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  1. Fairview70

    House swap exchange

    Has anyone tried swapping houses, we have a house in Ellesmere near Kingaroy Queensland. 3 bed furnished,vehicles excetra. 9acres ,Wanting to move to UK would sell complete for $240,000 or $225,000 empty on extras. Or consider exchange. For 2/3 bed house UK.
  2. Fairview70

    Mobile phone

    Probably a strange question but I am totally clueless when it come to tech. My moving company want my mobile number on the boxes as I won't have a landline. My phone is UK but I'm moving to Aus next week(EEK!) my mob starts with 07 sometimes it drops the 0 and starts 447 what will it be? and will it differ for people phoning from UK and those in Aus? so do I drop the 0 and add the prequel code for Aust whatever it is?
  3. Fairview70

    It's finally happening!!!!

    Good for you, we have had our house sale fall through twice! now it has sold again but in a chain we are all sorted but the person buying my purchasers house hasn't gien their four weeks notice on their rental yet and we have to be in aussie 14 Dec! may have to go byself and hubby follow not the best start. Que sera sera.
  4. Fairview70

    The UK Pound V Australian Dollar

    You say" not a huge move yet" are you expecting one? and in what direction?
  5. Is there a cut off age both my kids are at high school do they need to show proof of vaccination before they can start? also both have had chicken pox they have the scars to prove it! will they still need to get vaccinated?
  6. Fairview70

    Do You Need a Transfer visa?

    Thanks Ahmad for the really helpful response. This appears to be for that airline only as china or saudi arabia aren't options but will see it other airlines do similar.
  7. I never heard of this before but my mum said it was on "Rip of Britain" that if you get connecting flights you have to have Transfer visas for the countries you change planes in. Is this true? surely that would just be if you intended leaving the airport. Not sure of route yet neither change at dubai or paris then china. We are on mixed British and Australian passports. Please advise.
  8. Fairview70

    All new to this, one million and one questions

    Be careful with waiting till later non dependent children can't go the 17 year old might struggle now as they'll soon be an adult. Also if you wait the 14 year old will have less time to settle in an Aussie school.
  9. Fairview70

    Melbourne quarantine/ diet

    Not far wasn't planning on taking her as trying to rehome but been blind and on a special diet struggling. We are planing to move as soon as the house sells hopefully this summer unfortunately this means we are way out on timings having only had her rabbies done and passport issued the other day and needing 7 months. Fortunately my stepson has said he won't take her perminantly but will look after her to send her out to us. We have tried loads of dog charities and the vet did give us somemore to try.
  10. yes she is unfortunately she went blind after an eye op and has had to have her eyes removed. she can only eat Minced rabbit we are trying to rehome but not having any joy.
  11. Is there a service that can collect your dog from Quarantine and deliver to your home. We'll be about 2500-3000 miles from Quarentine and I'm sure other people will be even further from Melbourne.
  12. My dog is on a special diet of minced Rabbit are Quantine able to cater for this?
  13. Fairview70

    How much to bring

    Hi not in oz so can't comment on price of items but look at a few schools in the area you want to locate too. I've looked at about 6 schools in Queensland and they all specify black lace up plimsols don't know if it's the same in Melbourne but got to be cheaper than Clarks.
  14. Fairview70

    Keeping Australian mobile number in UK

    I have a similar kind of question just proving I know nothing about computers but do you need to change your Email? or just part of it? I'm with yahoo and my email ends .co.uk. will this change automatically?
  15. I think that it is a mixture of factors. We are more aware of these conditions now and they register in our minds when they are mentioned. In the past children were diagnosed as being schizophophrenic and having mental issues they were shut away in institutions and not allowed to interact with "Normal" people, out of sight out of mind. Autism is such a broad spectrum of symptons not even the medical practioners know the causes so it is possible that in the future many different labels with be given as different causes are defined. It isn't an easy thing to get a diagnosis my son was seven and we knew something was seriously wrong by 12months, no one person can diagnose autism it has to be done by a team. I don't know about ADHD but I've learnt not to judge others none of us are perfect we all have issues in one form or another. Prom Queen also made a good point many people that have children with these conditions also have children that are regarded as "normal" therefore suggesting that parenting isn't at fault. I personally have three mainsteam children two older and one younger than my special needs son.