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    evisitor and 189 visa

    I have been searching on the forums but could find the answer any ideas? Once an application has been submitted for a 189 visa does that cancel the tourist visa? So far only an EOI has been submitted as my Partner is in the process of applying for a 189 visa but no invitation to apply has been offered as we expect this to be offered in July once the ceiling has been reset. We are planing to do a reckie later this year but wasn't sure of the implications of a potential pending 189 visa application with an eVisitor tourist visa ? Thanks in advance :rolleyes:
  2. steven0161

    ACS timescales 2013

    Just thought I would provide an update following my original post. we e-mailed ACS to ask for an update and was advised that the paperwork was with an assessor but today we received a positive outcome so in total took 10 weeks
  3. steven0161

    ACS timescales 2013

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone has an idea on the timescales for ACS as it has been "with assessor" for the last 3 months. I think they need more staff :wacko: Any guidance would be appreciated Thanks
  4. steven0161

    UK TV in Oz

    I stumbled across this the other month following a tweet from Alan Sugar http://www.uktveverywhere.com
  5. steven0161

    Reccie with EOI

    Hi can anyone answer; can you visit Australia if you have submitted a EOI? We are planning a reccie trip if we receive a positive assessment from ACS and are looking at going to Melbourne in May.We have a tourist visa but didn't want to confuse matters if a EOI was submitted. I understand that once you apply for a 189/190 this can invalidate the tourist visa but wasn't sure about just an expression of interest. many thanks in advance oh p.s. my OH skill has reached the ceiling for this year and wondered if we do get a positive assessment is it also worth doing the EOI straight away or wait until July (my instinct is to apply asap so we are the queue and in the system but may be wrong) :notworthy:
  6. steven0161

    Our Budget Worksheet for Victoria

    thanks for this would be interested to gauge how much the electric would be if you didn’t have solar panels
  7. steven0161

    SkillSelect - 3 Occupational Ceilings reached

    we're in the same boat mate..just a long wait until July :arghh:
  8. steven0161

    confused over ceiling limit

    Hi I have read on the skill select website and here that the Occupational Ceiling limit has been reached for 261111 ICT Business Analyst but the latest Nomination Occupation List for Victoria is still showing as Applications currently accepted for this occupation. If I enter a EOI for a Business Analyst on a state skilled nominated (190) application and apply for VIC sponsership will this application also be on hold until July 2013 when the new SOL is released and the ceiling lifted? any ideas ?:confused:
  9. steven0161

    SkillSelect - 3 Occupational Ceilings reached

    Thats a good point! Is it worth not applying for a EOI incase the occupations are not needed on the 2014-15 year SOL and you have paid the money for a occupation thats not needed. any thoughts as now confused on the best course of action?
  10. steven0161

    SkillSelect - 3 Occupational Ceilings reached

    July! Oh nooooooooooo :ssign1:
  11. steven0161

    Tenants rights

    After reading a few horror stories from here about renting and the agents I thought it would be worth while posting the link to the Tenant Help website http://www.tenanthelp.com.au
  12. Glad you have now got someone in the know and who is on your side. I would imagine that they would be in some kind of breach with the tenants court if they are providing an intention to sell but are re renting...Doesn't sound fair or right to me! I have been watching some today tonight clips on youtube to give us a flavour of some of the oz issues from blighty and my god nearly fell off my chair when I watched this clip http://youtu.be/njKNh8GpOaA I did wonder if she was related to your rental agent :wacko: Good Luck x
  13. steven0161

    Exhorbitant cost of anit-histamines!

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but looks like oneclickpharmacy has gone bust http://www.leonbaileygreen.com/retail-features/01/07/oneclickpharmacy/ I have found this chemist ships internationally and is registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council http://www.pharmacyregulation.org/registers/pharmacy/registrationnumber/1038007 I'm not connected to either but hope it helps
  14. sounds like one woman band is more interested in her image than anything else. I am not sure what state you're in but in addition to the RTA you should also contact the local tenants union, to give you an idea the one for Victoria is http://www.tuv.org.au keeping cool is key and try to remember once you've raised your voice you've lost the argument. :hug: Big hug from the UK
  15. Good Luck Mark would be really good to know how you got on as my OH is taking the test in Manchester next month. where are you having the test done?
  16. steven0161

    Renting with a dog

    Hi, We are in the early stages applying for a visa and am really keen to get advise from people who have secured a rental property with a pet pooch. I am really put off by the apparent arms length approach to pets specially dogs when trying to rent. It's difficult to judge from realestate.com.au so would love some feedback from people who have all ready made the move to either Melbourne east or west. Thanks in advance :animal-dog:
  17. steven0161

    Renting with a dog

    I've just read it and what a jobs worth and sh1t for reporting you. I have literally spent hours of research on the issue but nothing compares to peoples experiences that why I love PIO. The biggest frustration about this is that The Residential Tenancies Act 1997, which sets out the legal rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants, doesn’t say anything about keeping pets on a rental property. The issue comes when the rental agreement have the "no pets" clause. so our mission if and when we get to OZ would be to get this clause amended so even better removed or fine somewhere that is truly pet friendly. We are a gay couple that doesn't have any kids so our dog is our little family but totally feel the pain and just hope that we don't have the same experience as you.......and as they say revenge is a dish best served cold. :ssign1: Best Wishes from Blighty
  18. ignorance is really bliss I'm afraid. you walk into a supermarket and see a nicely packaged product in the meat section and often no thought is given to the welfare of the animal. I bet people would have a reality check if the meat aisle had TV's showing the abattoir and end to end process from the meat came from.:eek:
  19. steven0161

    Renting with a dog

    Thanks for the info :biggrin: Has anyone else had any good or bad experiences ?
  20. steven0161

    Our puppy died yestreday

    How sad :hug: my thoughts are with you and you're family
  21. steven0161


    More snow hits the UK pictures this morning from Bolton..Not seen 12 inches for a long time :biglaugh:
  22. steven0161

    Partner Skills

    I’m now confused: are partners obliged to be skills assessed, I was under the impression if you want the extra 5 point then you do but I don’t think the partner is obligated in order to be included?? can someone clarity this as we are in the early stages of getting the OH job assseed
  23. steven0161

    State Nomination or EOI first

    Greetings from Blighty, I have read a good few post and am getting some conflicting information. My partners job is on the state selection in Victoria and we are looking at a 190 visa but also open to the idea of a 189 if he has enough points, as I get the impression that more 189 visa are accepted but open to feedback on that one. The confusion is; once he has completed the IELTS & Skills Assessment what is the order in applying as if we apply for the VIC SS first the turnaround is 12 weeks so will this add 3 months onto the timeline for us then to the complete a EOI if the VIC SS is accepted? Also the SkillSelect website is throwing me as it has the option to submit and EOI and login to Skill select are they one and the same? would appreciate some guidance Many thanks in advance :angel_happy_face_ha
  24. steven0161

    Getting BBC iplayer in Oz

    I noticed a tweet from Alan Sugar about this service but never tried it as Im based in the UK :wink: I looks to be american based but just a google of http://www.uktveverywhere.com brings up some info
  25. thanks Rupert I know it was a simple question but it wasn't mentioned on the guidance. make sense to try and get the English point as oppose to paying even more for a partner skill