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  1. clarke9876

    Ex British gas technician wanted

    Hi Dave give me a call on 0449551604 when you get here and we can meet up for a coffee to see what you have got in mind and if I can help in any way. Regards Jim
  2. clarke9876

    GAS and HEATING Engineer

    Don't forget to contact me Neil when you have a date you are coming over If you come in June it will be winter here and trust me it gets cold not as cold you are used to but not holiday weather try and come over before March to get some decent weather
  3. clarke9876

    Gas central heating service technician wanted

    You have at least got to have registration this enables you to work under someone elses licence. The plumbing commision can issue this depending on what your qualifications and experience you have had. Most of the time they offer temporary registration to allow you to work under someone else and give you a year to to get your full registration It can take up to 6 weeks to get an interview with the plumbing commision so if you want to work straight away try and book an appointment before you arrive. Jim
  4. Based in Melbourne a gas heating technician wanted Servicing and repairing domestic gas central heating systems in and around Melbourne
  5. I am an ex British gas engineer I live in Melbourne and own my own heating service company. I am looking to employ a heating service person servicing and repairing gas central heating systems just like you would do in UK. Please if interested Jim
  6. Hi Craig I worked for Bitish Gas for 28 years and then came out here. It is not easy to get started as it is a small industry especially the heating side. I live in Melbourne and I am currently looking at taking on a heating service person. so would be very interested in talking to you so please let me know if you are serious and I could help you with all the pitfalls