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Found 47 results

  1. Fairview70

    House swap exchange

    Has anyone tried swapping houses, we have a house in Ellesmere near Kingaroy Queensland. 3 bed furnished,vehicles excetra. 9acres ,Wanting to move to UK would sell complete for $240,000 or $225,000 empty on extras. Or consider exchange. For 2/3 bed house UK.
  2. TheGables

    House swap in Sydney

    Hi. I'm about to move from leafy Surrey to Sydney for a 6 to 12 month job placement. I have a 6 bed house in Surrey. Any interest in doing a house swap, starting mid November ? I've tried the house swap web sites and can’t find anyone looking for a swap of that duration.
  3. This is a long shot.... .I'm a Brit living close to the Northern Beaches. I've sponsored my mother to come and live in Aus. Rather than sell her property in London, she's been thinking that a long term house swap might be the way to go. Is there any one out there that might be interested in a swap for a 12 - 24 month period? She has nice 3 bed house outskirts of London/ Essex which is a 30 minute commute on the Central Line to City. She would like to swap for a house / appartment around the northern beaches, would be travelling alone and happy to look after any pets :biggrin:
  4. Hi We are looking to move to Sydney in a few months. We are looking to do a house swap in a Sydney location with our house in London. Can anyone suggest anywhere we could advertise this targeting people who live in Sydney area. We have tried a few house swap websites but they are mainly for short term holidays and we would like to swap long term, ideally for a year or so. Any suggestions appreciated.
  5. Hi My parents are wanting to come over and spend 3 or 6 months in Australia and were wondering if anyone wanted to house swap ?? We are living in Kallaroo North of Perth WA so somewhere not too far away would be ideal. Their house is a beautiful 4 bed detached 1930's traditional English house with large driveway and large gardens in the North Lincolnshire Wolds - located in a small market town. Pictures available. Anyway if anyone interested please contact me. Also if anyone has done this before and has any feedback on the idea good or bad experiences I'd love to hear about it. It seems like a good idea if both properties are of equal quality and the people are genuine, trustworthy and reliable I guess. They looking to come out September time and stay over Christmas and New Year maybe until March. Anyway nothing ventured nothing gained and all that :idea:
  6. We are moving to Perth April 12. Anyone returning to the UK and fancy a swap? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-32235169.html
  7. We are just starting to build a house in Lilydale (Eastern surburbs) of Melbourne. We would really like to move back to the UK by 2012. We will have a 5 bedroomed house right next to a lake. I was reading somewhere in the USA that people just 'house swap'' sometimes when emigrating. The value of the house would be around 1 million AUD (approx 600k pounds). I wanted to put out the 'feelers' to see if anyone had a house around about the same value that would be interested in a swap? I don't think i could go through getting rid of stuff again and starting over. I am a nurse so would like to live in communiting distance to a hospital. My husband is a business analysist so would need to be communting distance to a city. We are pretty flexible on where we would like to live. Just a thought! .......
  8. Fully furnished 3 bed + study house in North Ryde, Sydney, Australia available for SWAP from January 2012 - January 2013. Professional couple in 30s with 2yo daughter looking to live in London for 12 months (ideally close to Guys Hospital but flexible) in 2+ bedroom home. Please reply to this thread if interested.
  9. Hi all, Im in the UK but want a house swap from UK (Staffordshire/Derbyshire border) for four weeks Jan to March 2013, in Perth - family live in Mullaloo. Ive looked at all the House Swap website but no one is interested. Does anyone know of anyone that would like a swap? Kind regards Julie
  10. Zack

    House Swap

    If you own your house in the UK,Have no Mortgage can't sell it, and want to live In SE Queensland,WHY NOT SWAP IT.Depending on where you live,I have a three bedroomed lowset 2 bathrooms,garage ect on 2.5 acres 15 min out ofToowoomba on route to Brisbane 1 hr..No Mortgage.Would like a 3 bed detached house/bungalow.Northumberland,Durham,North Yorkshire,Lincolnshire.All area's considered.
  11. Bit of a blow to the government, leaving those refugees in detention centres in limbo. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-pacific-14727471
  12. Hi There, I'm An Aussie living in London, Married to a Brit, and have a brand new baby daughter. We're heading back to Sydney to spend time with the family for 3 months from Christmas 2011 and I'm looking for someone who might be interested in a house swap for that period or any part thereof. We have a lovely 2 bedroom flat in London (zone 2) and would ideally like to swap it with someone on Sydney's northern beaches or North shore. I'm happy to provide pictures etc for anybody fancy being at home in London over Christmas. Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or might be interested. Cheers, Lee
  13. This is a long shot.... .I'm a Brit living close to the Northern Beaches. I've sponsored my mother to come and live in Aus. Rather than sell her property in London, she's been thinking that a long term house swap might be the way to go. Is there any one out there that might be interested in a swap for a 12 - 24 month period? She has nice 3 bed house outskirts of London/ Essex which is a 30 minute commute on the Central Line to City. She would like to swap for a house / appartment around the northern beaches, would be travelling alone and happy to look after any pets :biggrin:
  14. Hi Pomz in Oz! Long time reader, seldom post. Want to get away from the cold in the UK? Come to Sydney for Australian Summer! We're planning a trip back to the UK to visit family, and we now have 2 kids. When we used to travel back to the UK, we'd crash on people's floors - but it's not manageable now. We're hoping to visit the UK for up to 6 weeks sometime in Feb/March/April 2012. We'd like to talk to someone about a house swap for some, or all of this time. Our place is a 3 bed place in the suburbs of Sydney (Penshurst). It's about 30 mins by train into the city from the nearest station, nearest beach is about a 25 min drive. We're looking for anywhere in the UK south of Manchester - with a preference to be closer to Bedford/Cambridge/St Albans. At least 3 beds. Get in touch! PM/Reply Thanks Ryan.
  15. Hi All, I know this is a long shot, but we thought it was worth an ask. We have the opportunity to go out to Melbourne for 12 months for my husbands work. We don't want to sell up here in England (at least for now), so are looking at options for what to do with our house while we are away. One thought is to look at house swaps? Is anyone looking to be in England from Melbourne for a similar length of time and needs accommodation? We'd be looking at moving on or around the 1st Sept 2011 (yes, I know it's short notice :err:). Our house is a 4 bed detached property in the Market Town of Bingham near Nottingham with good transport links. Mature gardens front and back and a detached double garage. It occupies a quiet, private plot at the end of a cul-de-sac, overlooking a green open space. We can send pics to anyone interested. Car swap would also be an option. Regards, Jewelz
  16. Guest

    holiday house swap

    Hi, we own a lovely house in melbourne, (only built 1 yr ago) but are looking at relocating to Perth, just wondering if there are people in the same boat (relocating to melbourne) We would love to hear of anyone considering coming to melbourne even if only for a few weeks and consider swapping their house for ours for the duration as it would allow us to explore Perth without having to worry about booking hotels etc. We arent really sure where we want to relocate to in Perth and are open to any areas, not really sure what month either but thinking of maybe oct onwards. :smile:
  17. If anyone could offer any advise I would be grateful & sorry for the rather lengthy post! We received my husbands 457 visa after only 3 weeks of being lodged by his employer so we put our home on the market and sold it straight away but unfortunately the chain broke down yesterday and we are back to square one! We need to get out to Perth quickly and I really do not want to rent my house out in the UK as it ruins our plans of buying a property in Perth and we have been advised by 3 estate agents that it is just too nice! Our house is large 4 bedroom, detached, with heated hot tub, garage etc, it sold for £390,000 (circa $600,000) and we wondered if there are any sites that anyone knows of that has people in Australia who want to move back to England quickly and want to save money on the real estate agents fees and do a house swap which by all accounts just involves two Solicitors? I have seen lots for Europe but can't seem to find one for Oz, Perth in particular?
  18. watford

    want to swap vic ss to wa ss

    hi all new here just found you all i have my visa with a 176 ss for vic going to going over next week for recci but i have just been offered a great job in wa twice my wage now can i also apply for a wa ss even though i have one from vic i no i can go anyway but i would like to do it by the book thanks bill
  19. tonyman

    Eastenders Baby Swap

    Unfortunately mt wife has started watching this oh so happy show again........but can someone please tell me/wife how the babies came to be swapped ................how did she manage to do that ..............thank you...:embarrassed:
  20. Jago

    457 Sponsor Swap

    Hello, Has anyone swapped employer on a 457? Interested to know how long it might take and the best way to handle the swap over timing. I've been offered a new job with a company that is willing to sponsor me. I'm on a weeks notice but not sure the best steps to follow in terms of handing in notice and time to start with new sponsor etc. My 457 is valid from Oct 10-Oct 14 so as it's quite recent I'm hoping this is a quick process? I'd be interested to hear from anyone else who went through this. Thanks.
  21. Hi guys, new to this forum, I hope someone can help or offer some official links and advice. Here's my story, myself and my family are due to move to Sydney in June - so far my 457 in 'processing' but not assigned a case officer yet (it's been about 3 weeks since lodged). My employer already had a sponsor number he gave me - he is just awaiting approval on his nomination. All good so far....only thing is it was always a risky job, with high sales targets etc.. In the meantime, yesterday in fact I found another employer that wants to offer me a position and sponsor me (they've also sponsored before). Am I right in assuming that I can wait until my 457 is granted (should only be a few weeks) and then inform the original sponsor then I wont be starting, and then the 28 days kicks in for the new sponsor to submit nomination?? Or is there a quicker easier way?? What I didn't want to do is cancel the application now it's 3 weeks in progress and then start over again and have to wait as house is sold flights booked etc - thanks Michael C
  22. We have just got our visa and was wondering if anyone wanted to swap 4 bedroom house in Perth preferably SOR for a 3 bed and a 2 bed apt.(rented) in Lanzarote , Canary Islands (Spain) Partner Shim works in Maintanence on a holiday complex and job could be transfered too. Would make my life much easier! And has to be better than moving to UK! Brrrr :v_SPIN:
  23. Hi My family and I are looking to return to the UK some time after July 2011 and having spend thousands shipping all out furniture and belongings out here in the first place don't want to spend thousands shipping it all back again. We are looking to sell most things - furniture and electricals, camping gear etc as we know most of it can be bought cheaply in UK. I therefore have a couple of quetions: 1. would anyone coming over from the UK be interested in buying the whole lot to furnish their house on arrival in OZ? (we are in Melbourne) 2. would ayone coming over from UK be interested in doing a swap/exchange i.e. you get my furniture in OZ and I get yours in UK? anyone interested in buying anything I can provide a full list of what is up for grabs. cheers Gaz
  24. Hi, I notice my job (Office Manager) has gone onto the ACT SMP list and is not on the interim list for SA where I originally applied my visa. Is it possible to swap the visa I have currently in the system, to the 176 ACT Visa? As may hopefully get a visa quciker if at all as it will be a CAT 2 rather then currently a CAT4. Is is hard to do yourself? Or shall I go through my agent which did my original visa application. Thanks in advance for any help given Jo
  25. The orginal seemed pretty good, there are members living in all the main centers so swapping houses would be a good way for some here to visit other parts of Australia. So my thought is similar, how about inviting people to stay. I can't get away myself as I have a bussiness which I can't close down but I could have someone here to stay. As I live on my own (with dogs) I wouldn't want a couple (threes a crowd) or family, (house not suitable) but if there is anyone who wants a few days away on their own and don't mind somewhere quiet PM me. Its a 3-4 hour drive from Melbourne, or I can pick you up from Albury airport, or there is a train/bus service from Melbourne. As I said its quite but if you don't mind dog walks, and pub lunches it would make a change from the trafic and noise of the city ... PS: No axe murderers please ..........