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Found 230 results

  1. m_ahsan

    Partner Visa points

    Hi I got skilled assess in accounting and my wife skilled assess in hairdressing, my skill is in MLTSSL and my wife skill is in STSOL. can we share partner points ?? while we are applying for 190 or 489 strem ? we both have 6 each ielts, both 45 less, and already assess our qualifications. Thanks
  2. Guest

    Calling all ACT PIO'ers!

    I was thinking the other day when I logged in and saw a few ACT SS posts that there seem to be alot more people applying for ACT sponsorship then what there was when we applied.... So i thought i'd start a thread for all us Canberra PIO'ers to discuss where we are with the applications or actual move! And then hopefully organise meet ups in Canberra through this thread... Well where should I start.... We have our visa and are currently trying to sell the house.... headache central!! There are 5 of us moving, me (Emma, 22), my dad (11026 on this forum), my mum (not on PIO still trying to train her up on a bluming computer) and my 2 sisters (1 is 17 and the other is 20). We have to validate the visa by February but we are hoping to move for good in January Anyways I'm hopefully going to go to Canberra Uni and my dad is going to get back into some IT related job haha!! Be good to hear everyone else's story.... YAY ACT :jiggy: BOBJ > No sarccy comments about canberra please haha!
  3. hi all, Just got an email from our migration agent who were in contact with the ACT government who say - the state sponsorship visa application processing times are currently between 30 - 60 WORKING days (which id say is anywhere between 6 - 12 weeks). Shir.
  4. ****Diesel Automatic 2.0 Litre****** PRIVATE SELLER Well looked after Captiva. Replaced Engine 8 months ago so can call it a brand new engine. (Got the paperwork to prove) Looks very nice inside, seats and interior looks good. $15480 Neg. Model: Captiva Body Type: WagonYear: 2007 Kilometres: 176000T ransmission: Automatic Drive Train: 4x4 Fuel Type: Diesel Colour: Silver Air Conditioning: Yes Registered: Yes Variant: SX (4x4) Great reliable runner . As new engine. Cost me $7000 to redone. Tyres still lots of road left with deep grooves Comes with lots of extras: * Bull Bar * Headlight / Bonnet protectors * 17" Wheel Mags * Side Steps * Tow Bar * Dogs Door seperating back seats from boot area (Can remove this when travelling) * Holden Floor mats * CD/Radio Player with 6 speakers * GPS * Rego till January 2015 So coming to ACT, or already here, let me know. I am also a trusted UK eBay seller with 100% feedback. Small dent and some scratches on the back. 01 of 4 ‹› ‹›
  5. There seem to be a few questions on here about Primary Schools in ACT and we have just gone through the process of researching, visiting and choosing a school so I though I would share my findings with anyone who is interested I did a load of research first from the UK in terms of "good" schools - alot of info came from this forum and alot came from other forums. I have a son who is gifted in Maths so I really wanted a good school for him. I do think you need to visit the schools when you get here if you can and alot of this can be arranged before you get here. Its well worth the time. I printed off a map of Canberra and put it next to my computer and shaded areas where there were the "target" schools and their catchment. I shaded area private schools differently. Jut this visual aid helped in me narrowing where we may be looking for housing and also allowed me to further research commute times and bus routes.... The list of schools I visited were: Gov schools: Curtin Primary North Ainslie Aranda Kaleen Torrens Private schools visited: Emmaus Christian School Holy Trinity , Curtin St Peter and St Paul, Garran Montsorri, Holder Girls Grammar School I wanted to visit more. Garran and Chapman Gov schools will not let you visit unless you have a confirmed place to live and paperwork to prove it in their Catchment. They must get innundated! Both are EXCELLENT schools with excellent NAPLAN results but I could not visit them. If we decided to live in either of these areas we were prepared to take a chance on the schools but nothing happened to be suitable and available at the time and this is a key thing as the rental market here is a nightmare. Will maybe post findings on this separately if people are interested. There were more private schools I also wanted to visit but they were full and therefore did not want even a speculative visit for going onto a waiting list. You can check the results of a school my going to http://www.myschool.edu.au/ and finding the school you want and clicking on NAPLAN on the left hand side. I would look at results in "numbers" as the graphs and others are confusing. I would also not take the results completely to heart as its a relatively new thing - but I do thnk its fairly good indicator of things and is a good benchmark - some may disagree. I just wanted schools that were above or exceptionally above average in most of the areas tested as this was a promise I made to myself on moving here in that I just wanted an excellent school for my son. All the Gov schools I visited were good and I would not be worried if my son went to any of them however not all were best fit for him - some had an Arts focus and were creative, some focussed on other areas etc...but once I had a short list of favourite schools we narrowed our search on houses to certain areas. I have to say if you look at the "ranking" of the schools I visited, they all had relatively good results so Im not sure how the other schools I did not visit were so cannot comment... All schools in Canberra (and rest of Ox I think) received a massive grant of around $1,5 million dollars when the world went into recession, to inject money into the local building trade so they all have a new gymnasium, library or hall or something. This applied also to private schools. In comparison to the Private schools, I would say places like the grammar school are in a class of their own but I did not choose it as they had this strange policy of wanting to put my already advanced son back a year into Pre School instead of Kindergarten which is where his age allows him to be, simply because he was a boy and therefore may not be "mature" enough!. Im sure if I pushed it they would have said ok to Kinder but it was not for us in the end.. I really liked Emmaus and have put both my kids on the waiting list there and my son will go to North Ainslie in the meantime. Some private schools are definately better - just better equipped, better results, seem better organised, facilities are newer and the libraries are lovely. That said Torrens primary had a gorgeous library and I though this was an EXCELLENT government school and was definately in my short list and would have chosen this over some of the private schools I saw. its all a matter of taste and what your child needs. The problem with the very good private schools is that they all have MASSIVE waiting lists and I mean a 2 - 3 years long at least and so we did not have any choice. If I did I would have chosen Emmaus. I like Holy Trinity Catholic school in Curtin but Curtin Primary which is a government school was just as good in some ways (if a bit chaotic). If we lived in Curtin I would have chosen Holy Trinity simply on the fact that it was smaller in size but eveything else was the same and Curtin has a good "gifted" scheme. When we arrived we looked at houses in ALL areas (except Tuggeranong) and we looked at things like commute to Civic/public transport as well as the area of the shortlisted schools. We loved the space in the massive houses in Gunghalin but when I did some research, the schools results near to houses we looked at were not great, this was only in a few of the suburbs and we decided it was too far so did not research too many of the areas here.. We wanted to try and get away with having one car (Cars are EXPENSIVE) hence choosing the Inner North in the end. We liked Belconnnen and looked in Aranda but no houses came up in the time we were here and looking and I think this is what you also need to consider. I think you need to have a few areas to consider as had we found a house in Aranda we also would have moved there.. but nothing came up.. My husband came on a 457 visa and we were advised my Saskia Hancock at the Dept of Education here that unless we were on the SOL list, we would have to pay an annual fee of 9.9K$ for going to government school. Some private schools are cheaper (the catholic ones) but the problem in some of the good ones is getting a place. Holy Trinity, St Peter and St Paul had space, Radford who I approached did not, Emmaus does not, St Josephs who I approached did not... There are many which do have space of course but you will find that the ones with excellent results will not (much like the UK) As it happened, my husbands work is on the SOL list so once we had found a property on a long term rental, we emailed Saskia Hancock stating we wanted to register Ethan at North Ainslie as we were in the catchment. She issued us a waiver, told the school of this and we enrolled him directly with the school. It is worth taking time to research and people talk about more than 50% of the population put their kids in Private schools and this may scare lots of people off and make you think that the gov schools are terrible. I do think you have to chose carefully and do your research. Definately some gov schools have problem kids there who may have been chucked out of all the local private schools... and this is a difference in that gov schools have to take kids in their area even if they are full and cannot select whereas the private system can. Look at the demographics of the area, the houses etc..I think this is often a good indication of the school overall. Definately the facilities in the private school are better, but there are good gov schools. Most private schools have lower fees also than the government imposed $10K. (The grammar is around 11K so you may as well consider this if you have to pay the gov fee. private schools are generally around 2-4K a year so not that expensive. Just find a good one that has a spot. Hope all this helps...happy to answer any questions Angela
  6. aksahdaks

    "Employment Reference" creation

    Hi Guys, I am in middle of writing "Employment Reference" for the ACT nomination. Your assistance would be grateful. As per the instructions, "Attach current employment reference(s) supporting recent, relevant work experience in the nominated occupation. The length of work experience is not mandated but it must be clear that you have enough experience in your nominated occupation to be employable in Canberra." Can anyone please let me know about what to write in this section. Any samples/templates would be handy. Thanks in advance. Regards
  7. hi there, I finally got subclass 190 nomination and I am collecting documents to submit to DIAC... I am wondering if - after getting the visa- I am supposed to land at canberra within a certain period or if I have the choice to postpone the landing for a few monthes or even a year ??? And BTW, is there any multimedia or graphic designers in this forum ?? I would love to help anyone with similar conditions to mine out of experience... thanks guys
  8. Hello, everyone. We have applied for a 190 Visa, sponsoring state is ACT. We are currently abroad, waiting for the invitation letter. Once that arrives, we will return to Australia and hopefully recieve our visa. The big question we have is: what happens then? We have read that those who get certain kinds of Permanent Resident visas will get an email asking the visa holder to inform the ACT government when they arrive in ACT so that they can begin filling out the 6 Settlement Surveys (sent every 6 months). Are there any other things that visa holders must do, such as in-office interviews with the ACT staff? I would really like to hear from anyone who has recieved this or other kinds of State Sponsored PR visa regarding how these Settlement Surveys are sent out and what kind of information is asked in them. Are there other kinds of inquiries or monitoring done by the ACT government, such as home visits, phone calls or spot checks? And do the surveys change over time? I would think that this kind of "step by step" breakdown would be valuable to many forum readers. I will admit, one of the reasons we are asking is that we are considering splitting our family up so that I may work in Canberra while my wife stays in a different state with our daughter. This was to allow her to go to a specific religious school in a neighborhing state (3 hours away from Canberra, I would be there on weekends). We really weren't sure if we should inform the ACT government of this arrangement or simply fill out the forms listing our only address as the one in ACT? Knowing what to expect of the settlement surveys and the specific details of arrival, registration and monitoring would be incredibly helpful. Our immigation to Austrlia has been such a long road. We are so excited to finally settle there, thank you so much for the help and all the shared knownledge and experience of this forum.
  9. CURRENT ACT STATE SPONSORSHIP PROCESSING DATES: As at 25 July 2011: Subclass 176 / 886 visas: 3 Aug2011 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme: 26 Aug 2011 The SMP Occupations List July 2011 will remain in effect until the new 2011/12 SMP Occupations List is published. The 2011/12 SMP Occupations List is expected to be published in September 2011. ICT OCCUPATIONS ARE CLOSED AS PER NEW LIST Please check the following links for ACT sponsorship. ACT Skilled Migration Program State Migration Plan (SMP) Occupations List July 2011 ACT State Migration Plan Nomination Guidelines July 2011 Hey POMS I am starting a new thread for new ACT, Canberra State Sponsorship program (Just like my pal Uli started for Victoria). Guys any of you in ACT thread could updated their sponsorship status as : Name: Date of SMP application: Trade/profession: Visa type: Delays/further docs requested: SS received: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Comments: While your application is being processed by ACT this would be our color code: ACT Sponsorship Applied : Green ACT Sponsorship Approved : Purple ACT Sponsorship Rejected : Red Visa Filed :Orange Visa Granted :Blue Comments :Black Total Applied : 19 Visa Granted : 5 Visa Filed : 7 Sponsorship Granted : 11 Sponsorship Awaited : 4 Sponsorship Refused : 4 ******************************* February 2011 Applicants ******************************* Name: Orion25 (#1 Grant) Date of SMP application: 25 Feb 2011 Trade/profession: Property Valuer Visa type: 176 State Sponsored Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS received: 26 May 2011 Comments: CO - 15 June 2011 Medicals done - 11 July 2011 Medicals delivered to and signed for by DIAC - 18 July 2011 Visa Granted: 10 August 2011 ******************************* March 2011 Applicants ******************************* Name: rhump3 (#3) Date of SMP application: March 1st 2011 Trade/profession: Policy Analyst Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: SS received: 28 May 2011 comments: The suspense is killing me! Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Visa Granted: 22 August 2011 Name: Breezer (#2 Grant) Date of SMP application: 1st March 2011 Trade/profession: Office Manager Visa type: 176 - ACT Delays/further docs requested: Initial SS refusal however being recommended for review due to submission errors by immigration agent. SS received:16 June 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded:28 June 2011 Visa Filed:28 June 2011 Medicals done - 29th July 2011 Medicals delivered to and signed for by DIAC - 5 August 2011 Visa Granted: Yes Name: MRG (#4) Date of SMP application: March 7th 2011 Trade/profession: Housing Officer Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: SS received: June 7 2011 comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Visa Granted: No Name: pntaylor ( Pete & Cat) (#3 Grant) Date of SMP application: 7th March 2011 (iirc but will check) Trade/profession: Business Professional (NEC) Visa type: 176 Family Sponsored (originally applied in May '09) Delays/further docs requested: SS received: 07/06/2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: Advised it was sent today CO: 20 June 2011 Comments: Visa Granted:9 September 2011 No Name: Foha2012 Date of SMP application: March 13 2011 Trade/profession: 2231-79 linux. now 261399 (ACS applied Apr 20th) Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: SS Refused:June 22,2011 comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Name:Boodzz Date of SMP application: March 15th 2011 Trade/profession: System Administrator Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: SS Rejected:June 7 2011 comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Name: Aussie2B Date of SMP application: around mid March Trade/profession: Advertising Specialist Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: Submission errors by my agent caused the decision to be delayed SS received: July 8th 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: Sent to DIAC on July 8th 2011 Visa Filed: September 6th 2008 (originally lodged a 176 Family Sponsorship visa) Comments: Visa Granted: No ******************************* April 2011 Applicants *******************************' Name: journeydownunder (Emma & Alan) (#1) Date of SMP application:14th April Trade/profession: Advertising specialist Visa type: 176 ss Delays/further docs requested: 15th April asked me to shorten our commitment statement!! SS received: 18th May 2011 comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Visa Granted: No Name: conor222 (H Logan) Date of SMP application: 14 Apr 11 Trade/profession: General Manager Visa type: skilled sponsorship Delays/further docs requested: none as yet SS received: Not yet Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Comments: Visa Granted: No Name: qsar1 Date of SMP application: 14 April 2011 Trade/ Profession: Developer Programmer Visa type: 176 Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: comments: IELTS 8, L:8.5, R:8.5, W:7, S:8 Visa Granted: No Name:sohc (Ronald Kalaquian) Date of SMP application: April 29, 2011 (received) Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS received: Rejected but got SA State Sponsorship:jiggy: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Comments: Visa Granted: No ******************************* May 2011 Applicants ******************************* Name: Big Bob(#5) Date of SMP application: 8 May 2011 Trade/profession: ICT Security Specialist 262111 Visa type: 176 State Sponsored Delays/further docs requested: Job Searches in skilled nominated occupation SS received: 23 August 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded:5 Sep 2011 Visa Filed:1 Sep 2011 CO Allocated: 13 Sep 2011 Medicals/PCC:12 September 2011 Visa Granted:21 September 2011 No Comments : Name: Rachel 80(#4) Date of SMP application: 11 May 2011 Trade/profession: Project Administrator Visa type: 176 State Sponsored Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS received: 19 July 2011 comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed:1st Aug 2011 Visa Granted:15 Sep 2011 Name: Muditha Heenkenda Date of SMP application: 11 May 2011 Trade/profession: Surveyor Visa type: 176 State Sponsored Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS received: Not Yet comments: Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Visa Granted: No Name: Canberra 2011 Date of SMP application: 20/05/2011 Trade/profession: Real Estate Agent Principal Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: SS received:25 July 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed:31 July 2011 Comments: Visa Granted: No Name: KarenHen Date of SMP application: 27 May 2011 Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type: 176 State Sponsored Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS Rejected: 7 July 2011 comments:Not enough cash in bank Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: ******************************* July 2011 Applicants ******************************* Name: Desire Date of SMP application: 15/07/2011 Trade/profession: Systems Administrator Visa type: 175 Delays/further docs requested: Not Yet SS received: Not Yet Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Comments: Visa Granted: No Name: Nazmul Date of SMP Verification for Limited Occupation: 19 July 2011 Date of SMP application: 19 August 2011 Trade/profession: HR Advisor Visa type: 176 Delays/further docs requested: Not yet SS received: 21 Sep 2011 Form 1100 Uploaded: Visa Filed: Comments: verification will be denied if skill matching with recently advertised positions is not provided.
  10. hi folks, I have another question (I hope I`m not spamming ) ... With all the pessimistic opinions about the job market and also according to my own research (in the field of Multimedia, graphics and visual effects) I am starting to seriously worry about getting a job in the first weeks upon my arrival in canberra. 1 - My question is if it`s legal to find work in sydney while staying with my family at canberra. Am I obliged according to subclass 190 to work in canberra ?? has someone here tried to do that ?? is it even a good Idea ?? 2 - Also I have another question . is queensbeyen area inside ACT ?? I mean am I able to stay there in the first two years ?? sorry if my questions sound naive or something ...I benefited greatly from you guys during my nomination process and I succeeded thanks to you... don`t fail me now
  11. Hello guys, this is my first post here so I have to thank all of you guys for your contribution it helped me a lot so far. there is a special place in heaven for you :notworthy: so, anyway I just finished lodging my application for nomination and successfully uploaded all the right documents including a copy of the verification email (of my limited occupation) and I will pay the fees in about two hours. My question is : what is the possibility of refusal of my application and why the reason might be ? obviously that question is out of worrying but you can think of it in a statistical form ... what is the success percentage of nominating a limited occupation after successfully being verified ??? BTW I know this forum is mainly for brits so I can`t miss the chance to greet u guys from the land of the pharaohs itself "great old Egypt" :hug: I wish I can meet some of you when (and if) I become canberran (is this even a word ?!!)
  12. Hi, Is there anyone here who has applied or planning to apply for the ACT state nomination ? Please feel free to discuss your experiences and opinion.
  13. Hello Expats, Fed up of waiting ? Well, I thought about starting a new thread for those expats who have been waiting for quite a long since lodging their Visas. We can be a guide and a provide each other advices and support in this matter. I have been waiting for exact 108 days today since lodging my 190 Visa. My timeline is: Code: 261314 Software Tester ACT SS Approved : April 29th 2013 190 Visa Filed: May 6th 2013 CO (Team 31 Brisbane): June 1st 2013 Medicals: June 11th 2013 Grant: One Day - Someday How about you guys ? Looking forward to hearing from you Ishaan
  14. joleene

    ACT 190 visa, ilets and costs

    Hi all I am new to this so please be gentle My husband and I are applying for ACt 190 visa, my occupation and Marketing and Communications Officer is limited. I have read all the information regarding the visa and was hoping for a bit of clarification on a few things: Firstly I have to get my VETASSESS and seek verification for my occupation, pretty straight forward. No more than 30 days after I have to apply for ACT Nomination at the cost of 300AUSD, do I then have to apply for a visa? The guidelines seem to end here and talk about settlement so I am confused as agents I have spoken to have all quoted a visa cost of 3060AUSD?? One more question regarding ilets, if you have a British passport you don't have to complete the test but it then doesn't say how many points you are awarded with. Any help would be useful as we are trying to save money going it alone. Thanks, Jo
  15. This is a fantastic car, still under Honda's new car warranty, and just had it's 30k service. We've owned it from new, and it is in excellent condition, on the road since November 2011 only. Over 3 1/2 years of the full Honda warranty & roadside assistance remaining (through to November 2016). It has a full service history with fixed price schedule of service costs. Includes Honda Civic official accessories including: Alloy wheels, Bluetooth, Floor mats, and Tinted windows. We've bought a second car and hence no longer require this one. Location: Canberra Price: $17,000 Please PM/Email if you are interested. Serious offers only.
  16. sherin

    ACT Commitment Letter

    Dear All Can anyone give me some tips on writing a commitment letter for ACT, I just have a weeks time to submit letter.. please help. samfire I am looking for some tips from you cause I have read old posts and you seem to have a good knowledge of Canberra :no:
  17. Hi All, Sorry if i have created a duplicate thread with the same inquiry. My agent had submitted the Vetassess applicaiton on 29th October 2012 and the Documents where uploaded on the 10th November 2012, Still awaiting response. The occupation is Call or Contact Centre Manager – 149211 state Canberra. 1. Need to know if some has filled for the same occupation and got any response till date? 2. Please advise, as my agent is asking us to wait for the verrification call that my employee referance may receive for verification by the DIAC and only then i may know if my application is getting processed - Id this true and there is no other way to find out the status? 3. Also need to know what is scope of a call center manager getting a job in Canberra - is it difficult to obtain one and what are the usual requirements. Given IELTS on the 12th Jan 2013 result awaited by the 25th Jan2012. Refer to the earlier thread: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/act/174980-vetassess-submitted-november-2012-a.html
  18. ScottM

    Mandarin in ACT Primary School

    Hi Everyone We recently received out ACT-sponsored 176 visa :biggrin: and are making plans for the move to Canberra. I'm Scottish and my wife is Chinese. We've been bringing up our 3 and 5 year old kids to be bilingual in Mandarin and English. Does anyone know of any primary schools in Canberra that have Mandarin classes? cheers, Scott
  19. Hi all, I'm a new poster on here (although I've enjoyed reading others' contributions over the past few months). I need help with a dilemma. I got my VETASSESS back unexpectedly quickly today (took 6 weeks - I'm now officially an 'Organisation and Methods Analyst' - woohoo!). We want to go to ACT on a 176 and my profession is on their SMP list, but their website says you need to have got the paperwork to them by 1 May. What's the quickest anyone's got state sponsorship back? Especially if it was from ACT? Could it be possible to beat the 1 July deadline? If not, I know I can go for skillselect, but would feel happier having it in the bag before. Thanks in advance! Chris
  20. Hi everyone, I'm looking into moving to Oz (Canberra) on a 176 ACT sponsored visa. I qualify for the GSM as a policy analyst / project manager. I've looked on line and the majority of posts require federal clearance that means citizenship. I understand that citizenship isn't required to work for the State and some consultancy companies. Is this correct? Is anyone else in / been in a similar situation and what have been their experiences in finding jobs? I hold DV clearance in the UK but unfortunetly it is none transferable. P.S. I am waiting to hear back from a potential employer about whether or not they can sponsor my visa. They are a small outfit and have said they will have to look into what will be required of them and the impact it will have on their resources. Grateful for any advice! Stuart
  21. Peach

    ACT Humour

    Will only make sense to folk living in ACT :wubclub:
  22. Guest

    RSMS in ACT. DCR times now ?

    Hi guys. I just signed up here on the Forum. I am not a pommy to be honest but this site was helping me alot in the past when it came to personal experience with Australia and Visas from many different people. Thats why I thought I post my experience here too and hopefully some people find some information that might help them too. I live in ACT for over 3 years now and my employer decided to sponsor me after I worked for him a few months. We lodged the request with ACT government in March and it came back after exactly 2.5 weeks. No problems with ACT government and very friendly staff. Was quite a pain to grab all the required documents together but my boss and myself made it The application for DIAC + the nomination has been lodged last week and has been lodged decision ready by the agent. Has anyone any information about how fast your case got processed under the decision ready arrangements ? Or does anyone know what time I have to expect ? When I google it it says that Parramatta is a bit over worked so I can expect 2 weeks from the lodgement for an allocation. Has anyone more accurate/updated information about that ? Thanks people
  23. claireg

    Doctors in the ACT, how does it work?

    Hi Looking at registering with a doctor now that we are settlig in. Can anyone advise me how it works here. Do I just call round my nearest doctors and register or, do I wait until an actual doctor is needed, then find one? Any advice would be appreciated on how the system works here. Ta Claire
  24. Hi Everyone, Hope someone can help. I am working in Canberra on a 457 and need to change. Current position is "electronics hardware technician". I have more than 10 years IT experience in Support which includes, desktops, hardware, software, customer service etc. etc. I also have an MBA through a UK university. Canberra I find tough as most jobs are looking for Australians. Any recruiters here or someone knowing where i can try to get a new sponsor? I am also willing to relocate to WA, or any place with 857 sponsorship are in need of skills. Anyone have ideas?
  25. Guest

    Act now recruiting

    I'm with Mark Weare at Act Now Recruiting. Has anyone had dealings with the company? And what was your out come? Marks out of 10 if you have. Many thanks. Paul.:biggrin: