from personal experience here as i never had time to sit my test before i came over. When i arrived i swapped my UK Provisional and got a QLD learners, i had to pay the fee for the learners license, think it was about $120?? not 100% sure, but never had to take the written test for it. When you swap it over you have to provide evidence, full address in QLD and a bank statement with said address on it, i think it was. I am under 25 so had to do the logbook which was such a pain but finally got through it lol. I passed my test and went onto P1 license (Red P's) but as stated before from Ozmatic, since you meet the age requirement you will go straight onto P2 (green P's). You cant drive unsupervised until you pass your driving test (just like in the UK, you wouldn't be allowed to drive there on your provisional alone). Not sure about driving with whilst supervised with your UK Provisional, you'll need to contact the department of transport and ask. Hope this helps you Lew
  5. LB93

    OZ - UK Christmas/NY Flights

    Hey everyone thanks for the responses so fast, i appreciate the help I think the way to go is to go with KLM after looking at there flights and connivence of just staying with one airline, i wanted to try not have to do an extra stop over but for a saving of $800+ per flight i can deal with it! Just another thing, i have been told that when booking flights to the UK its like the stock market, in that one day the price will be X and the next it will dramatically change and be Y, so do you reckon i should book flights asap, or try wait it out for a couple months? Cheers
  6. LB93

    OZ - UK Christmas/NY Flights

    Hi Everyone, Currently been looking through the forum but cant find anything up-to date on this topic, Me and the misses are looking to fly back to scotland for christmas and hogmany this year, and spending 3 weeks with the family over there, the only problem we have run into is that they are looking in excess of $6000 just for 2 flights! I knew we would have to pay quite a bit as it is peak time of the year but this just seems insane. The above price is with emirates (Brisbane - Dubai - Glasgow) as we dont want to spend hours and hours in an airport waiting on a connecting flight, but i have shopped around and they are all pretty much the same cost. Does anyone have any tips on booking these flights? Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers
  7. Hi all, I'm currently in the midst of going through my De Facto visa and i am currently working as a trade assistant for a roofing company. My question is, back home in the UK i obtained a HNC in Engineering Systems, and was hoping i could use this to my advantage to kick start a decent career over here. Sadly i never had an opportunity to use my qualifications so i have no practical experience in the field. Is there some way to get this qualification recognised over here by australian employers so i can at least apply for higher skilled jobs? It just feels as it would be a good door opener in that respect. Thanks for any and all answers. Cheers
  8. LB93

    417 to 820 Help.

    Cheers for all the help, the australians don't half make it hard for us europeans to stay here lol. And in regards to the 12 months of evidence, its been a pain but we have managed to get some stuff from when we were living together (albeit unofficially, as in me living at where she was renting and helping with bills but with no documents with my name on it bar a letter from her landlord stating all of this) in scotland for a few months, and now that we are here we have our own unit with a joint lease. I wish we had looked into it a bit more and have started gathering stuff when we first started dating but at the time you don't really think about it sadly. Hindsight is a great thing.
  9. LB93

    417 to 820 Help.

    Hey Ozmaniac, Thanks for getting back to me, that info is so helpful, gives me peace of mind that i wont have to go on a mad job hunt again. cheers
  10. LB93

    417 to 820 Help.

    Hi there, first ever post on here so bear with me lol. Some background info, I've recently moved here from Scotland to be with my Ozzie girl who i met when she was travelling europe. We became inseparable and her visa was expiring so i decided to get a WHV so i could be with her and if all worked out, we would look into a more permanent solution so we could stay together. The time has finally arrived and i've been here coming on 9 months now and we're going to apply for a 820 defacto visa. We have no doubts that it will be granted as we more than fit the brief, but i've been searching forums and cant seem to find an up to date answer to this question. Currently got a job working in a metal workshop casually with full time hours, and have been told that il be given a full time contract once i get this visa situation sorted. But i know that i have a 6 month limit to each employer and i read that the processing times of the 820 are currently sitting at 12 - 15 months according to the immi website. So if i apply for this visa and obtain the bridging visa, will that take effect immediately and the 6 month rule will go out the window, or does it mean i have to wait until my WHV expires in december (which would mean finding new employment) then going back to my current place of work as i have been there since April as is. Any feed back would be appreciated, thank you kindly