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Found 22 results

  1. msiwek

    Criminal conviction questions

    Hi all! I am going to Australia on a temporary project at a university. My husband wants to come with me but he has a criminal conviction (no jail time, non violent or drug related) from 8 years ago. However he did not declare it on a visa 2 years ago... Now we will apply for a spousal visa as a dependent to my visa and a tourist visa in case this doesn't work out. We will state that he forgot to declare his conviction on a previous application because it was spent in the UK. Do you think it will work? I'm really panicked because we only just got married and would hate to be separated for 8 months. Any advice or experiences you can share? Thank you!
  2. Hi I would like to know what happens if you dont put a tick on the criminal record box on your landing card or WHV application (and you do have a minor record) and you land up applying for a more permnaent visa 2 years down the line. Will you be knee deep in you know what or do they accept that people make mistakes and just ask a few questions why you didnt declare it!!!!!
  3. hi there, I finally got subclass 190 nomination and I am collecting documents to submit to DIAC... I am wondering if - after getting the visa- I am supposed to land at canberra within a certain period or if I have the choice to postpone the landing for a few monthes or even a year ??? And BTW, is there any multimedia or graphic designers in this forum ?? I would love to help anyone with similar conditions to mine out of experience... thanks guys
  4. Myself and my boyfriend are travelling to Australia in April, landing in Brisbane and have heard that the Australia government ask for a printout of your bank account balance to ensure you have enough money whilst there. Is this true? If so we have also set up a NAB bank account which we can transfer money too. Should we do a printout of our money in UK bank before transferring to Oz bank? Help
  5. The Pom Queen

    Williams Landing Shopping Centre Approved

    Wyndham Council has approved stage one of the new $100 million Williams Landing Shopping Centre. It will include more than 28,000 sq m of retail and commercial office space including national brands and independent retailers offering a mix of fashion, fresh food, services and convenience outlets. These will include 4200 sq m Woolworths, a 7700 sq m Big W and a 13,500 sq m Masters hardware store. The 50 hectare centre will include 80 speciality stores, five smaller major outlets and a restaurant precinct. The centre is scheduled to open to the public in late 2013 or early 2014.
  6. Hi all, Our (me & my wife) 457 visa has arrived & we are booked to land in Sydney the 29th September! We are going to be living in Canberra which is where my new job is based, and I have living arrangements & car over there sorted through my new job. We are still keeping our house in the UK but renting it to a close relative just incase... Here is my checklist, is there anything else I need to consider for when we start our new life! Australian NAB acct setup. Moneycorp acct setup for free money transfers. Pickfords booked to move furniture. Health insurance payed for first month (as part of my 457 app) although im gonna look for a cheaper version once Im over. UK driving licence. (im assuming you need this to validate driving in Oz) Am I missing something? :eek: Cheers Ben
  7. Hiya everyone. Well we have gone for it , flights booked a short holiday then jump into our new life !! If anyone out there is in or around Cairns and has any advise regarding where to rent for a short time we would really appreciate it guys !! We have no furniture and the stuff we have shipped wont arrive for a good few weeks after we get there. we were thinking of renting in a resort or something like that , again any advise would be great. Cant believe its actually happening !! woo hoooo
  8. Hi guys, We received our visa grant VE 176 last 31st March 2011 and we are WA sponsored. However, my wife & I plans to land in Victoria instead of WA. My questions are, what would be the implications & problems that we might encounter if we proceed to settle & live in Victoria? The current problem that we might face & future trouble like gaining citizenship? Please help us before we finalise our plans and any advice is highly appreciated! We are planning to fly to Melbourne end of August this year. Thank you in advance!~ Tazmania:unsure:
  9. Anything is possible

    Landing and starting school

    Can anyone tell me if there is a legal time difference of when we land in oz (NSW) and when to start your child in school.... Just wondering if the school year is nearly over is it worth paying the fee or just waiting till the new year starts? Thanks
  10. hello I am starting this thread for all people including me who are coming to Australia first time and who donot know much about Australia. 1. What Formalities to complete at Air port? 2. What type of necessary things we shold carry intially? 3.How much funds we required intially? 4. Which city is better to live? 5.Which City have more job opportunities? It is my humble request to all members who have already landed to Australia to please give inputs for the welfare of new immigrants. Thanks
  11. Hi, My wife and I are in the early stages of moving to Oz. Initially we have decided to move to SA, as we feel this would best suit us. My wife is a qualified Physio so we are hopeful she will get a job, although some of you may know better? As for myself i think it will be a little trickier to get a job. I have previously served in the Royal Navy but since leaving in 2006 I got myself a degree in PE and now work in education, however, i am not a qualified teacher. I have seen other posts regarding Teaching Assistants and the difficulties faced in getting a job and the low wages so i am sceptical of going out there and getting a job in a school. I am prepared to do anything (within reason) ie, admin/office, retail, leisure etc. So i was just wondering if anyone has been in the same situation or has any advice. How easy is it to get a job once you are there? Any help/advice would me greatly appreciated! Regards, Craig
  12. Hello all, so my reccie has finally arrived! Land Perth saturday evening and will be going straight to my hotel to rest up as i'm expecting to be knackered! Just wondered what i could do Sunday day time? Would like to watch England in the evening (think its on at 10pm there) so could do to know somewhere to watch it in Perth too? Cheers to any responders :jiggy:
  13. I need to land in other state than the one sponsored for the first 15 days . the state sponsored is asking for travel details to their state to start on "on arrival accomodation " any advice ?
  14. Hi all, I have my PR visa and we'll be arriving in May. I'd like to start the ball rolling applying or perm or contract roles before I get there but other than looking on seek & mycarrer can anyone suggest any routes I should take, and how long before I'm due to land I should start looking? I'm aware that until I get there it may be difficult and in some ways I'm resigned to not finding work until after I arrive but thought it best to give it a go. BTW I've been a Unix sysadmin for the last 20 years, most recently heavy Solaris stuff, certified, worked for major vendors etc, targeting Melbourne in case anyone knows of anything! Thanks all!
  15. Guest

    what to sort out after landing?

    once i get off the plane? what do i need to sort out? can i sort bank accounts, tax, medicare, etc over in the uk or can i only do that once i land? having a panicky moment :confused:
  16. Hey All, I am validating my PR this month( 7 day trip) and tics(Return) are booked to Melbourne. I was wondering, What are the docs do I need to carry.. Otherthan the most Important doc being Passport with Visa label :cool:... Is there anything I am missing.. ? Do I need to carry Medical Insurance for my 7 day travel..:wub:
  17. hi jus wonderin if anyone can tell me what customs asks if you tick the convictions box at airport best regards jim
  18. Hi Everyone This site is becoming quite addictive, especially when there is nothing on till "im a celebrity" anyhows.....I'm constantly on one diet or another and remember my thinnest was when i back packed round Oz in 1999. I was just wondering if like magic when i land in Brisbane (Jan 09) will i stop wanting to pig myself silly every night ??? Anyone slimmed down or please dont tell me pilled it on since arriving in a nice climate x :hug:
  19. Hi, we are flying from Sydney to SA, in August to validate our visas. Which route would you take, to take advantage of the best areas for work (husband in roofing, I am in admin - but honestly we will do anything at all) then to fly out from Adelaide two weeks later back home? Need recommendations so we can plan our route for inns, motels etc etc. We will be giving our details to agencies etc and visiting schools to see what their curriculum is and what they have to offer. Thank you. Look forward to hearing from you. :biggrin:
  20. Hi, My visa (subclass 176) is granted and would like to do my first landing. Appreciate if some one can advise what are the necessary stuff that I should be taking care off while I am there i.e. opening a tax file or registering with some government department etc. New to all this business therefore really looking forward to feedback. best regards
  21. :confused: Hi. Im lisa (43) and Neil (40) We are due to move out to WA later in the year but will be taking a trip in a few weeks to do our initial entry as migrants. Question I have is, do we need to take any documentation with us other than the passports with visa stamps. We have had so many different opinions and now I have seen this website, I thought it would be the best place to ask this question. Any advice? Lisa:rolleyes:
  22. Hi all, am looking for some general tips for my first few weeks in Oz. Have a year working visa and reckon I'll work in Sydney for starters, but want to get a few weeks of travelling in first. Someone suggested flying to Brisbaine then up to Cairns and travelling down the east coast before hitting the city, while others have said to avoid it like the plague as it's full of uni leavers and year out kids running riot. I'm 31 so could do with meeting people a little older along the way! Also, what's the general cost of travelling - and living - on a weekly basis (very roughly obviously). I've got a couple of grand behind me - is that enough to travel a bit and set up? Finally, are there any other great websites anyone can recommend for extra info? Thanks guys