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  1. chrislnd

    New to canberra

    Hi all, I'm 40 year old male hairdresser who has moved over from London, I don't know anyone in Canberra so I'm looking to see what groups or meet ups are around or if anyone is in the same boat then give me shout. Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. chrislnd

    Hairdressing Salaries

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could advise me on salaries, I am a single man moving to Canberra, I have been offered a salary of $50,000 as a senior stylist, is this a doable salary to live on or not so, I will be looking to rent a room in a house share when I arrive. Chris Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi all, im coming over in May to activate my visa and we will be visiting Canberra for 2 nights, I know it's short but I wanted to know what's the best area to stay in so we can get a feel for the city and have a few amenities walking distance from our hotel, also any hotel and places to visit would be a great help!. many thanks Chris
  4. We will go out to activate in spring then come home and do some hard saving!
  5. Hi all, I just thought I would share and let you know after a year and a half, I finally got my visa, sponsored by the ACT!!!!!, after many hoops to jump through and then being diagnosed with functional movement disorder/conversion disorder just before I had to go to my medicals. Spending 3 months in and out of hospital to finally get diagnosed. I am a hairdresser so, if anyone wants advice with anything in these areas please get in touch. I can not believe it, I got so excited I nearly had a spasm!!!…..lol……wooohooo:biglaugh: good luck to you all and keep going, you will get there!!!!. Chris
  6. chrislnd

    Hairdressing TRA passed in 4 weeks!!!

    Hi, I had to obtain a AQF 111, it's depends on your years of experience that you have and amount of training. I used a lawyer, it's a lot of paper work, and I had to have an interview on Skype and had to perform a hair cut whilst the assessor watched. Then had 3 exam papers, very easy, cost about £1800 in total, hope that helps. chris
  7. chrislnd

    Medicals London

    Hi, I have now got a case officer.......yay!!!!!. I was wondering where's the best place to go for my medical?. many thanks Chris
  8. chrislnd

    Cost of living relocation statement help

    Thank you freckleface, that's a great help.
  9. chrislnd

    Cost of living relocation statement help

    Thanks, that's very kind!.
  10. Hi i am just about to start on my cost of living and relocation statement to canberra, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice or send me a template to work from. Maybe too much chocolate or wine over Christmas but my brain has turned to mush and can't seem to get it off the ground. chris
  11. chrislnd

    489 visa or re-sit the IELTS?

  12. chrislnd

    489 visa or re-sit the IELTS?

    Hi all, just wanted to get some people's advice who went on a 489 visa or carried on re-sitting the IELTS. I missed out by getting a 7 on the reading, over 8's on all other subjects, I just don't think I can do it again for the 5th time. Any advice would be great. Chris
  13. chrislnd

    Hairdressing TRA passed in 4 weeks!!!

    I can not wait to get through the ielts hoop, ant tips welcome!
  14. chrislnd

    Hairdressing TRA passed in 4 weeks!!!

    Thanks,will do, now just to pass the ielts, forth time lucky, missed out by 1 point!?