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  1. jamie

    Confused about vic nomination process

    Also confused ,any help please. which order do we go in ? EOI then SSN or other way round many thanks
  2. yepeeee, At long last, checked online portal this morning and I have a successful outcome on what I believe to be a very poorly ran process,but who cares I got what I wanted in the end, Time for the next step and help on what to do. good luck to all
  3. Hi Wentsu, No nothing my end ,sent in my review which they received 3 weeks ago ,give them everything they asked for on a stat dec but still feel like I am going to get refused.Like others have mentioned before when you keep giving want they want and more you have to wonder how they can fail you, ££££££ !. I am shocked that I failed as my TRA application was VERY good they didnt check any my info with any of my refs so god now who is making the decisions, my Qualifications are of a higher standard then what they call the required level and contains more then the equivelant AQF, Anyway moan over with ,fingers crossed and still waiting while they spend an eternity to reveiw 1 peice if paper :biggrin:
  4. jamie

    Stat dec help for 190

    Hi gang just thought i would share TRA response which is a positive one,just not sure how they can verify my transcript if even i cant. Anyways guess what i am doing all weekend:biggrin: TRA will accept a statutory declaration in lieu of the academic transcript for your Certificate of Craft Trainee Apprenticeship, as outlined in Section 2.6.1 of the TRA MSA Applicant Guidelines. Please ensure the statutory declaration contains the following information: · Name and level of award · Date award was issued · Start and end date of training period · Name and contact details of issuing institution/authority · A list of the subjects you completed to be eligible for the award · Any other details that may assist TRA to verify the qualification
  5. jamie

    Stat dec help for 190

    Thanks Guys, keep posting ideas as i really do not want to let this crazy situation beat me
  6. jamie

    Stat dec help for 190

    Thanks, I have done all that ,wrote up detailed info of my training on headed company paper(about 16 courses) all tools used subject learnt etc got management to sign then also a solicitor .my TRA application was very detailed i even included photos of myself doing different tasks.everything was put into correct sections and i was very impressed with my folder and felt proud of my career.All this took me about 4 months. Just upset that it has all fallen over due to one transcript that dose not exist from over 20 years ago. thanks again for your support,i need it
  7. THANKS,I am in the UK. looked into the RPL before and the cost was thousands but welcome new contacts and avenues,and yes could you please send stat dec details ,might be my only chance. really appreciate your help and welcome all advice as my head is in a spin at the moment and i cant seem to process my brain properly. lol many thanks
  8. jamie

    Stat dec help for 190

    No tried everything,I have my completed cert just not the transcript which is break down of the subjects and pass marks ie;micro electronics-merit,industry -dist etc etc. feels like a losing battle
  9. jamie

    Stat dec help for 190

    Hi gang, As some already know I have failed my TRA application as i can not supply the academic transcript from my apprenticeship over 20 years ago stating subjects covered and pass marks (training was all done in-house,college since closed, records lost ,trainers passed on etc etc) Does anyone know if I can do STAT DEC to over come this issue ,if so how do i go about it . Please please I need help as my 60 day review is up soon and i am very desperate to fulfill lifelong my dream:confused: :cry:
  10. thanks I will have a dig around. At least giving me a bit of hope cheers me up ,lol
  11. No, dont seem to be getting anywhere and TRA just keep sending same generic email stating I must follow guidelines and supply all evidence.I can not get an academic transcript so have asked TRA if a stat dec will be ok,still waiting respose. How have you overcome this issue.? I cant help but get angry that a peice of paper over 20 years old is viewed more important then my 20 years experience deloping my skills to an expert level which are highly sought out espically in Oz,I always get a positive response from potential employers in Australia and have made shortlists on several job applications,but no-one willing to sponsor,which is ok as i dont realy want to go down that route. please keep in touch it feels good just to get feelings of my chest with like minded people
  12. thanks ,I have lots of wriiten statements from management explaining that i did complete my apprenticeship and a certificate i ahve even wrote out detailed discriptions of all my training and got them certified by managment and a solicitor. I do not know much about a stat dec could you explain for me as i think this sounds like a glimmer.I know there are lots of threads on here but unsure what they do ,would it support the lack of an academic transcript proving I am a qualified tradesman.how do i do one and what to put in. sorry for all the Qs but trying to do this by myself and would love as much info as poss (in idiot fashion ) many many thanks Jay
  13. Hi gang , I am still here,been a bit down over last couple of weeks since my TRA refusal,I just dont know what to do. They tell me I just need 1 thing ,an academic transcript,for my telecoms apprenticeship but as I have already told them I never recieved one and I dont seem to be getting anywhere with this ,my apprenticeship was all done 'in-house' at BT training schools who then awarded me an apprenticeship cerft after 3 years ,all this took place over 20 years ago.TRA have told me that my file is very good but can not proceed without this transcript,so basicly a piece of paper I was never given 20 years ago as a teenager is stopping me from chasing my childhood dream, but the 20 years of career development into an expert in my field with countless refs counts for almost nothing. I am at a loss and feel agrieved that my life ambition has been stopped by something as petty as this. SORRY if i seem angry but just a bit frustrarted,anyone with a magic wand please wave it in my direction as I will be 40 soon and my 60 days review time is running out.:confused::confused:
  14. I am in same situation,Tried my best to get everything I can but can not give them what they want.I feel angry that just because i can t give somtihing that does not exist for myself due to it being done so long ago I must miss out despite my obvious experience and skills
  15. snap,same as myself,hope you have better luck then me