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    Jindalee state school for international kids

    Hi Claire My friends son went to this school. He is an English speaking student coming from Ireland which has a very different curriculum to what is taught here and likely to what your children are used to. Obviously, I cannot comment on what their International Programme is like but I can tell you that my friend was very happy having her son schooled there. It is has a nice student community and if it was necessary to see assistance from teachers in respect of her sons learning, they were very accommodating. It is in a beautiful setting and I know lots of children who attended this school and it is thought to be one of the better junior schools within this catchment area. I think maybe the only other school that does have a better reputation is the Lutheran school in Middle Park but I believe you may have to be part of that denomination to attend, but i cannot be sure. Around this area, I live only a few km from Jindalee, there are a lot of international students that are brought into the area and integrated into the schools. I am lucky, my son went straight into a great secondary school. There are numerous junior schools around this area both state and private. Are you here yet, if so, go and look and take in a lesson or two for yourself with other foreign students before committing. Thanks and take care
  2. Keira huggins

    457 visa, do I need a medical and insurance?

    Hi there I think it depends on the job you will be doing or who the main applicant is and they have to have one?! Anyhow my hubbie did. Cost £150. You can't do it until you've submitted your application though as it is all done electronically and it can only be done at certain places. When you book it they need your visa app reference. ​i had insurance with HSBC through my bank account and that met 457 standards
  3. Keira huggins

    Just arrived in Brisbane

    Hi and welcome! ​ Try gum tree for house shares. I managed to sort my hubbie out in one when he first came over. If your positive together then you will be fine. You have landed here when it's winter, well it feels like it, give the sunshine time to comeback and you too will get a tan ,lol. Its a huge step for anyone coming here, even those who are not close to their families. Throw yourself into Aussie life. Brisbane is amazin! You will settle soon. I skimmed most of the other comments, but I am sure re a job, if you persevere you will get something. They are not easy to get, even cafe work. Stick with it, it's worth it!
  4. Keira huggins

    White and Company - The story so far!!

    We used White & Co also. They were tremendous! The packers took 2 days in total and were great. They worked SO hard and were great. We were kept apprised of our goods until handover to Brisbane where the process was taken over by Kent Removals. We could not have been happier all round. If your moving I can highly recommend White and Co and the same goes for Kent's Removals. Fantastic service. P.S, not one broken item upon delivery in Oz....that says something!
  5. Keira huggins

    Help with Brisbane suburbs

    Try having a look at Bulimba. Very family friendly. There is a huge park and multiple very good restaurants on Oxford St. Not too far into the CBD and the city cat is at the bottom of Oxford St. I used to love going there
  6. Keira huggins

    Help with Brisbane suburbs

    Cleveland is lovely, it has the tiniest beach ever which is right next door to a park and BBQ area. There are a few restaurants by the marina, not a lot but there are some. Beware of the journey into the CBD, it can take a while.
  7. Keira huggins

    10 days and counting!!!

    Small world indeed! When are you moving?
  8. Keira huggins

    10 days and counting!!!

    Hi there My son and I came out in October but my husband has been out here since last January and we moved to Westlake in October. I am originally from a town called Barnoldswick, just outside of Burnley! However we moved from Warwickshire.....small place. I hope the weather holds out for you when you get over the water, it was quite nice last June! It's way too soon for us to be thinking of going back yet even for a holiday...Urgh, fills me with horror lol,,,,,I guess that time will come
  9. Keira huggins

    10 days and counting!!!

    My son has just started year 8 there and loves it, although he is a bit bummed he is repeating first year high school again :laugh::laugh::laugh: Wow someone from PIO who is so close !! :biggrin:
  10. Keira huggins

    Please tell me it's the right decision!

    Sorry I dont know where that it is, however, I am sure you have researched, researched, researched and then researched some more. If you feel it's right for you and your family, then I am sure that it will be. All the very best of luck. I hope it all works out and that you and your family are very happy there :biggrin:
  11. Keira huggins

    Looking at renting, what's a reasonable price

    I agree completely. We are in Westlake. 15 mins to Toowong, 5 mins more for the CBD. There are good schools around where we live so housing is of a premium, however, $600 should get you a decent size house. No guarantee on pool (if you want that). The closer to the city, short commutes and lots of amenities ie Bulimba....the rent is higher, however the area is lovely. It really does depend on what you want/need to be happy here
  12. We have finally been allocated a Mediation Officer as things went from bad to worse since I last posted (believe it or not!) This started this afternoon. We have been given a bit of breathing space now. We have someone who controls the situation, the conversation and make sure that all issues are properly discussed and there is a strict agenda, which has been great. Anyone having issues with the owner/agent. RING THE RTA. They are GREAT! Once I have an outcome, I will let you guys know how it all pans out! Fingers crossed :wub:
  13. Keira huggins

    Pre-employment medicals, question.

    My husband had to have a general medical conducted by a GP who completed a form for the visa. This entailed nothing ominous. Height, weight, blood pressure and a general check up, plus he had to undergo an X-ray. I think this is fairly normal depending on the job that you will be doing when you get out here. It's very straight forward and I wouldnt worry too much, if asked to do this. Keira
  14. Keira huggins

    Moving to Brisbane in April - preparations

    Are you bringing house hold goods over with you, then you need to be getting removals quotes in ASAP as they need about a months notice to move you. Make sure you get copies of your medical records from your doctors and photocopy all important documents and carry them on your person, ie birth certs, drivers licence and references personal and work, as you will need copies of these for rental purposes and if your stuff is in transit for 8 weeks, you will be goosed! if you know where you will be settling over here, then obtain the addresses of where you get your oz drivers licence as this is a biggie on the I'd front over. Short of your passport it is the next most important Id, which counts towards points on renting applications, you will need over here and if you don't have the Internet up and running at least you have addresses of where to go to get this done. This will also work for your nearest Medicare office, which you will need to register for in person. Erm, I can't think of anything else, but this is great forum, so shout and someone will answer any questions you have Good luck keira
  15. Keira huggins

    10 days and counting!!!

    Hi Ailsa I am glad you have all arrived safely and everything is going smoothly. It's not an easy process. I am just down the road at Westlake, so if you fancy a coffee or glass of wine then just get in contact and we can have a natter. It's not easy meeting new people over here. I can get the car most days if needed. Keira