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  1. Hi Rob, there is still a role available, it is mainly wiring the boilers in the factory in Epping. It’s good experience for getting to know your way around the products. It will take you a while to get your plumbing and gas registration sorted once your here so this is a good way to learn while waiting for your registration.
  2. I’ve passed your email to the lady that deals with HR mate so she will contact you for further info.
  3. Yes it is still available. Are you currently in Melbourne?
  4. I work for a company that is currently looking to fill a permenant role. The company any is called Automatic Heating pty. based in Epping We import, modify, build, repair and sell large gas boilers and associated equipment. i am currently carrying out the role and I am a gas fitter from the uk, my background is in domestic heating boilers so this role would suit somebody with the same background. The role includes building some small panels for controlling boilers, these are already in production so can be easily copied . The role involves wiring up controls for boilers and large burners, test running the boilers and burners (dry run). The reason for looking for a new employee is I will be moving into a field service position but will also be in the factory quite a bit of the time to carry out the same tasks and offer support. The company currently offers sponsorship to 1 other employee who used to carry out the same role and is currently in a service position so sponsorship can be considered. please feel free to contact me for any further information
  5. dannyb165

    British Gas Engineer looking for work VIC ??

    Hi neill1888. Have you managed to find work yet? I have red another post of yours were you said you leave in June. I am a British gas engineer pretty much the same situation as you as we leave in June also.
  6. dannyb165

    AQF III in gas fitting

    Hi guys. I am a fully qualified gas engineer 13 years experience. I am a little confused by the first post, you mention TRA and gas fitting but I do not know anything about a 2 stage process. I have had my gas fitting TRA accepted. Are you applying as a gas fitter or plumber?
  7. dannyb165

    Stat dec help for 190

    Hi I had a similar issue with gaining evidence, my college had closed down over 10 years ago and moved to the other side if the city, they had a record of my attendance but not the transcripts, my tutor had died so I could not get a stat dec from him and all I had was my original certificates (city & guilds nvq). I managed to get the college to write a letter stating what the course involved at the time. In the letter they said that they could not confirm that as part of the course I had definitely done an apprenticeship ( I thought this was going to be a problem). I got a letter from my employer while I was at the college who stated that I had done an apprenticeship and for how long and what it entailed (lots if details of using tools and what skills I was being taught) I actually wrote the letter myself and just got him to retype it on to company headed paper. I actually had 1 payslip from that employer too. I wrote a stat dec too,I got a solicitor to witness and sign it. TRA was granted within 4 weeks. best advice is to put lots of info in and keep it organised.
  8. dannyb165

    Att - Gas appliance technicians

    Hi I am a British gas engineer, i have been a breakdown engineer for 14 years (including my apprenticeship) i have not applied for my visa yet but i am preparing my TRA assessment, i mostly work on combi and conventional wet central heating systems (hydronic heating boilers), i deal with fan forced and condensing boilers which are the main boilers installed here in the uk. i will forward a cover letter and cv to you as soon as i finish it which will probably be tomorrow.
  9. dannyb165

    Ex British gas technician wanted

    Hi I am also a British gas engineer and i am sure you have filled this position, but thought i would post on here to ask if Neill had any luck at finding a job in oz and if he any pointers that would help me in finding on myself. Thanks Danny