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  1. I'm not overly concerned about the relaxed attitude towards schooling over here.. I did expect it to be that way, but am just a little surprised that my eldest (11) has not brought one piece of maths homework home in her entire school year as it's her weakest subject. There are also no parents evenings so you have to make the appointment to speak to the teacher which can be tough if you work full time. I am just intrigued to get thoughts from people that have moved from SA as to whether they felt it was the right decision for them...didn't intend for the post to turn in to a topic on schooling. If my other half were to secure a role in SA tomorrow it wouldn't be a concern...we would put down roots but when employers are prepared to present you with high salaries for moving to Vic...it's something we have to consider, as unemployment can place a massive strain in relationships. I'd be happy to do the commuting option and just hope Hubby can secure something in SA further down the line...we always knew the first couple of years would be tough.
  2. Hi Diane, don't get me wrong, I don't think the schools are terrible...it does take some adjusting to in terms of the little homework they seem to get and they are less focused on academic teachings than the UK. We would certainly consider private once the children reach high school age. My main concern is the growth of private industry in Adelaide...or lack of. SA has a high proportion of public sector roles and if you don't happen to work in the public sector but moreso in private industry...that is where SA is struggling. Unfortunately cronyism does appear to be rife in SA and many migrants are struggling due to the lack of local experience and the protected recruitment circles that exist..i.e. it's not what you know, but who you know. A lot of talent is leaving SA due to this which is a real shame but employers need to change their mindset and be prepared to step outside of their comfort zone from time to time and employ individuals who can bring new ideas and experiences to their businesses. To watch South Australia get hammered for taxes and utilities and to see industries closing is certainly food for thought for the future.
  3. We have a potential dilemma. My other half is on the verge of an excellent job offer across in Melbourne. However, we moved over here with the intention of settling in SA and when we arrived got the girls settled in to school, enrolled in to clubs etc and they are really settled. Having moved around a lot in the past, we reassured our girls when we moved to Oz, that they would not have to move again and they have settled so well. We love what SA has to offer in terms of lifestyle and accessibility…I love the size of Adelaide, the hills, the scenery and the closeness to the beach….what I don’t like..the lack of employment opportunities for my husband, poor government decisions, high utility costs and not so great prospects for our kids in the future if the job situation worsens!. So we are now in a dilemma…we plan for him to commute for the foreseeable future as I also work and have a good job in SA, but in the back of my mind I know that a move to Melbourne could potentially be a good move for us career wise and education wise for the children (SA education has so far not filled me with confidence and I know SA results are the worst in Australia). To be honest though, I hate big cities, and with the likelihood of me having to work in the CBD, the thought of the traffic and commute fills me with dread unless I am lucky enough to get work in the SE ‘burbs. The thought of wetter and cooler winters is also not very appealing...it' been bad enough in SA this year as it is. I guess I’m looking for information from those that may have moved from SA to Victoria (with families) and whether you feel it was the right decision for you in hindsight. I realise everyone’s journey is different but I read so many times that people that have left SA state it’s the best thing they ever did. If we moved we would look to settle somewhere in the South East within 30 mins of the coast but near to parks etc. So…did you make the move, and do you miss SA? Thanks in advance
  4. wozzie2202

    Will our children be happy?

    I think that kids tend to adapt very well, particularly if they have moved around before. Having lived in a military community for many years, children get used to moving on every few years and although at the time they may whinge and moan and worry, they settle incredibly quickly most of the time. I moved a lot as a child too and as an adult it has given me that thirst for adventure and makes you realise how small the world really is. I would much rather my kids were exposed to different environments/ cultures/ experiences at a young age than growing up in one place. Doesn't apply to everyone I guess but I love to reflect back on the adventures I had in my childhood as I moved countries and hope my children do the same. Life is a gift and we should do with it what makes us happy as this is no dress rehearsal.
  5. We've been over here for 4 months and I'm working in a standalone HR Manager role in Adelaide. I'd be really keen to link in with any fellow HR professionals who have experience of both UK and Oz HR (particularly from an ER/IR perspective) as I'm struggling to find many resources or forums similar to those available to use in the UK such as CIPD/ ACAS etc. AHRI is ok but no where near as comprehensive as CIPD and no forum to speak of. It would be great to be able to ask quick questions of one another/share knowledge on topics which from an Australian HR professionals perspective we should probably know, but aren't quite sure due to the differences! I've always found in the UK that having things like ACAS codes of practice on things like discplinary and redundancies to be really useful but everything here seems so much more vague and to some degree very risk averse! Has anyone else found this to be the case. There doesn't seem to be as much willingness to share best practice online as was customary in the UK. Lots of chat on linked in around methodologies and theories but little input in to practical application. If anyone would be interested, just send me a pm and we can link in, regards Sarah
  6. I moved across to Adelaide on the state sponsored visa 4 months ago. I was fortunate and secured contract work after 3 weeks and then secured a 2 year contract shortly after as as Kezzles has said HR here is behing the times...frustratingly so. However, there is a lot of competition and a lot of people looking for HR work in SA. I've heard people express surprise at how easy i found it to secure work but I guess it comes down to what is on your CV and the level you are at. There are opportunities over in SA for OD specialists as there is a lot of change taking place. The challenge here is in SA it's very parochial and very much about who you know. I was lucky I guess...my husband who is from a Logisitics/ Supply Chain management background is still finding it hard to even get an interview. If you are in a good role in the UK, think long and hard about SA. It's not for everyone and to a large degree can be career limiting.
  7. wozzie2202

    Small Nervous dogs

    Our little boston terrier came across about 3-4 weeks ago (same flight as Pat's pooch!) and he is a little nervous. He'd lost a little weight in kennels but he was fine...although didn't seem impressed with us when we picked him up and was quite quiet with us for a few days but has now settled down having discovered the beach! I've got to say, my biggest concern is him coming across a spider and trying to eat it...or encountering a snake!! All in all though, he's settled well (even if he does sleep all day and won't learn how to use the dog flap without us having to lift if it for him to go through!!
  8. wozzie2202

    8 weeks to go and the bickering has started

    Check with your life insurance company as ours will cover us overseas providing we continue to make payments from the UK. We need to pack our bags at the end of next week to make sure we don't accidentally send anything with the removals that we may need.:wacko:. That's be just my luck...so hard thinking about what we need to keep back for last 4 weeks in UK and first 4-6 weeks in Oz plus a stopover in Singapore. Just hoping March warms up a little so I can pack jumpers etc away. I've even tried to start to cancel things like internet but they told me I was too early!! Good advice re: gumtree...yep. Some total time wasters.
  9. wozzie2202

    8 weeks to go and the bickering has started

    Thanks, good advice. That's my plan from next week.:yes:. 2 more weekends to push till it all goes so getting there now. Everything scrubbed and cleaned. Just hope we squeeze it all in!
  10. wozzie2202

    8 weeks to go and the bickering has started

    We've got 6 weeks to go too and bored isn't the word I'd use...stressed, manically separating and cleaning is part of our regular weekend routine with a few more to go! I would definitely start now if I were you. The biggest challenge is our packers have told us not to pack anything which for me is very hard.So instead we have piles of things in corners round the house. I'm also flapping about what clothes to pack to take in luggage as I know 30 kilos is going to get used to quickly, but have to have clothes for 4 weeks in the UK and 4-6 weeks once we get to Adelaide. I'll be sol relieved once the container has gone and we just have to make do.
  11. wozzie2202

    8 weeks to go and the bickering has started

    Has the same when I cancelled my mobile contract with 02..I decided to move to a pay as you go for a couple of months and after telling them I was leaving the country they then wanted to know why I would possibly want a PAC code to transfer my number for the remaining 2 months. Next challenge is getting the money back on the car insurance which was only paid in Jan...and having a nice £50 cancellation charge to pay...grrrrr.
  12. wozzie2202

    8 weeks to go and the bickering has started

    Hi, yes..usually on PIA more than here at the moment! Time is flying...just want to get moving now to be honest..fed up looking at piles of sorted stuff in the corners..Will be better once the removals have gone.
  13. wozzie2202

    8 weeks to go and the bickering has started

    We're also having a stopover in Singapore (2 nights)...will be there at the same time if you fly the day before us. Where about are you staying and where's your final destination in Oz?
  14. wozzie2202

    8 weeks to go and the bickering has started

    I can totally relate...our house insurance is due at end of Feb!! I've got a little project plan running and dates plugged in with when the cancel what..that I can control....it's the emotional piece that's harder...not so much on our part as we're used to moving on, but everyone else. Thankfully our neighbours have offered to lend us bits and bobs when our stuff goes....even their car! I'm finding it hard not to start packing as having been a military wife, it's something you get so used to doing! We know that we are in for a bumpy ride over the next few months but we always went in to this with our eyes wide open...certainly think there may be a few bottles of wine cracked open over the next few weeks....whilst we still have jobs to afford to buy wine!!:eek:
  15. wozzie2202

    8 weeks to go and the bickering has started

    Thanks for your honest replies. I think it was just a hiccup and the stress of everything. To be honest, I'm happy to go on my own to see my brother. I think it was a spur of the moment overreaction as all is fine. Our challenge is we have always moved around having spent 24 years in HM Forces so it's not like we're new to this and yes, when we used to come back to UK, we always had to do the rounds. No one ever wanted to see us when we were getting posted here there and everywhere and now all of sudden family who never normally visit us want to say goodbye but can't find the time in their calendar to travel to us so I guess I just want to keep everyone happy and make sure I said my goodbyes. One thing I know, it we have a sold marriage and starting from scratch in new places is something we're used to. It'll all work out, I'm sure of it. The irony of the situation with my dad is he took me and my mum to live overseas when I was 3 and took me away from my grandparents for 8 years..his justification was it wasn't permanent though, but if he could have stayed overseas he would of...funny how quickly parents forget:confused: .