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    190 January Gang

    My co was allocated on 15/2 and he asked for my wife`s passport and my son`s birth certificate (which was uploaded already) I provided those and the grant came on 18/2 no special forms was required from me...PCC and meds were already done and uploaded...best of luck to you
  2. minagmaxwell

    190 January Gang

    No need to worry mate, looking at your timeline it's perfectly normal for them to handle my case before yours As I had lodged on 9/1 way before u I'm planning to book my tickets to canberra on 24/7 but I haven't booked yet so I may changemy mind according to circumstances
  3. minagmaxwell

    190 January Gang

    they didn`t ask me for form 80 or 1221 for spouse... BTW maybe the state we are nominated by are a deciding factor on the speed of processing...I don`t see much people nominated by ACT here...maybe that`s the reason I was granted sooner than the rest...best of luck to you
  4. minagmaxwell

    190 January Gang

    hang in there...once u get a CO I think the process will be very quick (I was assigned on yesterday and granted today) but i was uploading everything upfront I did my PCC on 26 Dec 2013 so I have to be in australia before 26 dec 2014 Good luck going to VIC (i think it`s the best in Oz) ... I`m stuck with canberra for two years (but no complaining here ) does anybody know when should I contact the state guys to tell them about my arrival date ?? shall I do it right away or do I have some time to decide ??
  5. minagmaxwell

    190 January Gang

    I got my visa grant today ... wohooooo..!!! thanks dewi , jupiter19 and thanks to everyone in this forum... I really couldn`t have made it this far without you... I wish everybody here lots of luck
  6. minagmaxwell

    190 January Gang

    I got a CO assigned to me today ... that`s goods new i guess however, he asks me to send my passport (which I already sent via immiaccount) and my wife`s proof of functional english (I send her b.sc. studied in english as evidence) .. did this happen to anyont before ?? to be asked to send documents that u already uploaded to ur immiaccount (it even shows now as uploaded on 9 jan) ..!!! I hope that doesn`t delay my visa grant further than the supposed 8 weeks period.... and also, do u think that my wife`s proof of func. english (B.Sc. studied in english) is enough ?? and if not, will I be asked to pay the fees or will I -god forbid- be denied the visa right away ?? I`m confused but hopeful still in the waiting game
  7. minagmaxwell

    190 January Gang

    hi folks i wanna join the gang I submitted my application on 9 january 2014 , all documents show as received on 10 jan...done my pcc...done my meds successfully as they put the line "No health examinations are required...etc" at the buttom of my documents list instead of the "organize your health examianton" button... Still no CO allocated yet...and the waiting game is getting on my nerves.... by the way my SS was with the ACT as I understand we are just waiting here right ?? no reason to fail after all this right ?
  8. minagmaxwell

    190 visa NOVEMBER 2013 Gang

    hey guys, I`ve submitted my application last week on 9/1/2014 with my police certification.... when should I do my medicals ?? right now or should I wait for the CO to ask for them ?? I appreciate your help
  9. minagmaxwell

    Cost of living relocation statement help

    Hi chris, my advice to u is that u don`t have to overanalyze this matter ... just collect some ballmark figure from numbeo and from searching threads in this forum... before I did my nomination I prepared a word document for the "cost of leaving in canberra statement" and did extensive research... when I was submitting the actual nomination online I figured u have a fixed number of letter allowed for this so called statement... so a typical template goes like this : Rent : 2000 food : 700 insurance : 100 Internet service: 60 ...etc and the list can`t be too long or u will exceed the number of letters allowed to u However, i should also tell u that the research u make will benefit YOU in the future and u will feel more aware of the costs and have realistic expectations
  10. the ACT government doesn`t grant visas as far as I know only nominations... and they did grant me a nomination as for discussing with an officer, It`s not an issue for me (yet) to leave canberra before the two year obligation .. I will only raise this issue with them if I tried so hard to find a job and still couldn`t have.I only raised this topic here for information sake and because I noticed no one mentioning it before...hopefully I will find a nice job in canberra in the first few monthes and wouldn`t have to leave it because I already love canberra
  11. thank u so much maggie for the sincere and detailed reply...It`s a very good idea to coordinate with the act migration officer before relocation...I always go with the safest approach available and I will never even attempt to leave canberra if I find any job matching my qualifications...I only asked about this to consider it as a "safety net" or "last resort"....I mean who would benefit from me staying in canberra with no job for two years and bankrupting myself, and it would be a shame after all this time,effort and money spent on migration to return bach to my homeland empty handed
  12. thanks Peach that is very informative & relieving at the same time I will try my luck in Canberra ...
  13. after I read your reply I re-checked an e-mail the act sent me and this time I read cleadly that I have to live and work ‚Äčin the act the first two years
  14. minagmaxwell

    Deadline for landing in canberra after being granted the visa ??

    thanks rupert for the fast reply.... but what exactly is a daw ?? If I understood u correctly u mean to say I have to enter australia within one year from doing medicals and police checks ?? is that what u mean ?? thanks again
  15. hi folks, I have another question (I hope I`m not spamming ) ... With all the pessimistic opinions about the job market and also according to my own research (in the field of Multimedia, graphics and visual effects) I am starting to seriously worry about getting a job in the first weeks upon my arrival in canberra. 1 - My question is if it`s legal to find work in sydney while staying with my family at canberra. Am I obliged according to subclass 190 to work in canberra ?? has someone here tried to do that ?? is it even a good Idea ?? 2 - Also I have another question . is queensbeyen area inside ACT ?? I mean am I able to stay there in the first two years ?? sorry if my questions sound naive or something ...I benefited greatly from you guys during my nomination process and I succeeded thanks to you... don`t fail me now